Saturday, July 18, 2009

Night Eagle

I was hoping this might happen.  Here is a young Eagle that flew in front of our rig for dinner.  This was taken from inside our rig through the front windshield about 11:30 PM the other night.  He was only down for a few minutes and that is all needed to to get the “whale” (500 mm lens) out.  It’s difficult to use the whale in dim light.  It needs a lot of light to focus correctly.  Evidently I have just enough to take these few shots.


This Eagle is about to have his fish dinner.DSC_0001



Then he spotted me for sure wouldn’t you say?DSC_0025


I guess after he saw me he made his dinner “to go” and left.


Today was a rainy day.  We went to the local American Legion for a steak dinner.  SKPs Andy & Diane H invited us to be their guests.  It was nice.  After dinner we talked about RVing & Alaska.  They have a web page at  Check it out.  Diane was one of the people who helped us with our web page.

See Ya……….

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