Thursday, January 30, 2014

It’s That Special Time For Friends

Today we celebrated Carol’s and Walt’s birthdays.  Carol I think is 46 (brownie points) and Walt is 75.  The same group that were over Denny & Susie’s place the other night were here again (except George & Valarie) doing the celebrating.  It was nice to have real good and close friends of many years to help us celebrate.DSC_0005 DSC_0006


Walt she’s too young (24) for you.  She’s even younger than Kelly.  The picture makes Walt look petrified…oh he is….DSC_0009

The father of the restaurant owner and cook came out and sang to us all.  He had a pretty good voice too. DSC_0013


He’s my new idol….DSC_0012DSC_0015

I think it was a good time by all.  The food was good and the comradey was even better.  Thanks everyone for making it a memorable moment in time.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

One More Time

Wow, I did get responses from yesterday’s blog.  Everything from good (mostly) to I should have been arrested (one).

If a dog is a companion dog, or a therapy dog and has no specific training to assist a person with a medical disability, it is NOT classified as a service dog by many medical and dog associations to include the American Disability Act - period.

If a person has an unidentified dog in a no dog area and you are very caring and show a positive sincere  interest, I will ask them what the dog is trained to do in at least AZ.  The owner will usually be more than glad to inform me of such if they are good nature and understanding people.  If they are poop heads about my curiosity/concern, I will inform management of the situation.  If they don’t do anything, I will call the police.  It’s that simple – kinda.

If you are a poop head yourself, you will get what you deserve more than likely.

I was a loud mouth yesterday about the lady having her dog’s butt in the corner of a food cart in a grocery store and management wasn’t addressing the health problem.  NO, I am not sorry!  It had nothing to do with a so called service dog.  Touchy feely and being nice goes out the window when it comes to being obviously stupid and not respecting the health of others – period.  

Enough said.

Part of yesterday and today I was fixin beans and ham soup.  My bean and ham soup consist of that along with celery, carrots, salt, pepper and onion fakes.  Keep it simple.

After boiling everything I put it all n a crock pot just to melt all the flavors together for this evenings get together.

In the meantime Carol decided the tree was going to be trimmed and the cactus was coming down quite a bit since most of it was any how.DSC_0005

The cat didn’t careDSC_0010

We woke up with these five rabbits…..DSC_0004

The get together was at Denny & Susie's place.  What started out to be 9 people at our rig turned into 19 people at Denny/Susie’s and a potluck.  Nope, ain’t going to name them.   It was one of those were the women are in one area by themselves and the guys are over by themselves.  It sounded like the girls had more fun based on their laughter.  It was fun and all the food was real good.  

See ya……

Monday, January 27, 2014

Dog In A Grocery Cart - Safeway

Carol & I were in the Safeway store here in Wickenburg shopping.  We saw a lady carrying a fat little Mexican type dog in her arm.  I said to her that dogs aren’t allowed in food stores.  She said it was a service dog.  I saw no I.D. of any kind on the dog.  She walked away.  Carol informed the manger who said it’s probably a service dog and would check it out.  Later we were in the check out line and who showed up one isle over – the lady with the dog.  Now the dog was IN THE GROCERY CART setting up in the corner with it’s butt in the corner bottom.  I informed the cashier who said she couldn’t say anything.  I asked to call the manager which she did.  No manger and the lady was almost finished checking out.  Well, in my Marine Corps voice I let her know that what she was doing with that dog in the grocery cart was 100 per cent wrong by anybody’s common sense.  You don’t put a dog in a cart that people are going to put their food in.  I was VERY LOUD.  The cashier called for the manger again and added “NOW!”.  The manger appeared and as he walked by me he said he would take care of it and went up to the lady.  The dog was still in the cart.  He looked back towards me and said again that he was taking care of it.  I thought that was unnecessary to say that to me again.  I hadn’t said a word or even moved since he arrived.  Shoppers were watching and listening.  He told the lady that they should use the far exit.  He never returned to inform the patrons what the result was.  We stepped outside and the manager was walking the ladies cart and the lady was walking the dog next to him.  He aided her to her car.  The lady was middle aged and the dog appeared to be old.  We left. 

