Friday, October 31, 2014

Back To The Basics

Mark was here at 9 AM and we (he) jumped right into the primary/clutch area.  The part in his right hand is the one I broke and caused all the work and $$$.  One hour later we were done.  We loaded it with fluid and the bike started right up.  We were able to test the clutch because it was on the lift.  All was well.  Mark’s work was done and left to work on his bike. DSC_0011

It took me another two hours to finish putting the bike together, clean up and put away the tools. DSC_0016

Front fairing, windshield and radio/speakers I took off.DSC_0012

Back to the basics.  I think it looks better, more classic without that stuff on the front end.   I will put the leather saddlebags back on for sure.DSC_0014 DSC_0018

Carol likes working in the yard.  See her Alaska boots.  Another Sara Palin.DSC_0020

See ya…….

Thursday, October 30, 2014

That’s What I’m Talking About


This is probably one of the best smoked porks I’ve done if I say so myself.  We had a few people over to help test it.DSC_0002 DSC_0005 DSC_0009

Before all this, things were happening.  I drove 50 miles south to a Harley dealer.  Talk about a kid in a candy store.  I tried to buy a Harley.  I refused their offer.  In turn, they refused my offer.  Oh well, it wasn’t meant to be because…later……

Since it’s Thursday it’s time for La Colona.  It’s a little Mexican restaurant that a few of us eat lunch at on Thursdays.  I drove straight there and just barely made it.  It was great….food and friends…

After lunch I then drove to the Conroe Harley dealer.  My clutch part that I ordered last week was in.  It’s another 50 miles one way.  I picked it up with no problem.  Then as I started to leave I saw this nice Harley that was a real looker.  I slobbered all over this bike.  I stayed an extra hour talking to the general manager.  No I didn’t buy it!  Just talked.

I got back at Livingston just a little bit before our little get together.  Carol had just about set everything up.  We talked about the Harley I had seen.  I think she could see me still slobbering.  Then I made THE phone call….

Friends started to arrive.  I think everyone enjoyed being part of a small group.  We could all talk with each other.  Oh yea, the pork.  Mac loved the bark which is his favorite by far.  I think Sue got a hot piece of bark and choked some……ooops.  

Mark called…couldn’t make it.  He did say he would be over first thing in the morning so we could put the bike back together.  He said for me not to touch it till he gets here.  Darn, I hate it when people are right. 

“We’re having pork sliders for lunch right?” Mark remarked.

Oh, I got an appointment at the Conroe Harley dealer at 10 AM Saturday.  Hopefully not to get any more parts.vp3956082_3_large[1] Hey, don’t let a kid go to the candy store alone!!!!  It’s just like my 1985 Harley but only 27 years newer (2012).  It’s been lowered about 3 inches by the dealer for the previous owner.  3,100 miles.  Never been in the rain, etc, etc…..  I did get it wet with me standing near it.  Not sure if I was slobbering or marking my area.

See ya…….

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Low & Behold Again

Today we had some more visitors.  Steve and Lila Dudley appeared with no warning.  Wow, yesterday it was the Dave and Brenda.  Steve & Lila will be leaving tomorrow so they won’t get any of the butt that I started smoking today at 3PM.  By chance they all appeared at our place around 3 or so.  We all shared some stories and all left as soon as they came.

I just didn’t get the time to work on the Harley.  I want to clean and check all the electrical connections but just didn’t get to it.  Hopefully my clutch part will be in tomorrow (Thursday).  If it is, that means time to ride will be close by hopefully.

See ya………….

Monday, October 27, 2014

Low & Behold Butt Time

We spent today getting Carol’s last medical test done down near Houston.  The Dr said tentatively everything is OK and will have the final lab results back for next Tuesday’s appointment.

Low and behold and who do we find at the park but Dave and Brenda Neil.  Since we were on the way to the Dr we only got a few words in passing.

When we got back late I got out another pork butt.  Time to smoke one up.  Hey Mac, more bark.  Mac loves the bark off a smoked pork.  Maybe Thursday.

See ya………….

