Monday, February 28, 2011

I Did What?

Yep, I really don’t remember everything, it’s kinda of a blur because of the poo poo that I ended up dealing with. Maybe it was too much Ibuprofen for my back.  I called the Escapees because I got a bill for our sewer back at Livingston.  The Escapees base the bill on the water usage.  Our water has been turned off since Dec 26.  The girl said that I had to notify them to stop the sewer bill.  I said if you base the sewer bill on water usage and it’s zero usage, shouldn’t the sewer bill be zero.  “No because you didn’t notify us the water was turned off.” I said OK I would like to notify you that the water is turned off.  She said I needed to fill out a form. I said I was in AZ. She said she would send me one.  It’s going down hill from here because I’m getting an attitude. I asked how come the Escapees require me to fill out a form when both the electric company and the water company I just call them up to start and stop their service and their not even Escapees! “We can’t tell them what to do Mr Hill.”  I’m &*^%)@# now.  Now, I have to pay for January and February because they are lacking common sense what it boils down too. She said she would put the turn off on temp hold till she got my signed formed.  Stupid policy and a waste of a tree, employee's time,  filing and the space/file to keep it in.  I bet I don’t have to call them to get it “turned on” – it’s the firggin sewer! They will just watch my water bill and when it becomes active then they will charge me accordingly. I ain’t filling out any form to have my sewer “turned off”! I should protest at Escapees Hq like the people in Wisconsin.  “Stupid” crap!!!! (pun intended).

Then I went over to Bob’s & Molly place in the Foothill’s.  Bob is showing me what I need to do to run a LP line off the Dutch Star’s big LP tank to a grill.  This can be done real easily for RV’s with portable tanks but motorhomes it becomes a different problem.  It’s the hook up between the line and the grill.  Big grills have a little different hook up than the Wal-Mart specials.  Anyhow, I left their place because they wouldn’t feed me (just kidding).  I waved at Harrell who was standing nearby as I  left their place on a hunt for this special device.  I found one (kinda) at my third stop but had to order it and did. 

Back at the rig I called the Texas DMV about their written request for me to send them the original title to them for the Dutch Star vice a copy.  They said that they only had a copy.  My reply was no they had the only original.  I asked if they could look at it while I was on the phone. “No the supervisor had it. I will call you when she is done.” and hung up.  Very unusual from my dealings with them in the past. What kind of people am I dealing with or did my brain turn into goop.  Of course they did not call back during the day.  Being ignorant of something is OK but being stupid (knowing better)just gets me going.

I ordered the Transport Wrap (3) for the front end of RVs for our trip to Alaska. That went pretty smooth once I got past their “don’ sell to the public” mode.  I did that by telling them that I owned a RV Driving School and gave them our web page and they verified my name.   No big deal…..the girl was very nice and not stupid!  She worked it out.

So anyhow, I went out to dinner with Dan & Jenny Sheppard, one of our instructors and his wife, to Applebee’s. We got there and they said it would be about a 20-30 minute late.  I was laughing and asking them if they knew of anyplace where there wasn’t a wait.  Maybe I over medicated again because I was having fun with all the sour faces waiting.  Then I was joking with people coming in that it was about an hour wait but they would be served free drinks, etc and so on.  I was having fun and the Applebee's folks were laughing too.  We got seated in less than 10 minutes. I ordered the fish & extra extra crispy taters. When they delivered the crisp fish and mushy fries I balked. The waitress gladly got me some crispy fries then and they were great. The fish was pretty good. We had our departing hugs and I will see them (Dan & Jenny – not Applebee’s) again next week.

Tomorrow I got the TV King Dome guy coming out, gotta clean the freezer down below from the soda that exploded in it, call GEICO to get insurance on my Mom’s mobile in Livingston and maybe shine a wheel or two.  I think it’s gonna be a better day – what could wrong, right?

See ya………….

Sunday, February 27, 2011

To Do List - busy week…..