During the incident several people were commenting negatively about the lady to me but not to her.  Shame on them and anyone that doesn’t get involved in something like this.  Get involved or it will become the norm and then it’s an uphill battle.

The next day I called Safeway’s number on the receipt that said, “Let us hear from you”.  I did and actually talked to a human.  I reported the incident and said that I would like a reply back with Safeway’s policy in a matter like this.  I was told that I would be.

I also called the store manger and asked what was the final outcome.  He said that he told the lady not to put the dog in the grocery cart again and she agreed.  Also, he said that he wiped down the grocery cart.  I did see him do that before we left.

Get involved people!

Happy Happy Happy

See ya…….

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Blah Blah Blah Day

Nothing really happened today….blah blah blah.  Cooked hot dogs on the grill.  We haven’t done that in a very long time…..blah blah blah.  Dusted the outside of the RV or at least as high as I could reach…blah blah blah.  Had dinner at Taco Bell….blah blah blah.  I guess you can say it was a great day…blah blah blah.

Happy Happy Happy

See ya…..

Saturday, January 25, 2014

On The Lot

Hey, great NEWS.  We will be assisting Ed & Sandy Kruty at the  Moab Outdoor Adventure HOP  April 21-25 in Moab, Utah.  It’s a Jeep type Adventure.  It’s sold out but if you’re interested get on their waiting list.  You never know.

From there we will be heading slowly North to Alaska with an estimated date of arrival in Dawson Creek, BC area around the 22nd of May.  Up the road from there about 200 miles on the 24th we expect to be with 12 other Loosey Goosey members.

Today (Sat) we moved over to our Lot. DSC_0001 DSC_0002 DSC_0003

We are booneing it smoothly.  We have empty tanks, full water and the 8 AGM batteries are fully charged.  That along with 590 watts of solar power on the roof we are set up right hopefully.  We shall see how long we stay.  Yes, the Lot is For Sale.

I forgot.  Lat night (Fri) we went with Denny & Susie up the mountain to Yarnell’s American Legion for dinner.  They had ribs for $9 and they were good.  I even got to eat most of Carol’s.

Today was a good day except I had an old tooth crown and post come out.  I guess I will wait till we get down near Mexico in March to get it looked at.  There goes a few dollars.

Happy Happy Happy and toothless some more.

See ya…………..

Friday, January 24, 2014

Hey! I Look Pretty

Today we head northeast to the SKP park called North Ranch in Congress, AZ.  First we thought we would take advantage of getting LP for $2.49 a gallon and it’s right along our way downtown.  We got it with no problem.  We used about 9 1/2 gallons out in the desert for the 18 nights we were out there.  We used an estimated 8 gallons of diesel for the generator.  The total cost – priceless for the experience.

Here’s what the normal traffic situation is like in Quartzsite during the big tent event.  This is stop and go usually. DSC_0002

I know the car probably only weighs about 1,500 lbs but still it just can’t be good for the fiberglass body and Tiffin’s frame.  It just don’t look safe either.  It reminds me of one of those cheap cargo carriers with a handicap scooter hanging down off the back of a car.


The way to North Ranch is a nice quiet drive for me.  I like these kind of roads.DSC_0003

Here’s what I looked like after my last ride in .  I was the leader and still got dusty.  Gary Boone sent me this picture – thanks.DSCN0588-003

Happy Happy Happy and dirty…..

See ya…..

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Flying Machines

Times are changing.  Previous rallies are ending and new rallies groups are moving in.  Some of the people around us have moved on.  Our turn will be tomorrow (Fri).  But today is today.  By 9 AM we had three different flying devices around us.  One was a balloon, number two was a little flying wing thing and third an airplane landed and later took off.  All within 50-100 yards of us.  We haven’t seen a show like this in the 13 years we’ve been coming out here.   I guess it’s really time to move on.  I don’t want to look up and see a cow flying if you know what I mean.

DSC_0008 DSC_0014 DSC_0011

Who would have ever thought a friggin airplane would land nearby.  I was on the look out for pigs at this point.DSC_0004

I took Carol into town for her line dancing.  I then decided to go to the tent to see who was working the Escapees booth.  Good friends Kelly and Walt were and at least Kelly was working.  Walt was being Walt.  The tent was a little busy so I did not do the walk around.  Just not up to it.

