Friday, July 31, 2009

Ho hum night/morning – great views..

Well here we set all alone behind and between rock mounds.  Ho Hum…not a pretty site until you look around and see…….

DSC_0009 DSC_0004 DSC_0006 DSC_0007

Ho hum, not sure if we will stay another day or so…ho hum..smoke is gone…ho hum…It’s so nice……

Maybe more if we move.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

From Fairbanks to pass Delta Junction

Carol went out last night about 100 feet from our site and picked these raspberries in about 10 minutes.DSC_0001


Just got diesel ($3.33) and hooked up the car here in Fairbanks.  Smoke in the distance and a lot of it.  It’s like we are parked between two “campers” who have a chord of green wood to burn in one night.  You know what I am talking about.  We all have been there on both sides of the fire.DSC_0002

More smoke.


Santa wanted to go with us.


This is one of the Knotty Shops you see next to the Interstates.DSC_0011


Carol, it won’t fit in the RV.  Yes, I know it would look real good at the end of our driveway in Livingston.DSC_0008

I think I can make this one fit though.  It would look cool!DSC_0009 



Wow, this guy would make me poo my pants.DSC_0016

Still smoky going down the road.DSC_0025


Yes Carol, that is a house.DSC_0041


I guess in the old days they hung their sheets over the bed instead of on it.  Yes, I know it’s a mosquito netting.  Maybe it’s a fine mesh net for catching minnows.DSC_0026

That’s a lot of stuff in one area.  Most be a retired RVer.DSC_0032

Hey, these people hung there undies up just like Carol hangs mine up.DSC_0033

Can barely see across the river at Rika’s Roadhouse.DSC_0034


Put some wheels under this outhouse and call it a RV.DSC_0058 





Here you go.  These pictures are for the flower children.  Please no smoking while looking.DSC_0049








This is what a windmill looks like from the bottom up. Now you don’t have to wonder about how it looks anymore.DSC_0050






This device is called a pig and they run thru the Alaska pipe line to roto router it. DSC_0067



I think this guy dropped something on my camera.DSC_0069




OK, these pictures are for the mechanically inclined.  Sullivan’s Roadhouse was visited by the Army in 1943 and like always they forgot them.DSC_0071








Inside Sullivan’s Roadhouse.DSC_0080

Outside the house.  More pictures  for the flower children.  We like this picture, probably for the colors.DSC_0082


This cabbage was planted yesterday.  I got some ice cubes left over from the Eskimos that I can sell you too.DSC_0083



In case you want to see what the bees are after.DSC_0088-1 

Still smoky and she waves in all kinds of conditions and places.  DSC_0094


This is a nice spot for the rest of the day and night.DSC_0002

Well, we know it’s a lot of pictures but it’s so nice up here.  Come on up and take a look next year.  Make sure you have a digital camera.

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See Ya….