Friday, December 4, 2015

Back to RVing Stuff

Well, I came out of the surgery room and I was a little more out of it than normal.  My eyes opened and my head was a little clearer and their were Carol & Mark.  Shortly there after the doctor came in.  He said everything is fine – no worries.  That was a big relief for many reasons.  After several additional blood tests he said I needed to see my regular doctor because he will be probably giving me meds for my high cholesterol.  Also, I was to loose another 20 lbs.  Damn, he’s cruel……20 lbs! another!!!!!!!! but not as quick as I lost the first 26 lbs.

Mark drove his incapaciated friends back home.  First we had to stop at McDonalds because I hadn’t ate in about 21 hours.  I had a grilled chicken sandwich and Dr Pepper.  Hey, it’s a small step for men and a leap for me.

Now I will return to talking RV stuff mostly.   Our little RV needs a battery.  There’s the RV talking about stuff.

See ya…………………..