Thursday, December 10, 2015


What do I do to get a haircut without a long wait.  I go to our barbershop here in Livingston and arrived about 6:50 AM and the open sign was just put out.  I was second.  I like that.  By 7:30 AM there were 5 waiting for haircuts.  I got my hair cut short.  How short is it?  It’s so short that I don’t have enough hair to comb very much.  Yea………..   I got back home and Carol was waiting.  Now we go to Wal-Mart before the mob hits.  No problem.  It was a breeze and Carol  got a motorized cart too.
Got back home and got everything situated.  Next was lunch at La Colona.  Every Thursday the “gang”  hangs out and eats Mexican and BS.
Got back home and just did some vegetating, nothing special.
See ya…….
I had to post this on line....  When done thru live writer it says "Blogger returned the following error.  Not found: Not found."  My user ID and password are correct!  Help........