Thursday, March 29, 2018

80 WHAT!

Degrees! Yep.  At 4 PM our outside thermometer under our rig said 80 degrees and its pretty accurate.  We can’t even remember when we were in the 80s.  I think two times in the 70s, a few times in 60’s but mostly in the 50s and 40’s and that’s been it in the highs for the day during daytime.  If you don’t float (RV) around with the weather you don’t full time RV.   Maybe you stay put for the better part of 2-5 months.  Then you go according to the weather.  We are approaching 18 years of full timing and these last few months have been killers for us weather wise.  Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

I had all the wash stuff out to wash the RV and the Jeep.  The RV really needs it.  I think it got a wash back in Tx in December.  Well, the wind was rocking the RV and Carol said I shouldn’t.  That’s all I needed.  Maybe tomorrow when it’s not as winding and only 50 some degrees.  Might as well throw in some light rain tomorrow too.

We went for a early walk around the park.DSC_0001DSC_0002DSC_0003DSC_0004DSC_0005

And that’s the number of that….

Retirement is forgetting to post this.

See you when we see you……

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

What’s That, the Sun!

Wow, we ran the roof heating units last night.  They work in the high 30’s and then below that they blow cold air and can’t be used.  They’re heat pumps like a lot of houses.  We still have our two floor heaters.  They're where we can get to them pretty quick on cold nights.

It was 57 degrees at 3 AM and it hasn’t been that temperature at night in a long time,  Tile floor during the hot summer is nice but the cold winter it’s a killer cold.

This morning I emptied out stuff from underneath compartment.  I was just setting up our site things like chairs and all that outside stuff when its warm.DSC_0001

I tested our Weber 100 grill and I just couldn’t get it to work.  I figured it was the regulator.  I got a new regulator back in Tx so I ain’t gonna throw a Weber away for sure.

We went to Wally World and got a cheap LP grill ($20).  It was their floor model and I didn't want in a box.  Nope, been there done that on putting grills together.

Back at the RV I let the gill burn for about an hour.  I figured let all that factory stuff burn off.  We had grilled chicken for dinner…..

Quite time and went to bed.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Moved Again

Well it’s been an adventure and now it’s time to move on.  In other words, our week at a Coast To Coast (C2C) park has ended and we must move on.  Butch and Kathy left Sunday afternoon as did most of this snow here in Gettysburg, PA.DSC_0001

Besides moving to another park we have a few things we want to take care of. 

On our trip south Carol snuck some pictures in.  Here are some pictures of the rolling hills.DSC_0002DSC_0003DSC_0004DSC_0005DSC_0006

Now we are near DC and it wasn’t to bad.DSC_0007

We even went thru some areas that the roads weren’t crowded.DSC_0008

Next we stopped in Fredericksburg, VA to help our Son.  Carol took him grocery shopping while I waited in our nearby RV.  We got him a Subway sub for lunch and he really liked that.  We also gave him his rent for April and some spending money.  He’s unable to work due to his bad heart (very serious and permanent) and has no income.  We can help him with support and in the money department so we are.

We get back on the road for another matter to be taken care of.  About 1:30 PM we stopped for our scheduled appointment with Leckner Jeep in King George, VA.  I was here before for the same leaky problem.  They didn’t fix it then.  The service manager now wanted $600 to fix a leaky roof in our NEW Jeep (2nd time for leaks).  He thought it had 38k miles on it and thus out of warranty.  Then he said he couldn’t due anything unless he had the Jeep a full day to water test.  I said hogwash.  Well, it was a battle but I kinda won after he went and looked at the mileage of the Jeep.  Bottom line – they ordered the gasket kit and we will return on our adventure thru here on April 9th.

We continued on down the road to the Thousand Trails (TTN) Chesapeake RV Park (membership organization) about 75 miles to go.  We were here in this area when we got to VA back in January.  They screwed us by not answering their phones for two days.  Recordings they never answered and denied that they ever got.  Hey, it was adventure for sure.

