Friday, July 19, 2013

What’s UP?

Carol’s Mom is back into the hospital today (Friday).  Nothing we can due at this point.

We are here in Gordonsville, VA about 150 miles from Baltimore with Carol’s two of four brothers.  Theirs one more in Baltimore and another is in Texas.

Temps still get up to around 100 but today we kept the Beast in the low 70’s. Ahhhhhhhh.   We sat around drank beer and I cooked some pork ribs on the grill.   It’s a rough life but we all can’t work.  The BBQ ribs turned out OK.  Not the best far from the worst.

Carol’s already packing stuff to take out of the rig.  Some of it will return to the new rig and some to storage.  That’s a real nice thing to have and that is a storage unit.  It’s even better if it’s on your lot with full hook ups and the storage shed is the size of a small barn with an upper and lower section.  We have a 1/2 acre lot in Texas with two 50 AMP hook ups and a mobile on it.  It use to be my Mom’s.  She’s doing fine in a Nursing Home in Livingston.  We use the mobile to wash clothes and watch TV sometimes.   It still has a bunch of my Mom’s stuff in it.  We live in the RV – it’s home.  Now we will have to live in the mobile for about 2 months.  That will be interesting to adjust to.

See ya…..