Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Expectations Exceeded so Far

We spent last night in Ocala, FL at a Passport America Park called Motel and RV Park.  Not what I would call a destination park but it had full hook up 50 amp pull thru for $17.  Not too many blue tarps.

We only had about 100 miles to go and we left about 8 AM.  Shortly there after we got a call from Tiffany, Lazydays inbound person, updating us about the new rig and where to come in and what to expect.   Then we got a call from our new salesman saying he would be in to see us around lunch time.  It’s his day off.

We arrived and got immediately checked in by the front office.  We were taken to our site and our Beast was then inspected.  It took about a half hour with no problems. The check in guy, Alan, said he been doing the inspections for about 6 years.  He had some interesting stories.  Then he took us to get our Crown Cards.  They entitle members to free breakfasts, lunches and heavy appetizers for dinners while here.  Also free drinks for all meals along with 3 alcohol drinks with dinner.  This is all in an upstairs night club setting.  Not very crowded either.  We were the youngest by about 15 years would be our guess.

We saw our new rig from the outside while it was in a bay being worked on (sat TV).  Carol said, “Isn't it a cute little thing.”  I guess the “pansy blue” made it a little on the girly side.  I’ve lost my manhood for sure.  Guys won’t be turning their heads to take a second look.  The ladies will be saying that’s a pretty color as they stare.

Our salesman visited us and we talked for about 1 hour or so.  The Pansy rig went into the cabinet shop late today for removing the stove and adding the drawers in it’s place.  The ladder is on along with the slim line HD sat TV.

Tiffany stopped by to make sure we knew what was going on with the new “Pansy” rig.  She was really nice and knew her job well, keeping customers posted on their rigs status.  Expectations are being exceeded so far.

Well, I lost our key to the door to the Beast.  I got to goose Carol into an unlocked window.  I haven’t heard her laugh like that for decades or was that screaming.  Where’s my camera.  Oh well, here are some calm pictures of our area where we are parked waiting for Carol’s cute little new RV. DSCN2004 DSCN2005 DSCN2003DSCN2006 DSCN2007

See ya……

Monday, July 29, 2013

Lazydays – Typical & Expected Disappointments

We went 560 miles today.  Probably because we are getting anxious.  Tomorrow (Tuesday) we got about 100 miles to get to Seffner, FL (Lazydays).  Hurry up and wait.  They said to arrive Tuesday and Wednesday we would take possession of the new unit.  I just don’t see it happening.

We got a call late today (Monday) and it was from Tiffany, the Lazydays Inbound Advisor.  Well, they installed a dome sat instead of a dish sat like is on the contract.  Love that term “put it in writing”.  If it ain’t in writing it didn’t or won’t happen.   Nothing about the ladder being installed and she said the stove hadn’t been touched yet.  She let me know when we arrived they would check in our trade and then we could go to the business office to do the paperwork.  NOT!  I politely let her know that was not happening until the new unit was completely finished, we get a preliminary walk thru and I test drive it.  I won’t sign away our rig until we have the new one….duh.  They want our rig by the end of the month.  Well, it will be there but they won’t have possession of it unless they get on the ball.  I see some bumps in the road.  I hope they don’t back us into a corner.    I have a tendency to over react.

Tuesday will be interesting.

See ya…..

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Alligators & Ducks

We were on the road by 7 AM.  Not planned, it just worked out that way.  I was already up and Carol is a little anxious and couldn’t sleep.  330 miles later we arrived at Abita Springs, Louisiana.  We’re in a Coast To Coast park called Abita Springs RV Resort – duhhh.  It’s not what we call a resort but we would return again.  We got a very large back in site with full hook up for the normal coast to coast price of $10.  We upgraded to 50 AMP for $5 more.  Here’s some pictures along the 330 mile trip.  This one is for Nick.  He remembers every bridge he drives over I think.DSCN1965 DSCN1969

We saw 4 alligators in the water today and saw one alligator on the side of the road.  He was actually laying next to a piece of tire.  The other kind of alligator – tires.  He wasn’t a live either.DSCN1971

Here’s home tonight.  I hooked up the sat TV receiver and watch the Brickyard NACAR race.  We had already removed the receiver but was carrying it to install in the new rig.DSCN1978


Looks like another red hat gal.  It’s hair reminds me of Marilyn Anderson.DSCN1981


These ducks are intergraded.DSCN1982

The little ones had a hard time swimming in the green stuff even with Mama pushing them.DSCN1985


New trailer and I guess they learned that they have to carry leveling blocks.DSCN1986

It was a quiet night except for a frog that was exercising his right of free speech right behind our rig.  I wonder if I should have frog for breakfast.  Oh, now he shuts up!

