Friday, January 17, 2014

Slowing Down For The Big Crowd

Escapees have left and things have really slowed down in our immediate area.  Traffic around us has really slowed down and the vegetation is returning.DSC_00081[3][1]

This is the weekend of the Bit Tent opening.  This is the time the biggest crowd of the year will be hear in Quartzsite and it’s really starting to grow fast.  14 day BLM, Long Term areas and campgrounds are really starting to fill up.

We loaded up the side by side RZR on the trailer just getting ready to move. 

We went and had our $1 tacos for dinner.  We then went down south to mile marker 99 1/2 to the old RV School site.  We knew we were early and no one was there except about 15 rigs from another rally that was going on. 

Tomorrow (Sat) we will head north to the second BLM land  (Plomosa Rd).   First we have to dump and get water.  We’ve been out here booneing it for 12 days/nights.  We could even go a few more nights without dumping/water but since we will stay another week or so why not do it now and save a trip in a few days.

The picture of Carol is on the Alaskan Highway looking south about 10 miles above Tok, Alaska.  We will be there again in about 5 months.  Happy Happy Happy.

See ya………….