No problem getting in this time.  It’s still  basically empty compared to what’s it like in another month or so.  We will be here just about two weeks.DSC_0009DSC_0010

We got a full hook up site with 50 amp.  BUT, we have to pay $3 a day for the 30 to 50 amp service.  Yes, it’s only $3 but we shouldn’t have to pay anything.  Another adventure another day.

We asked if we could wash our RV.  No problem what’s so ever.  Here comes the shiny wheels.  Now that’s on my list To Do plus the Jeep.


Some big ass river you can seen between the trailers.DSC_0011

I checked the 10 day weather forecast for here.  Thursday it said 80 degrees for the high.  I say BULL but we shall see.  Rest of the days are near 70 degrees.  Finally we might hit some nice warm sunny weather.  We are way over due.

Retirement is sometimes waiting for the weather to change.  Then do nothing.

See  ya when we see ya……

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Sunny & Cold

Not bad for a day of spring.  Sun’s out, no more snow, it’s melting, no wind, and no loose nuts, just a little cold (43 degrees) in the middle of the day.

Out our front windshield this AMDSC_0019DSC_0002


You set the table.DSC_0006About 5 minutes I give her setting there….DSC_0011Too our dump….DSC_0013

There’s a slide topper up there somewhere.  I gotta get up there and nock off the snow!DSC_0014There’s two AC units up there.DSC_0017

I would have shot from the rear but I didn’t have the wide angle lens with me.DSC_0018

Butch & Kathy came later in the afternoon.  About half the snow had melted away by then so parking wasn’t too much of a problem.

Retirement is not having to go out in this stuff unless you want too.

See ya when we see ya……

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Heavy Snow–Why Not

When we left Fredericksburg, VA and headed North to Gettysburg, PA is was raining.DSC_0001If we got to Gettysburg by noon we would be fine and miss the projected snow fall.  Traffic was snarled in a few areas.  We got there about 1:30 PM and we were in heavy snow, single lane the last hour.  It was a 2 1/2 hour drive that turned into a 4 hour drive.  We saw three snow accidents on the way near Gettysburg were it was really snowing.  People and heavy snow.  Some people never learn to drive in snow much less when it don’t snow.

We were escorted to our site because the road was covered and it all looked the same.  We even spun the RV tires getting straight into our site.DSC_0005We connected to the water and filled our tank.  Then disconnected the water due to the temps in the high 20’s.  Plus we had 50 amp which we really used this time due to the cold weather.


Then it snowed all day…and the next day!DSC_0010

Totally we got a very good foot of snow during the rest of the day.  It stayed in the high 20s and very low thirty's.  I went out several times to clean the Jeep off then I gave up.  Yep, we were in one of those Northeaster Storms. 

I will sweep off the slide out toppers probably This Saturday when it’s suppose to be in the 40’s near 50.  The Jeep is already leaking water from the roof in one area.  Hey, it’s snow!

Saw the campgrounds heavy equipment.  It was a ditch witch and a large front end loader.  They work hard on the roads in the campground.  They lost!  Tonight and tomorrow morning they can go again probably.

Butch and Kathy are suppose to be here Thursday.  I will run the Jeep in their site several times before hand to help the battle.  Otherwise they will have trouble getting their 5th wheel into their site.

Retirement is not worrying about getting to work in the snow.

See ya when we see ya……

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

What Snow Storm

Well, we have moved around Virginia to keep our son’s appointments.  We were in normal sites along with the usual campers that are still learning to spell RV.  What do I mean?  Look at this sat dish.  It’s almost on our picnic table IN our site.DSC_0004 Lucky for the camper he was just setting up his sat dish when I saw him.  I went outside and asked him if he could set up his dish in their own site.  Of course he got an attitude.  I couldn’t believe he asked me why?  I told him one it was in our site and two it was within a foot of our table.  He grunted and moved it about 15  minutes later in his own site.  Not considerate of others for sure.  That was AP Hill and we have since moved.