Tomorrow (Monday) we have no plans what so ever where we will stay.  I forgot the Elks camping book, there’s no Coast to Coast along the way, and it will probably be too hot to boone dock.  Well, that’s why we got a generator right?  Maybe a Passport America campground. 

We are due into Lazydays Tuesday.  Our new sales person has Tuesdays off.  If he continues to be on the ball the new rig should be just about ready.  I would be surprised.   Dealers are not on my list of doing what they say they will do.  It’s called lip service.  They are on top of that list.  I did have them put it in writing concerning what they would add/install to the new rig.  Hey,  I watch Judge Judy.

See ya……

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Not So Fast Dragon Breath

Well, at 8:45 AM today (Sat) we got a call from Lazydays top notch salesman, Rod,  according to the sales manager.  He was on the ball I will say that.  He knew the whole story from the sales manager and we went over OUR conditions.  This RV is the one that they have on their lot that we kinda bought before.  Rod will contact their cabinet shop and check about removing the oven and putting in drawers like Carol wants.  He said that adding a TV sat dish and ladder has been approved and at the original price difference with no additional Lazydays fees.  It has about $4,000 more worth of options that we really don’t care for like the sleep number bed, outside TV, etc.  He did mention it had factory solar on the roof.  I just let it slip by for now.  He said he would call back within an hour and half about when, etc.,  on the oven change over thing and a ready date.

I got fuel yesterday (Friday) for the Beast for $3.59 a gallon.  It took 95 gallons (150 gallon tank) – ouch!  Most places around here are at $3.65 and $3.69.  It’s going back up again if you didn’t know.  Carol’s Mercury is hooked up to the Beast and all slides are in.  We are ready for sure……BUT not to fast dragon breath as Johnny Carson use to say.  

At 9:30 we got the call.  It was just like at Burger King,  we are having it our way, all the way!  It should be ALL ready close of business Wednesday or maybe Thursday due to the cabinetry work.  The paperwork will be sent to us today to include the additional desired options.  We will leave here Sunday for the 1,000 mile trip and take it easy.  That’s about 300 some miles each day.  They will put us up in the Crown Club site area upon arrival Tuesday.

High Noon at OK Corral.  Email with a copy of the contract and additional items received.  We are also getting the solar AND an underneath freezer.  Hey what can I say. 

It’s OK and just about time to get out of Dodge.  that will happen tomorrow, Sunday.

Now today we will put a few things back into the Beast to carry and put into the new rig to carry us over.  We will take clothes for a 10 day trip plus laundry detergent.  I have to put a sewer and water hose back in the Beast just in case. 

See ya…………………

Friday, July 26, 2013

Hold On

Tuesday and Wednesday we unloaded the 43 foot Beast into my Mom’s 50 foot trailer.  Don’t get ahead of me.  Mark N came over Tuesday evening for a good laugh and got one, no he got a lot.  Wednesday we did more unloading and some cleaning of the Beast to include a wash.  Thursday the solar panels started coming down at 6 AM due to the heat/humidity later on.  Carol’s Mercury went into the local Ford dealer to check out the dead battery.   They concluded it was dead and replaced it.  Lisa & Jim came over that evening and were smiling and shaking their heads in astonishment to what they saw.  Friday the Beast went to the repair shop (West RV Repair).  They had to put in a new locking device motor on the big slide out.  Total cost over $500.  Then I went to a tire place and had the automatic front wheel balancers taken off.  OK, we are up to date on Friday almost.  Stay tuned it’s going to get even more interesting.  Here are some pictures of the predicament we put ourselves in.  First the weeds were a little tall on the lot.  Deal with them another day.DSC_0003

Here’s my redneck temporay cover job for the automatic slide out locking device in case it rains.   It’s a cutting board over the locking device.  See the handle.  Love that duct tape.DSC_0004

Here’s our living conditions for the next two months, maybe.  How did all this “stuff’ fit into our RV.DSC_0005 DSC_0006 DSC_0007

There is a bed under there.DSC_0008 DSC_0009 DSC_0010

That’s our bed..DSC_0012 DSC_0013

and there is the big shed.  Almost all the “stuff” on the floor came out of the Beast.  Plus the solar panels and accessories that aren’t there yet. DSC_0014