I stayed in bed until 8 AM and that should be marked on my calendar because that is likely not to happen again until their is a blue moon (?).  Got up and made my sausage, red taters and egg breakfast. 

Our cat Patches was not awake this morning and found a warm place up against the wall heat duct to “cat nap”.  That’s a cat toy in the upper part of the picture. DSC_0003

Patches decided the tile floor was warm enough to get her belly warm.DSC_0008

I watched NASCAR racing today.  If you are into NASCAR I don’t need to talk about it.  If you are not into NASCAR I don’t need to talk about.

I had to organize my “TO DO LIST” for this week by the day.  I have things that are time sensitive so I had to make a list.  My Honey is returning and I have to start working on my brownie points for sure.

I completed the payroll which took me about 3 hours.  Usually it takes Carol less than an hour. 

I’m already getting requests for lessons for the Escapade in Gillette this September.  That’s good.  I haven’t gotten any lessons from the Gypsy Journal yet but hopefully I can get a few during the rally.  I have two instructors in the local area. It all works out.

See ya……………..

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Doing Little Stuff

Went looking for some LP hose to run from the RV tank to what ever on the other side.  No problem. I found one 15 foot hose and will go back next Monday to get the other 15 feet.  Still need one more connection to the actual stove.  I got one for the big LP tank.

From there I went to the big flea market.   I got some loom to protect some frig wires like the repair guy said.  I also go some Novus scratch remover.  Hard to fine and it’s real good for plastic like for the Diamond Shield around the bottom of the door jam, etc.  Now I just got to put this stuff to work.

You know, we’ve had this Dutch Star for just shy of two months and I’m not finding any bad bugs.  Tiffin had bugs from the get go and not all were resolved after 2 1/2 years.  Now with this, this is the way it should be……….Yes there will be problems but it so nice just to have little ones so you can squish them and forget them.

Speaking of Dutch Star – it’s legal so I put the personal tags on. DSC_0006

I got the paperwork back from Texas DMV.  Now they want the AZ title. Oh No I sent it with all the other paperwork for registration.  I WILL call them Monday and ask them to find it because I sent it in to them to title/register it.

I went over to see Nick & Terry at the fairgrounds.  When I was leaving Yuma Lakes it started to drizzle. I got over to the fairgrounds and it drizzled some more. Nothing serious.  Nick & Terry’s Explorer looks nice.  I really like the color of it. I checked out their new cabinets that RV Renovators did.  Very professional! Nick & I fixed the U.S. problems but didn’t have time to get into the world problems.  I wondered who talked the most because we both were doing pretty good.  Later they were getting ready to go out to dinner and I didn’t want to go along and cough all over the place so I went on back to my place.  On the way back I met these good gals & fellas.

Don’t they just look like somebody you know?DSC_0002

I guess they grow a lot of things around Yuma besides lettuce. DSC_0003

Well, there’s always one in the crowd.  Well, now there’s always two I guess.  Maybe it’s a clone.DSC_0004

It did some hard drizzle late that evening and I lost most of my TV channels.  I did get to see movement on the TV that wasn’t very important because I don’t remember what it was.  The King Dome guy is coming out Tuesday to check it out.  It won’t stop at any of the satellites.  So as it goes by one I turn the device off and all is fine.  It’s under warranty.  I think the dealer blew another board when he plugged the coach into low voltage along with another 4-5 electrical boards thru out the coach.

Speaking of electrical.  This RV has been drawing about 10-12 amps setting idle with nothing on.  I got a electrical monitoring device in the RV and one outside.  Well, I finally figured out what was drawing some much amps.  I forgot about the freezer underneath….duh…… all is well now……..

I got a bunch of “things” to do this week to include unbacheloring the RV because my “Honey” is returning. I have to focus on getting some brownie points. I wonder if I can get some left over discounted Valentine stuff from the Dollar Store.

See Ya………….

