Saturday, January 18, 2014

Edge Of Piece and Quite

Denny & I went to McDonalds so Denny could get his soda fix.  We got back to the rigs and we got ready to move out.  I hooked up the RZR/trailer to the Baby and we were off and running.  First stop the dump/water place.  We did a dump and water fill along with Joanne & Gary Boone.  Denny went on out to our meeting place out route 95 North of town.  The cost to dump and fill up with water was $20 and you do it yourself.  Afterwards we met up with Denny and went looking for a spot to park in the BLM land desert.  I was in the lead so I guess it was up to me.  We turned off the main drag (Plomosa Road) at Escapees #6 & #21 chapter rally markers.  We went beyond them.  We are at the northern tip on the eastern side of the BLM where it ends for camping.  We are out there on the edge of piece and quiet.

Jean & Claudette later take this spot.DSC_0003

Here’s ours….YES piece and quiet…..This is so cool!  See the four solar panels tilted up plus there’s another one laying down for 590 volts.  Those and my 8 AGM batteries are a very complete solar set.  The biggest we’ve ever had.  We still have to conserve electric (juice) especially with our 20 cu ft residential frig and the underneath compartment freezer.  We are juice hogs and love it.DSC_0001

We have five other rigs (friends) that out here with us.  Let me see.  There’s Denny/Susie, Gary/Joanne, Jean/Claudette,  Bob/? and who couldn’t forget ?/?. Four of us have side by side ATVs.

Jean & Claudette have an Arctic Cat side by side.  Last year they went on a 1,400 mile 10 day trip from California to the Utah border and back in their Arctic Cat.  Yes, they are serious about ATVing.  We will go out tomorrow for a little putt around.

This black thing laying in front of my RZR I broke the other day.  A rock sheared off the two bolts holding it on the bottom.  It will have to wait till we get back to North Ranch……..Ed……… DSC_0005

It’s dusty out here in the Quartzsite area.  The color of the passenger seat is black underneath.  HEY, it’s the desert!DSC_0004

Bernie Patton caught this picture of me going thru their campsite area doing 95 MPH with no hands.  HEY!!!!!!  I was going so fast that I was above the ground and thus no dust.SKP Ch#6 & 21 Quartzsite Gathering - January 18 2014

We had a little LP campfire that night and we all surrounded it and set on high.  Later the wind kicked up and the temps started to drop off.  And then so we all did too.

It’s now 7 AM and time to let the games begin.

See ya…..