The Beast is readyDSC_0015

Carol and her MercuryDSC_0016

Hey, what's a few missing wires.  That’s not real grease and sweat on me.  That is a Tiffin shirt I’m wearing working around the batteries.DSC_0021


Me and my Jeep.DSC_0017

Oh it’s not even close to being over yet.  You say yea right how could it get any better?  I’m ready to leave for Florida tomorrow (Sat) and Carol stays in Livingston.  I called Lazydays all day long Friday.  Our salesperson wouldn’t return my calls.  Finally I asked where she’s at.  Maybe it’s her day off.  Nope, she had quit suddenly I was told.  I then needed to talk to the sales manager.  I was very concerned about things I was told by the salesperson that I found out later that was not true and told him of such.  The Winnie on their lot that we originally was in the process of buying was now available again.  Interesting at least.  It’s still setting on their lot now.  The short version is we want the one they have in stock now with a few adjustments on their part.  A major concern is that the delivery date of our ordered Winnie (mid Sept delivery – 10 weeks) was just changed to early October – not acceptable.  Tomorrow morning (Saturday) we will get a call from them to make the NEW deal happen to our liking according to the sales manager.  If that is true, Carol & I will leave within the hour (Sat) to pick it up Monday.  Our concerns about their dealings  must be resolved to our satisfaction now.  If not, we will back out of the deal.  It’s pretty simple.  I think we are in the middle of what appears to be a bait and switch.  A Winnie in stock that we verbally bought in early July and was arranging a deposit with them within minutes of the deal was sold from under us supposedly.  I smelled fish.  I didn’t like that.  A red flag went up along with others as time went on.

The saga continues.  Buying an RV is like getting old – it’s not fun and more work is involved in doing something easy.

See ya…….

Monday, July 22, 2013

1290 Miles Whoaaaaaa

We arrived in Livingston, TX about 5 PM today.  Jon and Sue greeted us back.  We did 1290 miles in two days.  Yes we are in a “mission go status”.  The mission is to get this rig clean, fixed and empty (all solar out/off)  AND to Flordia by Monday towing the Mariner.  

A  friggin automatic slide out lock broke.  Can’t move the driver side front slide out, out.  I called Newmar and the part will be here Thursday for a cost of $348.92.  Newmar also told me how to take the mechanism apart to get the slide out to work temporary.  That took me an hour.  Went in the mobile and the central AC is not working – call somebody tomorrow.  It hit 100 degrees here today I was told.  Got the Mercury Mariner running at least temporary.  Wayne had told me a couple of months ago that the battery was shot.  It’s got no insurance and no inspection sticker.  We better get that all up to date tomorrow. 

Just another one of those organized messes to take care.  It’s called multi tasking for RVers.

I’m just tired of thinking what has to be done.  Hey, “just do it”.  In redneck language…”geter er done”…..

See ya…

Sunday, July 21, 2013

1290 Miles To Go

First day on the road starting from Gordonsville, VA.  Now you see us, now you don’t.  Not fast, just constant like a turtle.  Well, maybe a hippo.

See ya…..

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Another Great Day

It was a great day today.  Can’t remember all what we did but it must have been fun.  Here’s one of Carol’s brothers (Steven) after a day with us.DSC_0001

See ya…

Friday, July 19, 2013

What’s UP?

Carol’s Mom is back into the hospital today (Friday).  Nothing we can due at this point.

We are here in Gordonsville, VA about 150 miles from Baltimore with Carol’s two of four brothers.  Theirs one more in Baltimore and another is in Texas.

Temps still get up to around 100 but today we kept the Beast in the low 70’s. Ahhhhhhhh.   We sat around drank beer and I cooked some pork ribs on the grill.   It’s a rough life but we all can’t work.  The BBQ ribs turned out OK.  Not the best far from the worst.

Carol’s already packing stuff to take out of the rig.  Some of it will return to the new rig and some to storage.  That’s a real nice thing to have and that is a storage unit.  It’s even better if it’s on your lot with full hook ups and the storage shed is the size of a small barn with an upper and lower section.  We have a 1/2 acre lot in Texas with two 50 AMP hook ups and a mobile on it.  It use to be my Mom’s.  She’s doing fine in a Nursing Home in Livingston.  We use the mobile to wash clothes and watch TV sometimes.   It still has a bunch of my Mom’s stuff in it.  We live in the RV – it’s home.  Now we will have to live in the mobile for about 2 months.  That will be interesting to adjust to.