It was a mad house getting out of the parking area.  I ended up going towards Love’s truck stop to get out with the least hassle.  I figured I would stop there and get a sub from Subway.  While waiting in line to pay for the sub I noticed a Chester’s Chicken in the same line basically.  I looked up at their advertising board and there it was “GIZZARDS”.  I love gizzards and ordered a small order.  They were GOOD!  Hey, what can I say. 

I picked up Carol and while driving back I asked her if she wanted any of my gizzards.  I got The Look!  the rest of the day was quiet. 

Towards late afternoon we drove 15 miles down to the RV School gathering.  It starts Friday but we won’t be around to enjoy it.  George & Valerie were there of course.  I think three students and three instructors were already there also.  Here’s a cool set of people Carol & I have the pleasure to know over 7-8 years.  Sharon & Frank on the left and Steve and Laura.  What nice and friendly guys.  Sorry we couldn’t stay and have fun with you guys.  Hope Yuma works out for you Steve.  DSC_0024

Last night was a better night for me than the last few nights of being sick.  Maybe I’m on the down side of what ever I got.  Staying out of the dust (riding the ATV) has helped I’m sure.  Darn it.

We haven’t packed up any of our outside stuff so that will all happen at once to include putting down the solar panels in the morning.   While on the roof I will be on the look out for low flying objects.  We will head back to North Ranch near Wickenburg and hopefully some of the dust will blow off the rig and us.

See ya…….

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Probably Our Last Social In Qsite

OK…still a bit under the weather enough not to ride the side by side RZR but OK to socialize a little and watch the local morning entertainment.

This balloonist launched right behind us and flew around the neighborhood.DSC_0004DSC_0001-001   DSC_0013-001

This guy too….DSC_0017 DSC_0002-001

The day went slow for me.  Then it was 4 o’clock social time.DSC_0015

Denny & Susie couldn't make it so we had it at their place.  How ever we did set out chairs for them.DSC_0013

Some of the attendees were…..

Jean and Claudette…DSC_0006

Jan & KenDSC_0008

Gary and LeanneDSC_0009

The Wilson’sDSC_0010

Sharon & DonDSC_0011

And a few others…….

Happy Happy Sick

See ya……….

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Denny Orr and myself have been and are sick.  Not much fun in doing a blog when I’m in this condition. 

Jan & Ken Tilton arrived yesterday and ready to ride their ATC…oppps.

I want to ride the side by side RZR but being sick would only make it really bad.  I think we got too much dust in our lungs out there playing around at least I think I did.  We will have to compare notes when we get over it.  I’m not bed ridden but feel like I’m in a haze a lot.  Must be the drugs Carol is given me.  We will probably leave Quartzsite real soon.  No sense staying.  Too tempting to ride the RZR here.

See ya….

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Infected By ??????

Four of us went out on our ATVs (4) this morning.  Every one except the Boners.  They didn’t have one (ATV).  There were some really great trails.  We met up with four other ATVs out there and followed them for miles.DSCN0195

It’s hard taking pictures out while ATVing.  Everything gets so dusty.  I’ve ruined two cameras trying and even carrying them in plastic bags.

We got back after several hours and I think everyone had to take a nap.  It seemed like everyone had been infected and disappeared into a cocoon.  

Come around 4-5 PM people started to come alive again.  We had a little set out.   DSC_0014 DSC_0008

I think Lausanne is the only one missing here.  I think she's getting the great soup her hubby Gary made for us all.DSC_0015


We had these unusual birds flying around.  I think they have a nest over yonder.DSC_0002 DSC_0009

Then the skies went haywire.   Something like some B movies I’ve been watching lately.DSC_0017 DSC_0018 DSC_0021

People started to disappear from our group about 6:30 PM or so.  I think we are turning into “things” and wonder around at night.  We’ve been infected by ????.

See ya……….

