Saturday, July 25, 2009


Yesterday was the best day we ever had in our three Alaska trips.  Yes we did get our airplane ride.  We flew around Mt McKinley, saw the peak and the entire peak all the way around it to include the north slope. Did a glacier landing and while we were on the glacier it started to snow.  One word - AWSOME!  Then we got back to the rig and changed clothes and left.  Now we had a three and half jet boat ride on three different rivers.  It was so great.  We got a special invite to the town’s people annual get together.  We found out they needed a sound system so we then volunteered to set up ours.  The party was a costume party we think.  It reminded us of the stories of how “different” Austin, Texas can be.  It had characters for sure.  If you remember the TV series Northern Exposure it was right on the money.  More details a little later on about yesterdays adventures.  Oh, the pictures will be forth coming.  I don’t even know how many we took.  I think over 600.  It will take awhile to sort them out.  We are getting ready to leave for Denali National Park this AM.  We are not sure if we will get parked behind a tree or not so WiFi might be down for a few days.  We will do a daily blog but won’t be able to send them our for a couple of days.

See Ya…….

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