Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Recoup Day

Today we started off with breakfast in town.  It’s an eatery in town that we have had breakfast at during our last stay here.  Their breakfast is pretty good but their coffee is WOW.  It will make you smack your lips and try to remember where you got your last bad coffee.  I remembered, it was there last time.

We went to my favorite little camera shop (Stewart’s Photo) in downtown Anchorage.  I had them check out an adjustment on The Whale (500 mm lens).  While there we got a mono pod for The Whale/camera.  It’s like a tripod but only has one leg like Capt Hook.  The Whale and camera weighs 7 lbs 2 oz.  It get’s pretty heavy pretty quick.  So far if I'm taking pictures on my “old man’s adrenalin”.  It has been holding everything while I shoot.  I’m about out of adrenalin and needed a crutch so I got the mono pod.  The lens and the camera both have stabilizers in them that make a lot difference.  I can really till if I don’t turn them on.  With this kind of lens it still must be held pretty doggone still.  It’s like shooting a rifle – take a breath - hold it - then shoot.  Carol says I have no problem because I’m very loud and got big lungs.  I guess that’s better than being a big mouth?

Carol said I should add a picture in the blog.  Here is a picture……..


The rain is here off and on.  Seems like it starts to rain every time I say it’s time to wash the RV.  Carol says it’s the other way around.  It starts to rain and I say I can’t wash the RV.

We did go to the commissary and stocked up pretty doggone good.  I think we got enough “stuff” to last into 2010 and then some. 

Tomorrow we head for the Elks in Palmer to meet up with Jan & Ken T.  We have some fresh halibut that Peggy & Larry L. gave us from their cookout the   other day.  We are going to fix them up.

See Ya……….

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