We are getting ready to move out of our site at a Coast to Coast (C2C) park after a week.  It’s called The Wilderness.  It’s located just out of Fredericksburg, VA.DSC_0007

Here’s a problem with our dump tanks and having a board holding them up not seen.DSC_0010

We had only 30 AMP but with a splitter we had two 30 plugs with the splitter.  The low 30 degrees at night didn’t bother us at all.  We had to use electrical heaters because our ceiling heat pumps wouldn’t work in low temps at night.DSC_0011

We leave Fredericksburg VA in a couple of hours and head North.  130 miles North is a C2C park called Gettysburg Battleground.  It too has only 30 amp electrical and that’s something we will deal with when we get there later day.  The problem is it’s raining hard now and its suppose to change to snow and get 6-8 inches of snow, later today not now.   Well, we will go until the road freezes and deal with it then.  This is probably the last BIG snow storm for this area.  It’s SPRING!

Retirement is having more time to figure things out.

See you when we see you.

Friday, March 16, 2018

In Virginia

Well, we’ve been trying to float around within Virginia in our RV to take Kraig (our son) to his medical appointments since January.  So far we’ve been close enough.  Sometimes we might have to drive the Jeep maybe 120miles (total) to make an appointment.  Then the next day drive about 60 miles.  Then that’s it for two weeks or so.  So far in April he’s got two appointments in Fredericksburg and two appointments in Richmond.  He already has two appointments in May.  So far we got it under control for him.

Kraig calls himself retired since he’s not working for someone and feels old.  He’s learned how to read food labels.  Now he just needs to follow his very low sodium low sat fat diet.  Probably like we all need to do.  He stays with us for a few days then wants to go back to his place.  No problem – just miles.

Our RV is doing fair in the mainly low 30 degrees at night.  Still haven’t been able to wash the motorhome since December.  Yes, it’s dirty.

I got a metal strap broke that's around our gray/black water tanks.  It’s OK for now but I must temporary fix it which I can do.  Then permantely fix it much later on.

This morning our outside temp gauge said 27 degrees…………..

Retirement doesn’t have a definite schedule.

See ya when we see ya………

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Federal Social Services & Local McDonalds Are Terrible!

Where here at AP Hill Army Base campground (?) in Va where it’s cold and windy.  I assume it’s worse in other places for sure.

Our son Kraig is staying with us in our RV while he is going through life threating medical problems.  We have never been through the social services areas before. 

Well, this is how it is……… It’s a long drawn out process (time) for sure no matter how much the person really really needs help with life.  Partially because of the PAPERWORK and gathering of it that is required.  No speeding up the process no matter how much a person really needs help.  No triage in the paperwork process what's so ever!  Sad. 

Hey, they say the VA department is a long process.  Try the regular social services process.  It’s a longer process.  I thought they said way back that computers would speed up things.  WRONG!

Yes, I'm disappointed in the process of helping needy people.  It’s the ones that take advantage of the system that slows it down for those that really need it.

It’s hard at times to write about RVing when you have to deal with the federal/state/local people. Their hands are tied by many unnecessary regulations to prevent fraud from a few that slow down the overall process for the many.  Sad.

While on the soap box, McDonald’s:  Kraig  has about 15 years working at one McDonald’s as a regular worker full time.  True Kraig is a little different but McDonalds has NO medical plan what’s so ever for him, no retirement for him and not even a paid vacation plan.  $11 bucks an hour.  SAD that a big company can and does that.  Yea, yea a franchise and all those excuses they use.  They didn’t even visit him in the hospital (total over two weeks).  I hope  the private owners and all the share holders are enjoying their money from not giving ANY benefits to a long term faithful employee.  Really sad!

Well, this is how I feel and that’s the number of that…….