Saturday, December 5, 2015

Getting Ready For Camping

I walked around the block at 7 AM.  Enough said.

Since the little RV was setting right next to the water spigot I went ahead and filled it up with 50 gallons of water.  I maxed out on the water to see how it drives/rides and all that stuff.DSC_0007It wouldn’t start due to a dead battery so I used jumper cables from the house batteries to the engine battery.  It don’t have a battery join together switch like the big rigs do.   It started right up.

I drove the little RV in town to O’Reillys Automotive store.  They had a Motorcraft 850 cranking battery in stock and it has a 3 year full replacement warranty.  The cost was $153 plus I showed them my retired military card and got an additional 10% off.  AND they installed it.  That was great!

Next it was on to the grocery store for salad stuff and some NY steaks on sale.  Hey, these steaks are high in protein and low in carbs.  This might be a pretty good way of life eating like this.

Coming back I stopped and got gas for $1.66 a gallon.  That’s really nice!!!!!

When I got back I parked in front of the big RV.DSCN0964

We needed to load it up for Monday’s trip down near Galveston.  It was level but no hook ups.  That big RV was hogging them all.  I ran an extension chord from the big RV to the little RV.  I only needed to get the frig going.

I loaded the one outside large compartment with a lot of stuff to get that loaded feeling going down the road. 

You know, we forgot what it was like to load a RV to go camping for a few days like back in the old days.  It’s work!  Tomorrow we will finish up by loading up the frig and clothes, cameras and computers.  Hope we fit.

I tried to get a haircut while in town but the barber was closed even though there were people inside.  Oh well, he opens at 7 AM during the week.  We will be leaving late morning Monday so that gives me an opening to get ur done.  It’s gonna be cut short.

For dinner I cooked a package of skinless boneless chicken.  Steak tomorrow night. I cooked the entire package of chicken and freeze the rest for soups, salads and stir frys.  With the chicken we had a salad of course and sweet peas.  Wow, are we eating healthy or what?  No snacks that night. 

In the evening in darkness I walked around the block again.  Enough said again. 

Friday when I was in the hospital Mark got me right after my ultrasound.  I was zonked out. Hey, what are friends for?  Carol was wheeling around in the borrowed wheel chair.2015-12-04 13.40.38

See ya…………..