Full Timing Landing Place

I spent over 7 hours in our “Barn” which is an extra large two storing shed.  We had it built about 5 years ago.  We then immediately jammed a lot of RV stuff in my area which is the first floor.  After jamming a lot of stuff in it I have never straighten it up or organized it all.  I don’t even remember sweeping it.  A real man’s cave I guess except there wasn’t any room to set in it.  Well, I organized it a little bit to get the bike in and be able to work around it.  Today I organized, straighten it and even swept it out.  I threw out a lot of stuff that I thought still had life.  Life was what I imagined it to be and not reality was for the item.  I’m really proud that I can several guys can set in it and move around also.  I even cleaned a small frig and plugged it in.  Now I got to put some special beverages in it.  The music will come from the radio in the bike which is pretty good.   As full timers, it’s nice to have a place to land, reorganize our rig without having to throw stuff out for at least for 5 or so years.  We as full timers really enjoy the ability to do that.  After spending two plus months here we continue with our full timing.  We live in our rig 24/7  365 we just don’t move normally during these two months.  When we are out there we usually stay anywhere from 2-14 days and it depends on a lot of things to include cost.  Friends are friends and we don’t like abusing their offers to stay at their place….well, maybe just a little.  Usually I can fix some pulled pork and that helps a little bit.

See ya…………

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Yea… He Won

Dale Earnhardt Jr won the NASCAR race in Martinsville, VA today.  So, you know what I did today..watched the race and it was a good one meaning it was a close one with good ole racing….

See ya………

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Liberty Opry & The Cops

Today…..what can I get into.  Time to check out the tow bar.  I tightened it all up before Alaska and checked it a couple of times during.  Now it’s time to go over it real good.  First I removed the Tow Defender Guard.  Great product to use for Alaska especially.  Then I removed the 12 inch extension.  I used it because the Two Defender was too close to the exhaust pipe.  Then I tightened ALL tow bar parts.  I run it a little tight.  Better tight than loose.  The whole tow bar does not budge at all.  Good thing I got some handy dandy plastic gloves to wear.  Of course, I didn’t wear any and my hands were black and under the nails too.  Damn I hate that.  Anyhow, all done. 

I got the soon to be bike trailer to get ready.  It needs the bearings packed and everything else greased.  The 12” tires are over 5  years old.   I might upgrade to 13” tires/wheels.  That’s all to be figured out later, not now.

Next I decided to clean the floor under the Harley.  It’s up on a lift so it shouldn’t be that hard to move around.  I slid it around and cleaned all the oil that I spilt over the past week.  A little oil transmission fluid and primary oil.  Oh what a mess.  I found two small parts that I didn’t recognize.   Mark & I will figure it out next week.  I got all that cleaned up and organized the parts and tools.  

That evening Carol & I went to the Liberty Opry House in Liberty… with Mark and Dortha Hall.  DSC_0001DSC_0007It was OUTSTANDING !!!!.  If you like the old time opry this is a place to check out.  We all really enjoyed it and will return again.  The special entertainer tonight was Michael Hix .  DSC_0019DSC_0020DSC_0017He was top notch and funnnnnnnny.  He would be what I call a singer impersonator/comedian.  He sang Whitney Houston’s song “I Will Always Love You” and nailed it.  They're not a whole lot of female singers who can sing that song but I never heard a man even try it like she sings it.  Again, he nailed it.  The audience were up on their feet clapping before he even finished it that’s how good he did it.  DSC_0025 He and another guy did the Blues Brothers song “Soul Man.”  Again, he was hilarious with his over the top dancing.

Here’s Michael’s wife Ginny Hix.  She could sing old country pretty good. DSC_0013

Here was a regular favorite “Booger Lee.”      DSC_0012 

Mark & Dortha I think entertained themselves.      DSC_0022

Mark was driving and on the way back and we got stopped by the police.  I don’t even know how many decades it’s been since I was pulled over much less being a passenger.  The cop was OK.  Evidently Mark made a Chicago stop back at a stop sign.  That’s where you slow down a lot but don’t stop all the way.  The cop said he was going to give Mark a verbal warning.  I asked if he could go ahead and give him a ticket because I wanted to get a picture for my blog.  He just laughed as he departed. 

