Sunday, July 28, 2013

Alligators & Ducks

We were on the road by 7 AM.  Not planned, it just worked out that way.  I was already up and Carol is a little anxious and couldn’t sleep.  330 miles later we arrived at Abita Springs, Louisiana.  We’re in a Coast To Coast park called Abita Springs RV Resort – duhhh.  It’s not what we call a resort but we would return again.  We got a very large back in site with full hook up for the normal coast to coast price of $10.  We upgraded to 50 AMP for $5 more.  Here’s some pictures along the 330 mile trip.  This one is for Nick.  He remembers every bridge he drives over I think.DSCN1965 DSCN1969

We saw 4 alligators in the water today and saw one alligator on the side of the road.  He was actually laying next to a piece of tire.  The other kind of alligator – tires.  He wasn’t a live either.DSCN1971

Here’s home tonight.  I hooked up the sat TV receiver and watch the Brickyard NACAR race.  We had already removed the receiver but was carrying it to install in the new rig.DSCN1978


Looks like another red hat gal.  It’s hair reminds me of Marilyn Anderson.DSCN1981


These ducks are intergraded.DSCN1982

The little ones had a hard time swimming in the green stuff even with Mama pushing them.DSCN1985


New trailer and I guess they learned that they have to carry leveling blocks.DSCN1986

It was a quiet night except for a frog that was exercising his right of free speech right behind our rig.  I wonder if I should have frog for breakfast.  Oh, now he shuts up!

Tomorrow (Monday) we have no plans what so ever where we will stay.  I forgot the Elks camping book, there’s no Coast to Coast along the way, and it will probably be too hot to boone dock.  Well, that’s why we got a generator right?  Maybe a Passport America campground. 

We are due into Lazydays Tuesday.  Our new sales person has Tuesdays off.  If he continues to be on the ball the new rig should be just about ready.  I would be surprised.   Dealers are not on my list of doing what they say they will do.  It’s called lip service.  They are on top of that list.  I did have them put it in writing concerning what they would add/install to the new rig.  Hey,  I watch Judge Judy.

See ya……