Friday, February 25, 2011

Just Another Great Day

I miss my Honey (Carol).  I got to start working on my brownie points.

I pulled out from TTN Wilderness and was on the road about 7:30 AM with a light drizzle.  Before I left I called 1 800 ALL IDIOTS and told them I was on the road and they were to stay away from me.  Not one idiot in 230 miles to Yuma.  That’s rare.  The drive was very nice even though my back was a hurtin a little bit. The Dutch Star handled the hill from Hemet over to Banning very well, I was impressed.  The temp gauge hardly moved.  I stopped once to check the possible oil seal leak in the tag axle.   It’s leaking just a little bit behind a lug nut and that’s it.  Nothing else behind or in front of the wheel/tires. Strange…

I arrived at the Yuma Lakes RV Park just a little tired and that was due to my back. During check in they asked if I need to have a sight that could get satellite reception.  I said yes.  I don’t ever recall being asked that.  I usually have to ask. I let them know that I had a 43 footer and not the 40 footer anymore since making the reservation.  The RPI book says they don’t allow over 40 foot but I called ahead of time and they said come on down and you know how that usually goes.  Anyhow I was escorted to my site, right between two trees.  I told the guy it wasn’t gonna work.  He said it should since I stick out so much.  To please everybody I parked it in.  Low and behold no satellite.  I called the office and again they were very polite and friendly and they said pick a site.  I picked one right across and backed that baby right in.  I was a little nervous backing in the first site because the trees were pretty close but I just backed it in S L O W. Anyhow, the new site is fine and all is well. You have to remember that I don’t back into sites – Carol does all the backing but since I went S L O W I had no problems. The tree is on the north side.DSC_0001

I drew a crowd while I was hooking up because the rig looked so new and having temp tags.  I told my story several times about being new but being a 2007 and being the first owner, etc.  I also broke out my two extra  water filters so I have three filters.  This is Yuma. After all that I had my first meal for the day which was a roast beef sandwich and it was now after 4 or so. A little while later I went over to Jerry Ray’s place.  He’s our Senior Instructor for the RV Driving School.  I had our mail forwarded to him.  We shot the poo then I went over to see the Hicks & Pinners.  Since the Pinners knew I was arriving today they figured I would be over so they were gone.  Talked with TS and Harrell and then went back to the rig.  I snacked my way to bed time and ended a very good day.

See ya…………

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thai Food

Went to base and got my porterhouse steaks, Captain Morgan, some Jalapeno Cheese Bread along with some garlic roast beef from the deli.  When I got back to the rig I did some outside packing. I had to man handle a LP tank and managed to hurt my back more.   I’m learning I’m getting old the old fashion way – the hard way. So I basted my hurts by tasting the fruits of my earlier shopping.

Bill & Diane are in the site across from me and we all decided to go out for dinner. Notice the orange shirts!DSC_0004

They have been here before so there were no surprises.DSC_0011

I had this squid something or another. I liked it.  The squid was firm but not chewy.  I will come back to this place in a couple of weeks with Carol. They have crab cakes.DSC_0008

It looked like these things kept wanting to come out of Bill’s mouth.DSC_0009

And more…..DSC_0010 

Now look what's next door.DSC_0012

Then on the other side was this glass shop.DSC_0013

Really special glass.DSC_0014

O….K…….. now what do I say?

Later that evening while sipping on my last glass of expired milk my stomach started to speak to me. It all came to an end – literally. I deposited about 3-4 lbs in my nice clean black water tank.  At least I feel like I lost that much.  I didn’t have time to weigh it or to take a picture.  Smmmmmmmmmmmmmile…..

See Ya……..

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Inquiring Mind (and it wanders a lot too!)Wants To Know Why…..