See ya…..

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cooled Down Below 100 Degrees

NOT…….  Our 50 AMP breaker got so hot it blew.  I could barely touch it to turn it back on it was so screaming hot.  I turned off our electric hot water which wasn’t really doing much work anyhow.  Then I put the frig on LP especially since the Beast will be traded in shortly.  This big monster will stay in the mid 80s inside if we don’t cook…duh.  That’s using one 1,500 btu AC.

Well later that day I realized we burnt half the 50 AMP circuit breaker so two ACs and the washer/dryer  would not work individually, but everything else did.  We called maintenance and about an hour later they replaced the 50 AMP circuit breaker.  OK now we are up to 3 ACs but can run any two of course (normal).  We got it down into the 70s but it took several hours.

Oh, I saw our Beast advertised on Lazydays web site as an inbound unit for sale.  How much……$196, 000.  That’s about 30% profit.  They want to make 60 grand at that price.  If you are buying a used RV think of this.  SO, don’t think that dealers are only making just a little money on your trade…..BULL.  Plus they are making another $15,000 or more on the new RV with our deal.

OK where is the park we are at.  It’s here!  It’s a Coast To Coast Park.  Don’t know if it belongs to any other membership organizations.  It’s called Shenandoah Crossing Resort and Country Club and it is.  It’s near Gordonsville, VA off route 33.  I say it’s the best park we have ever stayed in hands down.  Carol says that Hart Ranch near Rapid City is pretty good too.  They sell condo time shares here.  They have the condos along with log cabins on big lots and all that kind of stuff.  They have stables and other “stuff” for the vacationers.  They just closed the golf course.  This place is nice and the sites are outstanding – the best of the best. Oh, three RV parks here but there not real real big.  Coast to Coast is a $10 a night system but this one has always charged more.  It’s $20 a night for this one.  We’ve coming here for many years.  Oh, cable TV and internet too at each site (free- sorta).

See ya……

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How We Bought Our New RV

We’ve bought RV’s since we started RVing over 40 years ago to include the last 12 years of full timing.  We’ve been had, jerked around, cheated, taken advantage of by the best.  Now it’s our turn.  Our experience has cost us dearly.  First we had to decide for sure what brand we wanted.  That in itself is a chore and it was by the wife’s wanted floorplan basically.  I chose the manufacture.  We stuck with Newmar, Tiffin and Winnebago.  We’ve had them all and we (her)decided on the floorplan in the Winniebago Journey line up.  I’m real glad about that since we’ve had real good luck with them in the past.  We loved our first two Winnie motorhomes.  OK, we got the brand and model (floorplan).  Next was options.  We went over every option and made the final decision as to which ones we had to have, nice to have and didn’t want at all.  Next was the interior color and wood and the outside color.  OK, we got it all picked out what we had to have, nice to have and didn’t want to pay for (options).  NO EXCEPTIONS!  Next was to contact dealers thru the manufacturer web site.  Then the dealers web sites.  They all list their inventory nowadays.  We went and saw the actual RVs we wanted.  Yes, the salespersons attempted to pester us but that’s OK.  I pestered them about their product.  They usually shut up after they realized I knew more than they did.  Yes, I did my research on the internet.  I know I wanted to pay 27% off list.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  Now our trade.  That’s another hard one.  What’s it worth wholesale.  I called several banks and got an idea.  Now I have a price for the new rig and know what I want to pay (27% off) and what my trade is worth.  I have a price difference of X amount.  I don’t deviate from it.  I go lower but not higher.  Dealers like to talk payments sometimes.  So I was going to be prepared.  I called banks and got interest rates and the amount of our monthly payment.  When I talked to dealers at this point I low balled them by about another 15% off the difference between our trade in and the new unit and MY price that I have already set.  They usually chuckled and shy away.  I got some stupid offers from them too.  I just chuckled and shy away like them.  I narrowed it down to one dealer, Lazydays in FL.  We were within $10K via the internet and it was their last offer they said.  I said goodbye.  I waited about a month and contacted them and several times after that.  Eventually they met my original terms and it was almost all done on the internet and a couple of phone calls at the end.  Plus no funny fees like dealer fee, prep fees, title fees, doc fees or any fees other than state actual costs.  Nothing to prepare any documents other that the ACTUAL cost of the state paperwork.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  I let them know this at the beginning and I put in writing (email).  I require a response on that email.  I tell them to figure that in the price it’s that simple.  If they say they can’t, I say firmly “NO DEAL.”  You have to stand your ground no matter their excuse.  Believe me they can do it.  If not, WALK AWAY.  Call them back towards the end of the month and say that you haven’t changed your mind and if they still want the sale.  BE FIRM!  We’ve bought two of our last 3 RVs this way.  It works.  You have to make time work for you to save thousands of dollars.  It took almost a year on one and about two months on this one we are getting now.  Remember, IF IT’S NOT IN WRITING, IT AIN’T GOING TO HAPPEN – NO EXCEPTIONS!  Our new RV was ordered and will be in about mid September.  It’s exactly what we want and at the price we wanted – NO EXEPTIONS…