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Edge Of Piece and Quite

Denny & I went to McDonalds so Denny could get his soda fix.  We got back to the rigs and we got ready to move out.  I hooked up the RZR/trailer to the Baby and we were off and running.  First stop the dump/water place.  We did a dump and water fill along with Joanne & Gary Boone.  Denny went on out to our meeting place out route 95 North of town.  The cost to dump and fill up with water was $20 and you do it yourself.  Afterwards we met up with Denny and went looking for a spot to park in the BLM land desert.  I was in the lead so I guess it was up to me.  We turned off the main drag (Plomosa Road) at Escapees #6 & #21 chapter rally markers.  We went beyond them.  We are at the northern tip on the eastern side of the BLM where it ends for camping.  We are out there on the edge of piece and quiet.

Jean & Claudette later take this spot.DSC_0003

Here’s ours….YES piece and quiet…..This is so cool!  See the four solar panels tilted up plus there’s another one laying down for 590 volts.  Those and my 8 AGM batteries are a very complete solar set.  The biggest we’ve ever had.  We still have to conserve electric (juice) especially with our 20 cu ft residential frig and the underneath compartment freezer.  We are juice hogs and love it.DSC_0001

We have five other rigs (friends) that out here with us.  Let me see.  There’s Denny/Susie, Gary/Joanne, Jean/Claudette,  Bob/? and who couldn’t forget ?/?. Four of us have side by side ATVs.

Jean & Claudette have an Arctic Cat side by side.  Last year they went on a 1,400 mile 10 day trip from California to the Utah border and back in their Arctic Cat.  Yes, they are serious about ATVing.  We will go out tomorrow for a little putt around.

This black thing laying in front of my RZR I broke the other day.  A rock sheared off the two bolts holding it on the bottom.  It will have to wait till we get back to North Ranch……..Ed……… DSC_0005

It’s dusty out here in the Quartzsite area.  The color of the passenger seat is black underneath.  HEY, it’s the desert!DSC_0004

Bernie Patton caught this picture of me going thru their campsite area doing 95 MPH with no hands.  HEY!!!!!!  I was going so fast that I was above the ground and thus no dust.SKP Ch#6 & 21 Quartzsite Gathering - January 18 2014

We had a little LP campfire that night and we all surrounded it and set on high.  Later the wind kicked up and the temps started to drop off.  And then so we all did too.

It’s now 7 AM and time to let the games begin.

See ya…..

Friday, January 17, 2014

Slowing Down For The Big Crowd

Escapees have left and things have really slowed down in our immediate area.  Traffic around us has really slowed down and the vegetation is returning.DSC_00081[3][1]

This is the weekend of the Bit Tent opening.  This is the time the biggest crowd of the year will be hear in Quartzsite and it’s really starting to grow fast.  14 day BLM, Long Term areas and campgrounds are really starting to fill up.

We loaded up the side by side RZR on the trailer just getting ready to move. 

We went and had our $1 tacos for dinner.  We then went down south to mile marker 99 1/2 to the old RV School site.  We knew we were early and no one was there except about 15 rigs from another rally that was going on. 

Tomorrow (Sat) we will head north to the second BLM land  (Plomosa Rd).   First we have to dump and get water.  We’ve been out here booneing it for 12 days/nights.  We could even go a few more nights without dumping/water but since we will stay another week or so why not do it now and save a trip in a few days.

The picture of Carol is on the Alaskan Highway looking south about 10 miles above Tok, Alaska.  We will be there again in about 5 months.  Happy Happy Happy.

See ya………….

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Same Same

Today was like yesterday…064

Happy Happy Happy

See ya…….

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

272 Pictures In Two Hours

During the 2 hour Escapees Social Hour here in Quartzsite, I took 272 pictures. Most of them pretty good too.  Now here are some…


This photo I think Cathie Carr thought I wasn’t quick enough with the camera to get her playing around.DSC_0009

Three generations of Carr’s. 

Somebody likes orange too!DSC_0196

This was taken before the big crowd arrived.DSC_0052 DSC_0083 DSC_0093 DSC_0103  DSC_0154 DSC_0156 DSC_0160  DSC_0179 DSC_0215


Over 60 rigs are staying here and many many drove in for the 2 hour social.DSC_0150DSC_0038

Happy Happy Happy

See ya……….