Monday, July 29, 2013

Lazydays – Typical & Expected Disappointments

We went 560 miles today.  Probably because we are getting anxious.  Tomorrow (Tuesday) we got about 100 miles to get to Seffner, FL (Lazydays).  Hurry up and wait.  They said to arrive Tuesday and Wednesday we would take possession of the new unit.  I just don’t see it happening.

We got a call late today (Monday) and it was from Tiffany, the Lazydays Inbound Advisor.  Well, they installed a dome sat instead of a dish sat like is on the contract.  Love that term “put it in writing”.  If it ain’t in writing it didn’t or won’t happen.   Nothing about the ladder being installed and she said the stove hadn’t been touched yet.  She let me know when we arrived they would check in our trade and then we could go to the business office to do the paperwork.  NOT!  I politely let her know that was not happening until the new unit was completely finished, we get a preliminary walk thru and I test drive it.  I won’t sign away our rig until we have the new one….duh.  They want our rig by the end of the month.  Well, it will be there but they won’t have possession of it unless they get on the ball.  I see some bumps in the road.  I hope they don’t back us into a corner.    I have a tendency to over react.

Tuesday will be interesting.

See ya…..