Ahhhhh, that’s all folks.

See ya……………

Friday, October 24, 2014

I Had to See The Judge !!!!

Yesterday after drinking a few beers we figured what we were gonna due today.  Well today we figured it wasn’t such a great idea to try and repair the broken part.  We must have been tired.  I ordered the $171 part from a Harley dealer and will pick it up towards the end of next week.  Now we are dead in the water concerning getting the bike together.  As a matter of fact, we have to take it apart more to get the new part in.  It’s really getting deep into it.  Oh well……

I went to Tractor Supply and just looked around.  They got a lot of neat stuff jammed into a small area.  They had my extra trailer tire/wheel I want but $120 was too much for me.  Maybe I will  check it out on line.  It’s just a little 4.80X12 tire/wheel.

Let’s see..what can I get into now……

Oh Carol and I along with Mac and Annie went to the movies last night.  It’s a local theater and it cost $10 for TWO people.  Real big container of popcorn and two very large sodas was $6.  How great is that?  The movie was The Judge.  We all thought it was Outstanding.  Good acting, script and everything.  Worth seeing especially at these prices.

See ya…

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Back At It….

And for you RVers saying that I don’t put anything about RVs in my blog lately – I emptied our black water tank yesterday.  I looked at the dirty wheels and dirty RV.  That’s about it on the RV side.

Oh yea, fuel prices are finally coming down.  Here in Livingston diesel is under $3.40  and gas is under $3 a gallon.  Yea…. keep on coming down.

Mark was here less than an hour after sun up.  Can you figure the time out?  He gave me the tools I needed to finish and button the Harley up.  So I’m off and running – very slow…. Now where do all those buttons go?  This one problem found we found just might fix the two mechanical problems I had.  They were difficult to start when hot and of course the clutch.

Before I start putting it back together I wanted to get primary and tranny fluid.  First Wal-Mart for the cheaper prices then to Auto Zone to get what Wal-Mart didn’t carry.  There are so many choices about what fluids to use in a Harley on the internet to the point of confusing.  Oh well, I just picked one for each.  Time will tell.

Back at the barn I started piece by piece putting it all together.  Here I 'am towards the end.DSC_0001 DSC_0003

Then it happened…SNAP !!!!!! I broke a long bolt that held the all clutch assembly together.  That means I really screwed it up.  I went to NAPA in town and got an Easy Out tool device.  I have no idea why they call it an Easy Out tool.  It wasn’t easy and it didn’t work.  I started taking it apart and past the point where we had taken it apart before.  Now I went as far as I could with the tools I had.  Mark came over after work.  He said, “Yep you screwed up.”  We opened a couple of beers and figured it out mentally.  Tomorrow Mark will bring over some gear pullers.  Take the last gear off that held 1 of the 4 bolts that I broke.  Then we came up with the idea of cutting rest of the bolt off and welding another one on.  No other choice at this point.  We finished our beers and called it a night.  I was so close getting it all together and now so far.

Maybe I should stick with shinning RV’s vice taking a wrench to a Harley.

See ya…………

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Motorcycle & Tools

If your not into motorcycles and working on them you might as well skip the rest of today’s blog.

I started taking the Harley apart according to the multi page encyclopedia I had on it called a shop manual.  DSC_0005Shop manual means they skip taking apart the easy stuff by just saying take it apart.  Not how !  It also assumes you have every tool that has ever been made.  I got the tool box too bad it’s almost empty.DSC_0006

With that in mind, I pressed on or rather off with the main cover on the engine.  That’s the new motorcycle lift holding the bike up.  I got it yesterday.  It’s so nice.DSC_0003   DSC_0004 DSC_0007


Then Mark came by after working 10 hours and still in his nice clothes.  He wanted to see how I was doing.DSC_0012

Next thing you know he was into it.  I  just kept tossing him some clean shop towelsDSC_0014

