Friday, July 26, 2013

Hold On

Tuesday and Wednesday we unloaded the 43 foot Beast into my Mom’s 50 foot trailer.  Don’t get ahead of me.  Mark N came over Tuesday evening for a good laugh and got one, no he got a lot.  Wednesday we did more unloading and some cleaning of the Beast to include a wash.  Thursday the solar panels started coming down at 6 AM due to the heat/humidity later on.  Carol’s Mercury went into the local Ford dealer to check out the dead battery.   They concluded it was dead and replaced it.  Lisa & Jim came over that evening and were smiling and shaking their heads in astonishment to what they saw.  Friday the Beast went to the repair shop (West RV Repair).  They had to put in a new locking device motor on the big slide out.  Total cost over $500.  Then I went to a tire place and had the automatic front wheel balancers taken off.  OK, we are up to date on Friday almost.  Stay tuned it’s going to get even more interesting.  Here are some pictures of the predicament we put ourselves in.  First the weeds were a little tall on the lot.  Deal with them another day.DSC_0003

Here’s my redneck temporay cover job for the automatic slide out locking device in case it rains.   It’s a cutting board over the locking device.  See the handle.  Love that duct tape.DSC_0004

Here’s our living conditions for the next two months, maybe.  How did all this “stuff’ fit into our RV.DSC_0005 DSC_0006 DSC_0007

There is a bed under there.DSC_0008 DSC_0009 DSC_0010

That’s our bed..DSC_0012 DSC_0013

and there is the big shed.  Almost all the “stuff” on the floor came out of the Beast.  Plus the solar panels and accessories that aren’t there yet. DSC_0014


The Beast is readyDSC_0015

Carol and her MercuryDSC_0016

Hey, what's a few missing wires.  That’s not real grease and sweat on me.  That is a Tiffin shirt I’m wearing working around the batteries.DSC_0021


Me and my Jeep.DSC_0017

Oh it’s not even close to being over yet.  You say yea right how could it get any better?  I’m ready to leave for Florida tomorrow (Sat) and Carol stays in Livingston.  I called Lazydays all day long Friday.  Our salesperson wouldn’t return my calls.  Finally I asked where she’s at.  Maybe it’s her day off.  Nope, she had quit suddenly I was told.  I then needed to talk to the sales manager.  I was very concerned about things I was told by the salesperson that I found out later that was not true and told him of such.  The Winnie on their lot that we originally was in the process of buying was now available again.  Interesting at least.  It’s still setting on their lot now.  The short version is we want the one they have in stock now with a few adjustments on their part.  A major concern is that the delivery date of our ordered Winnie (mid Sept delivery – 10 weeks) was just changed to early October – not acceptable.  Tomorrow morning (Saturday) we will get a call from them to make the NEW deal happen to our liking according to the sales manager.  If that is true, Carol & I will leave within the hour (Sat) to pick it up Monday.  Our concerns about their dealings  must be resolved to our satisfaction now.  If not, we will back out of the deal.  It’s pretty simple.  I think we are in the middle of what appears to be a bait and switch.  A Winnie in stock that we verbally bought in early July and was arranging a deposit with them within minutes of the deal was sold from under us supposedly.  I smelled fish.  I didn’t like that.  A red flag went up along with others as time went on.

The saga continues.  Buying an RV is like getting old – it’s not fun and more work is involved in doing something easy.

See ya…….