My thoughts this morning is why do people with diesels let their engine run when it is totally not necessary?  Like when detaching their tow behind.  Why do people stop in the middle of the road to detach/attach their tow behind? Why do people go the wrong way in their RV in a park that is well marked? Why do people speed carelessly in a RV/auto in a park? Why do people let their diesels “warm up”.  If they got the air bags full and not ready to pull out – turn the friggin thing off.  If they got oil pressure (instantly) they can GO! They are wasting my fuel and stinking up the air.  You know, you just can’t fix stupid but maybe we can fix them being inconsiderate. How? It’s very simple.   Let them know “tactfully” when they do something wrong. Invite them over for drink. If you don’t tell them, they will think it’s OK. If you don’t, then maybe you are part of the problem….ooops that might get an eyebrow or two.  What got me going was the TV Show “What Would You Do?”.  If nobody does anything, then it becomes acceptable. So much for the Soap Box………….

I had my red taters, mushrooms, onions & peppers for breakfast.

I added the antifreeze in the generator (a lot) and the engine (a little) and the gear oil in the rear tag axle.  Wow, it may be time to call it a day and so early – 9AM.

We got 7 confirmed rigs going to Alaska.  ahhh rrrrah!

Later this afternoon Bill & Diane came into TTN Wilderness for a short stay.  We talked for several hours and caught each other up with the good & bad.  They tried to get me to go out and eat some normal food and I declined.  I don’t want my bachelor stomach to return to normal food to quick.  Tomorrow we will go out for dinner.

Also tomorrow is get ready for Friday's departure to include going to base and getting some MEAT.

So….See ya………

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Heat, Heat & More Heat – Three Of Them

And the blog will continue…..I’m back!

I got the Quartzsite Crude, major sore back and now to top all of this off, I just caught Cabin Fever.  It’s gonna over ride everything.  I’ve been here 11 days and most of it’s been inside due to &^%@*.  I’m getting out of here at least for a drive to the auto store and Taco Bell.

My rear tag is low on gear oil (one side) and the generator and engine are low on antifreeze.  All should have been corrected either at the RV dealer or Yuma Diesel when I took it for service.  Yo Yo’s.  Can you tell I’m feeling better already.  I’m back – almost. I 'ill fix them tomorrow.

This Dutch Star has the outside mirrors that hang from the top like tear drops.  I got my handy dandy fold up ladder out and adjusted those suckers.  I didn’t even come close to falling off.  I guess they’re wasn’t enough people watching. With those type of mirrors this thing is 10 feet wide.  That’s wide! That’s one reason I don’t like them.  I got to finish measuring the height of this baby too.  It’s tall. While en route to here I took a measurement on level ground to the rain gutter in the front & rear (130”) of this Dutch Star.  Now I got to measure from it to the top of my highest thing on the roof.  I think that would be the King Dome. I might be just under 13’.  Everyone should measure their RV height/width but very few do. Measure the height, width & length. Don’t add any safe numbers to them.  Put them on a 3X5 card and keep them around the driver area.  You might be one of those people who wished you had.

You know one good thing I have learned about being a geographical bachelor is that everything stays where I left it. One bad thing I have learned is that everything stays where I left it. Is this an oxymoron or what? Is that a 50 cent word or a buck?

OK – a mobile guy came out today to update our Norcold frig.  I called it in last week.  The update was free and he charged me $60 for a service call.  Since I wasn’t in the best of condition I figured it was a good deal and it was.  This guy is good.  I watched him off and on and could tell by what he was doing that he was good and he only worked one way – the right way.  No short cuts and very tidy about his work.  I talked with him afterwards about different rigs, etc. I will call this guy when I’m around here for sure.  Take Note: Independence RV 951 244-1733 his name is Pete and is partner is Jeff. Their out of Menifee, CA.  They’re RVIA Master Certified and do ALL warranty work on a lot of “stuff”. This one is a keeper.