He picked up some tools and was off and running and before long the clutch and a little part of the transmission was apart.  Hey, what’s a little tranny fluid on the floor.DSC_0015

I knew that kitty litter had a second purpose.DSC_0016  DSC_0019 

These are called clutch discs.  Mark will be bringing me a tool to measure them to see if they need replacing but they might not.  It might be just a loose nut…. besides me.DSC_0021


He thinks this nut in the middle of this clutch assembly had came loose and that might be the only problemDSC_0020

Mark had never worked on a Harley before.  I’m glad he told me afterwards.  He will bring over a few other bigger tools tomorrow early morning before going to work.  Then I can torque this nut down.  Then I get to put everything back together after making one gasket then replacing the transmission and primary fluid.  I figure about two months or so.  Mark was here for about an hour and always had a wrench in his hand and it was turning.  He reminds me of Carol’s brothers – “get ur done!”

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Who the Hell!!!!

First I drove Carol down to Humble for her gas Dr appointment.  We stopped at her favorite restaurant, Cracker Barrel, and had breakfast.  The doc said all of her tests looked good but he wanted one more final test.  He wants a lookey lou internal from the bottom up.  Yep, one of those where you can’t eat and you drink a whole bunch of this yucky stuff the night before.  Then you live on the toilet.  Been there done that.  Next Tuesday is the evacuation day.

After all that it was time to go to Harbor Freight since they were only two blocks away.  I got some much needed “stuff”.  Like a bike lift jack, nice real big tool chest, a shop ground stool, torque wrench, shop light, shop towels and some other things that where needed in the eyes of the beholder.  I needed this China stuff to work on my American bike.

Now it took me about 2 hours to put some of this stuff together.  Some of it was very heavy like the tool chest combo came in at a hefty 235 lbs empty.  I got tools scattered neatly all over the barn.  Now I can centralize my efforts when I go looking for a tool.  This is only the second tool box I’ve ever owned and the first one of pretty high quality without getting into the Snap On professional stuff.  If a thief broke in he would empty my tools and take the tool chest.  I don’t buy expensive tools because I don’t use them on a continued basis.  I do like the shop stool.  It’s on rollers and I can scoot around at knee level without bending over.  Hope they don’t steel that.

Oh, so I'm getting this stuff organized when I here Carol scream of excitement inside the rig.  I figured she found new music to a line dance.  No bigee.  A few minutes later this person pops their head around the corner and says, “Hi there!”  That’s when I remarked a few cuss words of excitement.  It was Susie Orr.  She rode in with the Peters who had come early to vote in Livingston and she wanted just to stop by and say a quick Hi.  She did and left.  Denny didn’t come because he was probably napping.  That was great.  Thanks Susie.  You got us!

It was getting near dinner time.  We bought tickets for the dinner up at the Activity Center.  The dinner sucked unless you like very cold pizza.  It was damn cold.  I would have rather had a deli sandwich like from the Subway than cold pizza.  Everyone got cold pizza.  It had sat for a long time.  Bad decision there for sure.  It was Halloween costume judging time.  Very innovative costumes for sure.  After that came games which were fun and entertaining for most people.  The grand prize with the games was $100.  Carol and I had a pretty filling day and left about 8 PM.

Wednesday might be one of those wind down days.

See ya…………..

Monday, October 20, 2014

Oh No…..

Sunday, Carol & I decided to go for a motorcycle ride.  It turned out to be a 140 mile unusual ride.  Then it happened.  Never ever happened before in all our motorcycle riding days.

We started out going south on route 146 to a little town called Liberty.  There they have an opry theater.  It’s open on Saturday evenings and they have live country entertainment.  We've been a couple of times in the past.  I think we will try and go this Saturday coming.

