Saturday, October 6, 2018

Livingston TX

Today is Saturday 6 Oct.

Since we’ve been back the kitty went to the doc again.  She’s OK. 

Kraig went to the Urgent Care.  He’s OK now. 

My Mother was admitted to Jasper Hospital yesterday (Friday evening) then transferred to a Beaumont in the middle of the night.  She’s doing poor.

No blog for awhile.  Too much stuff happening.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Day 57

We went to H.E.B. grocery store and Lowe’s.  Kraig wanted to get some dryer hose material and I wanted some driveway grass killer.  And at the H.E.B. pork butt was 99 cents a pound.  I couldn’t resist.

The rest of the day was getting the mail and starting the Honda.  The Honda is my Honda 11o  trail bike that Mark overhauled.  It needed some kicking because it’s been setting for two months.  It started.

Nothing much more.  It rained some.

Pictures tomorrow…..

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Day 56

We’re back in Livingston, Tx.  We left about 8:30 am or so.   We had a little over 200 miles for us.  We did pay $2.49 for gas here and $2.55 in Haskill, TX.  Overall the class C averaged 8.5 mpg.  Considering that most of the trip was in mountains and towing, 8.5 is good.

We returned to a yard that has some 12 inch high grass in our driveway.  Otherwise everything is the same.  We haven’t found our emergency extra keys.  We haven’t found them but they will appear.  We only have have one Harley key and it’s with them, where ever.

I got the Mariner out of the barn and had to move the Journey to the end of the driveway.  Now it needs insurance.  The Journey needs to get ready for sale next month.  A lot of cleaning out details and sweeping it out.  Probably run down to Freightliner Houston to get the one idiot dash light plugged up to their computer.  It comes and go the last couple of years.  I checked everything but the thing still comes on some time.  I’ve been told that it’s just a sensor and not to really worry about it.  Tell that to a future buyer!

Saw Mark’s car at La Colonia as we drove by.  He really likes La Colonia Mexican food.

We had left overs for dinner….

Retirement has a lot of left overs one way or another……..


Saturday, September 29, 2018

Day 55

Everybody gets up and gone….. I think Kraig went to the adult lounge (TV/Wi-Fi, etc.) and Carol is doing her walk….Me - - FREEDOM!

Then Carol returns and it started drizzling.

Not much happening today.

Retirement is still waiting….


Friday, September 28, 2018

Day 54

We get 20 some TV channels and that’s not counting the religious or Mexican TV channels.  Plus we get Verizon and WiFi, plus full hook ups FREE.  Just the yearly fee of $400 or so.  I guess it’s not so cheap.  Two weeks in and then one week out and that’s a year at any of the original TTN parks.DSC_0001DSC_0002

They’re dead….DSC_0004

Weber 1100DSC_0003

with an induction hot plate…DSC_0008

Kraig cooking hamburgersDSC_0005DSC_0007

Retirement is watching others cook.


Thursday, September 27, 2018

Day 53

Up and messing around.  Ready to dump then go get LP.   Mark is dumping and then gonna go down the road.  We will meet up back in Livingston.

We dumped then over to get LP.  LP was $2.19.  What a friggin deal.  We’re on our way.

Carol had to take this picture…DSC_0005DSC_0006DSC_0007DSC_0009DSC_0010DSC_0015DSC_0016DSC_0018DSC_0019DSC_0021DSC_0023DSC_0022DSC_0027

We were gonna say here but what the hell… we went for it.  Ain’t nothing but a thing (time). DSC_0028

After we filled up we left.  8.5 mpg average for the trip and this fill was 9.7 mpg.  Really like this Rand McNally 7 GPS.DSC_0032.DSC_0034

That’s a lot of bull.DSC_0037DSC_0038DSC_0039DSC_0045DSC_0047DSC_0049DSC_0051DSC_0053

And we arrive at TTN Lake Whitney.DSC_0055

Retirement is affording the “Go for it” attitude.


Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Day 52

We let the little heater run on low last night so it was OK when we all got up which was 0830.  We agreed that  0900 we would meet Mark and go out for breakfast.  We hit the Jeep door at 0900 and Mark was walking over.  We drove around the extra small town until we found a dinner that had more than four parked trucks in front.  We did and it was great food.

We had lunch at the camper.  It was left overs from our dinner last night at the Chinese place….Ummmmmm good even for left overs.

Oh.  Yesterday when we got here we took the cat to the local vet.  He said he needed to keep here over night and check her out.  Today about 4 PM we will go to the vet and hopefully pick up the cat at that tine.

4 PM at the vet’s.DSC_0003

This king rules the vet’s office.  He’s on the counter.DSC_0007DSC_0005DSC_0009

The cat is fine….just a little dehydrated before.DSC_0014That night we all played Sorry.   I was the grand pow paw champion – two games.DSC_0016

Retirement is slowing down for the little things.


Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Day 51

And it was some 50  degrees in the morning but we have the little heater.  It didn’t take long to get the temp up inside the camper.  We left Sumner State Park….but here……DSC_0001DSC_0002


We arrived Littlefield, Texas around lunch.  Mark arrived here the day before.DSC_0018

DSC_0019 - Copy

AND the very little carnival was right here next to us at the fair grounds. DSC_0013DSC_0014DSC_0015DSC_0016

The four of us visited the carnival.  It was small for sure.  It rained that night and it was really wet the next day (Wed).DSC_0020DSC_0022DSC_0024

Retirement is staying out of the way at times.