Hey it’s been in the low 30s at night and in the 50s in daytime, not good at all.  Now for something I discovered last night.  I accidently left the furnace switch on but had turned off the Hydro hot heat system.  Thus no heat via the Hydro System.  Well, I had the electric hot water on because I was doing the wash earlier.  I heard the baseboard heat come on even as silent as it is.  I checked and the Hyrdo hot switch was off. Well, this Dutch Star has electric baseboard heating too. This means it has three heating systems, heat pumps (3), Hydro hot heat (front & rear) and electric base heat (front & rear).  The difference between the Hyrdo Hot Heat System and the electric system is the fuel used. One uses diesel (Hyrdo) and the other is electric otherwise the same.  Cool! I mean HOT DOG! It works below 40 degrees. 

Carol told me where the heating pad was at so I could use it for my back.  I was using it until I got up out of my seat.  Isn’t this one happy looking cat?DSC_0001

She finally left and the other jumped up.DSC_0002

I’m back and such is life……..

See ya…………..

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Now I was told I should not have tater chips for breakfast.  So today I had red taters with green onions, white onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, a little olive oil with some provo cheese and some seasonings.  Hmmmmm good..

People have asked what kind of camera do I have.  It’s a Nikon D90 that I got in Dec 08.  I usually have an 18-200 mm lens on it.  It’s my overall favorite lens.  My favorite is the the whale.  It’s a 500mm and it looks like a whale.  Love it.  The D90 can take videos and all that.  I have never taken a video with it.  I only use about 5 settings on it and that’s enough for me.  With an 8G card I can take about 1300 pictures in it’s finest pixel setting.  I’ve dropped it on cement from about 3 feet twice and it has kept on ticking.  That’s luck! I also carry a little pocket slim camera that I use sometimes. I can’t remember the name.  I also got a slim video camera that I won at Nick’s rally last year. I really have to get into that that so I can use it up in Alaska this year.  Including us, we got 6 rigs that are going with two possible.

Today was a killer.  My back is getting worse and my Quartzsite Crude isn’t getting better but a little worse. I might not be doing a blog for a few days while I try to recover for at least Friday’s move.  Sunday is NASCAR DAY so I will continue to try and relax.

See ya…………………….

See Ya………………………..

Friday, February 18, 2011

Shoot & Cut

I was told that I should not have had fried chicken and tater chips for breakfast like I did yesterday. So, today I just had tater chips for breakfast.

I did a lot of moving the dinette table around, Carol’s heavy rocker back and forth and the mattress I had to hold up while I took measurements. I found two electrical outlets while moving the mattress around. I had to place and take measurements where custom built “stuff” will go.  MY computer area is going to be a very special & unique one of a kind I guarantee it. Then Carol’s area will be pretty neat too.  Then a storage area behind the new couch. The couch will be Carol’s thing (size & color). Then a wall cabinet between the two windows.  The bedroom will end up with a queen bed vice king and a floor cabinet on each side with room to make the bed. Carol’s requirement.  Then a few other little odd balls.  I made rough drawings with measurements with pictures and sent them to RV Renovators in Mesa, AZ where Nick Russell is right now.  Let’s see what kind of estimate they can come up with. I hope their cabinet maker can understand them.  I had four pages.


I took this bird shot yesterday and it turned out pretty good I think. He just finished eating a fish and was washing his beak. Nice shadow in the water. This is what I call shoot and then cut the picture to size.DSC_0004

I want to start practicing taking pictures of birds in flight for our Alaska Adventure. Of course using my 500mm lens! This was only a 18X200mm lens.DSC_0011

Lunch was Yakisoba…………..boxed noodles.

Dinner was just about a lb of fresh asparagus cooked in a frying pan with a little water.  Then a thin layer of mayo – it was great.

Then I marinated a porterhouse steak with Tabasco Garlic Grilling Marinating Sauce.  Then I stuck it in the frig for tomorrow along with the asparagus. It best not rain on my parade (dinner). I’m celebrating that I feel better than poo poo….

Oh, I had people who actually asked what happened to the Wow Burgers that I made earlier in the week.  Do I really need to say what happened to them other than saying they are gone…ummmmm gooood.

