Monday, July 22, 2013

1290 Miles Whoaaaaaa

We arrived in Livingston, TX about 5 PM today.  Jon and Sue greeted us back.  We did 1290 miles in two days.  Yes we are in a “mission go status”.  The mission is to get this rig clean, fixed and empty (all solar out/off)  AND to Flordia by Monday towing the Mariner.  

A  friggin automatic slide out lock broke.  Can’t move the driver side front slide out, out.  I called Newmar and the part will be here Thursday for a cost of $348.92.  Newmar also told me how to take the mechanism apart to get the slide out to work temporary.  That took me an hour.  Went in the mobile and the central AC is not working – call somebody tomorrow.  It hit 100 degrees here today I was told.  Got the Mercury Mariner running at least temporary.  Wayne had told me a couple of months ago that the battery was shot.  It’s got no insurance and no inspection sticker.  We better get that all up to date tomorrow. 

Just another one of those organized messes to take care.  It’s called multi tasking for RVers.

I’m just tired of thinking what has to be done.  Hey, “just do it”.  In redneck language…”geter er done”…..

See ya…