I was dealing with dealers in AZ, CO, CA, UT, PA, VA and several in FL.  They included LaMesa, Lazydays, and several Camping Worlds and a couple of small dealers.  The next closet dealer ($) was Camping World in Roanoke, VA.  Each Camping world is independently owned I think.   It saved us as much as $50,000 on this deal. Yepper.  You have to be willing to travel to save thousands. It’s an adventure.

I kept ALL emails from all dealers.  It was work but well worth it.

I hope this all makes some sense to you and good luck……stand your ground and don’t pay any attention to the dealer’s crying.  Most dealers are full of it and are experts when it comes sucking your money out of you.!

Buying a used RV is a a new world.  I won’t get into that because there are too many variables.

We are homeless but smiling and happy……

See ya

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another 100 Plus Day

But we were hooked up to 50 AMPS at a very nice site for $20 and FHU, concrete RV pad and setting area, outside table for easy six, chairs, umbrella, BBQ with free LP, BBQ utensils, water sink next to it, outside lights, a fire ring in the grass area and so on.  I think you get the idea.DSC_0003


Those are pre cooked frozen baby back ribs to the left.  I just set them on top of the BBQ cover for about an hour and half.  Never turned on the grill.  They thawed and warmed up just setting there.  We ate them INSIDE and they were so good!  Maybe eggs tomorrow.DSC_0001 DSC_0002 

It got down to 76 degrees last night – that was nice. 

You want to know where and how to stay at this campground…..stay tuned.

See ya…..

Monday, July 15, 2013

102 Degrees & Boone Docking

We are boone docking at the Fredericksburg Elks (Monday night). DSC_0014 DSC_0015 DSC_0016 Real nice people and said for us to park on the grass.  No hook ups.  We arrived about noon and immediately turned on the generator and ran two ACs.  We had to leave about 2 PM for about 3 hours.  It was 102 outside and 97 degrees inside the coach when we returned.  We turned off the generator because we were setting on grass and the generator had already burned about a 1 foot square in it.  We were afraid of a fire is why we turned it off while we weren’t there.  We got the generator going again when we got back and cooled it down to the low 80s in a couple of hours.  The night time was in the mid 80s with 91% humidity.  We turned off the generator about 10 PM and went to bed.  At least I tried.

The next morning we left about 7:30 AM via car to visit our son again.  Again no generator.  We pulled out about noon and it was hot & humid.  We turned the generator on going  down the road along with the dash air.  The outside temp was running close to 100 degrees and about 80 inside after about an hour.  Of course it was only about 1 1/2 hour trip.  We got hooked up to 50 AMPS immediately and turned on two ACs.  One hour later we were 102 outside and 80 inside and going down slowly.  We left the rear slides in and closed the door.

See ya….

Sunday, July 14, 2013

New RV Again!

Our new rig will only have two 1350 btu AC’s.  That’s the way I want it.  You can keep those 1500 AC’s.  If I turned off everything in the Beast and had a good 30 AMP line coming in, I  could run two AC’s at once for about 20-30 minutes.  Now with the littler AC’s I should be able to run both at the same time at least that’s what I’m hoping.  The 2014 Winnebago’s have no weep holes in their new style windows.  They are flush with no outside frame.  Pretty neat looking.  I never really liked the weep holes and usually covered half of them up with black tape.  I was told the weep holes were for condensation & rain water drainage.  The new RV should be a little more air tight.  If you didn't already know, we’re getting a 2014 36M Journey from Lazydays in FL.   It should be ready for pick up about mid September.  I will get into the costs later on.  We had two Winnebago's in the past and I guess we should have stuck with them.  Oh well, what’s a few hundred thousand dollars for a lesson learned.  This one will really belong to the bank and will let us use it for 20 years at 4.24% interest.  After twenty years, it will be worth how much we would owe on it then – not much.  I will get into the options and all that later on.  This will have Carol’s floor plan, interior colors, outside colors, and most options (all).  Yes, it’s her coach.  A happy woman is a happy man they say.  It’s time to get HAPPY!