More rain………..

See ya……

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Same Ole Same Ole

Candy to old people are called medications. I’m in the candy store…..

For breakfast I had leftover KFC crispy chicken and tater chips. Lunch was a salad.  Dinner was pork rinds, peanuts & popcorn.  Hey, I’m living the life of a college student but still under the weather.  And not due to what I’m eating>?!  Life is moving very slow right now………

See Ya……………

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sick Again

Sick again or never recovered from the Quartzsite Crude………….

Monday, February 14, 2011

Base Commissary

I went to the nearby (20 mi) base to get some 4 legged food.  The base has OK prices on most name brand items.  No discount brands.  Just like any store, you can’t go in and just buy blind.  Now this base has great meat prices.  I got two porterhouse steaks at $5.35 a lb.  Oooops I forgot I only needed to buy one since Carol isn’t here.  Oh well… Since I had to go via the big and fast roads the car’s average MPG dropped down to 36 compared to 40 around town.  When I got back to the rig I froze one steak and marinated the other for tonight. The back is still hurting so I really didn’t do much of anything except moan & groan every time I moved. Then it was steak time.  Ahhh man this steak was really good.  Especially cooked on that new grill.  The flame is real hot which means I can seer the outside of the steak real good on the grill while the inside stays red.  It was so good that was all I had.  I saved the small inside cut.  That’s the piece that Carol usually gets.  Now it’s now called steak & eggs for breakfast.

The handy dandy weatherman is calling for four days of rain here starting tomorrow night.  This park has flooded out several times over the last few years.  I’m backed up to a canal and got water on three side of me. Tomorrow I will get all my stuff off the ground except for the grill.  I got a cover for it plus I shouldn’t lift it right now.

See Ya…………..

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jello Schedule & OOOOOOOOOps

Ooops I hurt my back again.  I knew that BBQ Box was way to heavy.  I hurt but will try not to take any meds.  That just sets me up to hurt myself more when I don’t feel any pain.  Hey, you’re getting old too!!!!

This morning I’m working on our schedule after the September Escapade.  I’ve had it set up but just fine tuning it a little more as time moves forward. It’s in Jello that is starting to firm up. We will probably go to Hart Ranch for a week after the Escapade (28 Aug-2 Sep).  This will be after our Alaska adventure.  Hart Ranch is one of our favorite parks.  We will do the tourist thing again with the local attractions.  Then from there we will head for Nappane, IN home of Newmar.  Hey, it’s closer than Red Bay, AL home of Tiffin. I have a few questions for them, etc.  Plus we will be coming back from our maiden voyage (Alaska) and probably have a few things they can take care of under warranty. Then we will probably head for Baltimore and do the relative thing.  Once that is over we head for Celina, OH for the Gypsy Journal Rally (25-29 Sept).  I want to get my next orange T-shirt. Then the next event is the RVIA Pomona Show in LA 14-23 October.  Then a Line Dancing Rally in Northern California.  When that week is over we have a few days to get to Livingston, Texas for Boot Camp the first weekend in November.  That’s a little tight at the end.  Total mileage from now until November is about 17K.  If fuel goes up another 50 cents a gallon that will be about an additional $100 a month.  That means eating out less about 3-4 times a month.  OK…..we can deal with that.

Now to the important things to old farts I mean people – food.

You take 2 1/2 lbs of 93/7 lean beef and make four burgers, some Provo cheese, some Swiss cheese, mushrooms, onions, garlic, liquid smoke and here’s what you get. A big hamburger with cheese in the middle, not to be confused with a double cheeseburger. You seal the cheese inside the two patties.

DSC_0001 DSC_0002 DSC_0003

Cook them on the grill while you are cooking the onions, mushrooms, garlic, etc.DSC_0004

These birds love meat.  I call them no necks.DSC_0005 DSC_0006

Look at that cheese starting to come out.DSC_0008

Then when it’s done you put it on a thin heavy toasted bun and put more cheese on it to hold the toppings on.DSC_0009

Well, I thought they would be a really big wow burger but they weren’t.  They were FRIGGIN WOW BURGERS!

