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Wednesday, July 15, 2009 (Not really)

Young Eagles

(this blog date has gotten the most readers of my 6+ years of doing it.  So here's a hit from the past.  Pics are a little blurred due to the process to get them here)

If you don’t care about Eagles – skip this blog because you will get tired of it real quick.

One of my few goals for coming to Alaska was to get some good photos of Eagles here at Ninilchik, Alaska.   We stepped out of the RV and saw an eagle flying above us. We followed him to Deep Creek and found a total of three more and they were not camera shy.  I was using the “whale lens” (500mm) and was about 75-100 yards away.  I took about 125 pictures and these were among the best.  This was all done in about in one hour of which most was just watching.  We have another spot to go to where their are adult eagles.  These today were all young Bald Eagles in the three to four year old range.  Between four and five years they get their full colors.  We watched one fall off a branch that wasn’t big enough to hold his weight.  Another one attacked a dirt mound.  We got pictures of him (below).




This eagle was attacking this dirt mound.


This one had a bad hair day.DSC_0015

The eagle below was nice enough to hold a pose for me while I got this shot.

This one’s beak is starting to turn yellow which is an adult color.


This one has an all black beak


This one is practicing flying above water and looking mean at the same time.DSC_0075





There is one right in the middle of the picture flying spread eagle – pun attended.DSC_0094 

A fisherman returning…

I missed the eagle flying in the background but it still says a lot!


More to come of the beautiful adults that are nearby.

See ya….

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