Sunday, December 20, 2015

We’re Back Using This Blog the Way It Was

7 Days and this RV moves West.

Hey, this blog is almost looking normal.  I’m doing this blog the way I use to before it stopped.   Thanks Sharon for giving me the info to download.

I did another 40 minute walk this morning. It was in the high 40’s compared to yesterday’s low 30’s. Still not losing anymore weight.  Someone said that I’m gaining muscle from these walks and muscle weighs more than fat.  I thought I looked like a champion weightlifter in the mirror.

The little RV I’m not going to move over to the cement pad. Setting on the pad would mean the one side of the little RV would get hit with the sun all day long. Where it sets now it doesn’t get all that much sun. If it sets on the pad that would be three months of getting hit every day until we return. True the big RV is setting on the pad now but I can put out the awning to protect the sidewall from the sun. DSC_0001We will order the RV port (car port but bigger) this week for installation in April. We will return about the tail end of March. I got follow up doc appointments because of this new med I’m on now.

Lets blow the little RV up!  To do that hook up this air device.DSC_0002

Hook up the air compressor and let it happen.  I did open all the air lines/tanks first.  It blew out enough water that I believe no freezing weather will damage the water lines/tanks.DSC_0003

I’m gonna unhook the two house batteries and let them set for the three months.  The chassis battery I will hook up to this little solar charge to it.  I got the solar charger from Harbor Freight on Sale for $15.  Well worth it.DSC_0007 

We’re starting to move things back into the big RV from the little RV, barn and mobile.  Carol sets stuff out DSC_0008and I carry it to the rig and find a place for it if it goes underneath.  If it goes inside I just set it on the counter.

We went over Mark’s for dinner.  He made a cajun dinner and it was great.  First he made us margrettas.  This thing doesn’t have a spell check that works yet. Then we ate and had beer.  Yes, it was a nice dinner of course.  At least what I remember.  We talked about meeting up in Quartzsite in a few weeks and of course Alaska.  We’re talking about visiting Prince Of Wales Island, AK via RV.  Just talk since it’s 17 months away.

Oh, hear is my darling wife kinda walking around with her air cast on her foot.DSC_0010

Nothing really happening tomorrow.  We’re trying to figure out what my Mom wants to do for Christmas and a dinner.  It might be another frozen dinner deal like for Thanksgiving.  Oh well, what ever she wants.

See ya