Well folks, you’ve asking how’s Carol’s Mom is. For an 85 year old who now weighs about 80 some pounds, not very good. Hospice was out Saturday and talked to the family. They will be doing some checking and get back.

Monday morning  we are heading down to VA to see our son and maybe our grandson. We will also do some camping with two of Carol’s brothers down there.

We then make a quick trip to Livingston, TX to unload the Beast. Mid August Carol will be flying back to Baltimore and spend another 3 weeks with her Mom. After delivering the Beast to FL, I will return to TX for  some of Mark’s home brew COLD beer.  TX in July, August and September. OK, that wasn’t really smart! Some things you just have set back and let it happen. That’s assuming you got good AC of course.

Seems like this year so far has been our hot and wet year.  2014 I think will be our cool and wet year (Alaska).

See ya….

Friday, July 12, 2013

Cabin Fever Setting In

Baltimore should be in Oregon.  It has rained everyday except one since being here for over two weeks.  I’m glad this Beast has no water leaks.  The Pharton we would have had our own indoor swimming pool.

I did get some time on the Beast’s roof between some rain drops.  I replaced the AC shrouds (3).  Even though the Beast is going to be traded in I still felt that I should replace them.  Besides, the dealer would have charged me a lot to replace them on the pre-inspection trade in.  I had already ordered them and they were really needed.

Removing the 4 large solar panels, wiring and the controller will be fun.  More fun will be covering the bracket holes where they were attached to the new roof.  Our new home has six 12V Group 31 AGM batteries besides the two chassis batteries.  I might not put the solar on right away.  It will be a very big hassle with moving in and then heading for Nevada to work.  We’re going to let the manufacture put the sat TV dish on the roof.  We got two TV’s in the living room.  That will be interesting.  It also has Rand McNally’s GPS system with a 10” screen in the dash.  That should be cool.  It will have MCD shades through out.  We had MCD’s before and really love them.

I called the new coach manufacture.  Our unit won’t have a ladder.  It’s not standard or even an option.  I guess they figure if you can afford the coach you can afford to have someone else get on it.

See ya….

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Not RVing For Awhile

We will not be RVing for awhile.  What do you call people who don’t RV – unlucky?  Yepper…We sold the Beast and have to deliver it down to Seffner, FL by the end of this month.  We have to go to Livingston, TX first and unload it completely and take off all the after market “stuff”.  We should have about 4 days to do that.  It will be interesting to see where it all goes in Livingston.  First we will leave Balto next week and head for VA for about a week.  We will visit our Son & Grandson there and do some camping with Carol’s brothers.  Then we head for TX.  Once the Beast is delivered we are not sure what we will will do.  Carol might fly to Balto and I drive back to Livingston is one of several options.  We might both return to Livingston and she flies out to Balto later to be with her Mom.

OK, why won’t we be RVing.  Because we have to wait for our custom ordered new RV to come in and will be without one for about 2 months.  I think it’s a 21, or 32, or 36, or 40, or 44 footer.  I don’t recall exactly.  Hey, it’s only money…the bank’s!

See ya…..

Saturday, July 6, 2013

What’s Up

Hello everybody.  Carol’s Mom is home and is doing OK.  Carol spends the day with her. 

People have asked if we are getting out of RVing.  Not even a subject.  We are considering downsizing.  Our favorite is a Winnebago Journey 36M.  Haven’t found that dealer giving them away yet.  Five states down and 45 to go.

Not sure when we are leaving Columbia, Md (Balto).  Not sure where we are going.  Not sure when we will get there where ever there is.  Typical full timer answer.  We are usually in some type of jello schedule but the jello isn’t even mixed yet.  Way too many variables.

We are expecting our 3 AC shrouds Monday.  Now to get them installed.  I replaced the brushes in the washer/dryer motor and it’s working great.  The hardest part of that ordeal was getting it out and back in it’s place.  The Beast I washed last week but it has rained just about everyday except today (Saturday).  The tires are very clean and the wheels are shiny and ready to roll.  I checked with one of Carol’s brothers, the diesel mechanic, who said to wait on changing the transmission fluid and the antifreeze.  The mileage and time isn’t there yet.

So, don’t know when the next blog will be out.

See ya…….