On the way back we took another route thru some small towns and woodsy areas.  Then it started to happen.  Oh no what were we going to do.  The clutch started to go.  I had a very difficult time stopping and keeping the engine running.  It was always in gear and moving with NO in between.  Stop signs were a burger and usually had to time the stopping with the stalling.  This started real bad about 40 miles to go and just a couple of stops to make.  We had to make it do, no choice.  We get back to the park.  Now we’re on gravel which means it a sliding stop and a stall.  It’s not pretty.  Now it’s at the point I can’t even change gears but I happen to be in second gear which is OK for low speeds in gravel.  I pull into our driveway which is a bigger rock gravel driveway than the road.  I put on the brake and it stalled and we fell over.  Now with these big Harleys they don’t fall like a bicycle all the way on there sides.  Harleys, when you have “crash bars” which this one does, you just lean real heavy close to the ground.  They fall over about 3/4 of the way on there side.  When we fell I kinda did a move away and Carol rode it out.  It was in slow motion.   When the Harley stopped, there was Carol setting on the back seat holding on at a 45 degree angle.  I told her she did it perfect for this fall over.  Sometimes if you try to get off or out of the bikes way you can have the bike pin you under it.  That’s 750 lbs you don’t want any part of it holding you down.  Carol got off the bike with no problem.  It was even easier than if the bike was upright.  I opened the barn door to put the bike away.  We were about 50 feet away.  We both upped the bike and I got on it.  Now I know when I start it, it will take off and I have to give it a lot of gas because it’s in second gear.  So hear we go.  We’re off to the races to a dead end.  I go shooting towards the garage and a speed that I really didn’t like – fast.  As soon as the bike made the entrance I slammed on all brakes and closed my eyes.  Yes, my helmet was on.  The bike left a two foot skid mark on the cement floor and the bike stalled.  I myself left a one foot skid mark on the seat.  I didn’t even fall over.  Home - safe and sound.  Just no clutch.  It was all an adventure.

Now what?  Mark Nemeth said for me not to touch the clutch housing.  He didn’t want me to start taking it apart without him being there.  He knows I can take things apart but can’t get them back together. So, I really want to tear into but will wait for Mark later this week. 

Oktoberfest or I think they are calling it Oktoberfright with a Halloween theme here at Rainbow’s End Park.  It’s been fun too……… Pretty crowded.  Last night (Monday) they catered ribs in from Florida's Restaurant.  Now that there are some good ribs.  I lean more toward their catfish myself.  It’s really outstanding.

Earlier in the day (lunch) Mark and I was giving away beer samples from a local brewery for the festive event.  We poured some in a small cup and attendees would get to sample the 6 different tastes.  Mark & I had to try them several times so we wouldn’t forget the flavors we were offering. These beers were in the 6-10.5 alcohol content.  That’s very very heavy for a beer.   Afterwards I had to take a nap!

The Harley is calling me.  Later I went out and went over a few things.  Now the running lights are working again.  The clutch – nope not even a little.  I got all the tools ready to take it apart to see exactly what kind of clutch plates it will need.   Mark says we can do this so it will happen.  It ain’t going anywhere that’s for sure.

See ya……

Friday, October 17, 2014

Cook It They Will Come


Tried smoking the corn.  It was nothing special.DSC_0003 DSC_0004 

The pork butt is in the ice chest all wrapped up just absorbing the juices.  It was there for over 6 hours and came out hot. DSC_0002


Getting a little crowded…DSC_0006


Yep, that’s Bruce there to the right for those that remember him.DSC_0013

Mark is pouring Mac a Margareta.DSC_0016


Ahhhh, ain’t this cute……..DSC_0022

Annie said she didn’t have time to talk.  DSC_0032

Mac said he would rather eat than talk too.  Is that Annie looking at Mac’s plate.DSC_0033 DSC_0035

Twins??????DSC_0037 DSC_0008

Ohhhh, the little devil is coming out.  DSC_0026

Turn out the lights, the party is over.DSC_0045

OK, one time with names….Mark #2 & Dortha, Mark #1, Jim & Lisa, Cathie, Teresa #1, Bill & Sharon, Mac & Annie, Teresa #2, Bruce, Travis & Melanie, Carol & Me.  Oh yea a little 3 year old half pint.  17  1/2 people. 

No one went away hungry for sure.  We even had some smoked pulled pork left over.  All the bark went.

Ok, we need to start planning the next one.

See ya…