I got three left and they are in the frig for that rainy day or special friends come over.

See ya……………….

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lazy Days & Warm Days – oh what a life!

Toady is going to be the start of many lazy days of the next two weeks.  Get up when I want, go to bed when I want, do what I want when I want, watch what I want on TV, and eat what & when I want. Oh, I already do all that so I guess it will be the same ole same ole!

Got up and 6 AM and went to Lowe’s and wandered the aisles of man hood. One clerk I had to chase for help and another I had to run from.  I managed to buy what turned out to be the wrong air fittings for my air hose to hook up to this Dutch Star.  It doesn’t have the normal hose inlet like others for some reason.  It looks the same put the air hose can’t be pushed in all the way. Anybody know what's going on?  I got some grilling accessories and a grill cover that ended up fitting perfect and it was only $10 bucks. Then on to WalMart.  Oooh rah…..just bought food stuff and some stuff to grill……..

Back at the rig I managed to clean out all my waiting emails which are usually 10-20.  Pending this and that and I took care of them all but one. It hasn’t been this clean since about November.

I mentally worked on my area for the dinette/desk configuration.  It was on my Honey Don’t Touch List but I just did it mentally.  By George, I think I got it.  Keep it simple…….and functional and appearance becoming of a woozy I mean lady (Carol).

I reset the MPG do dad on the Mariner car before I went running around today.  When I was done going to Lowes and Walmart it was reading 40.6 MPG and it’s been very accurate in the past.  The car was running on electric a lot.  It does if it’s a flat road and under 45 MPH like in cities, etc.  Gas is running about $3.40 & way up around here.

I was moving “stuff” around and out of the basement of the Dutch Star when I dropped a root beer soda can.  It was not a diet and it hit a rock and it cut loose.  It looked like something you would see on Funniest Home Videos. It was like a mini volcano and sprayed all over me and the side of the coach. It was a mess.  I knew I should have gotten diet.  Why diet?  No sugar thus it doesn’t get sticky. Oh well… I like root beer with about a couple of tablespoons of milk in it.  It takes on the flavor of a root beer float.  Pepsi and milk does the same think.  Try it!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Daddy Got’s A New Grill

When I pulled out of Desert Pools Park on to Dillon Road heading west this was my view. About 70 miles on today’s agenda.  Not much for sure.  It took me about 1 1/2 hours to get me and the RV ready to move including hooking up the car.  I just take my time and keep moving – it gets done.DSC_0001

Did you know they use electricity to get these things moving. These things weren’t really moving today thank goodness.DSC_0008DSC_0002

That’s about as close as I want to get to snow with an RV.DSC_0004

This is a neat little place at least it was when we ate their with Don & Sharon (?) a couple of years ago.  They even had fancy cloth on the tables.  I would go back.  I forgot about it until I saw it as I was leaving.  Yes, it is a biker bar, an old biker bar and I’m talking about the people being old, no youngins.DSC_0005 DSC_0006 

The Spartan Chassis handled this very well. I was impressed.  Going over the mountain between Banning and Hemet was real nice.  I never had to touch the brake but instead just used the high setting on the Jake brake.  How sweet it is!!!!! Roads in Alaska are better than this.DSC_0013

In the middle of this is the Thousand Trails Wilderness Park.  This was not here 8 years ago – none of it, not even the road.DSC_0014

I got real lucky.  Out of the 10 sights or so left I got this one and it’s one of the better ones in the park.  It’s large and backed up to the water.


I was given the evil I while I backed into this quacker’s area.DSC_0020

Well, my new stove was here waiting for me at the park.  Damn it’s heavy and that’s just the base.DSC_0038

It was like a bird coming out of a egg shell piece by piece.DSC_0041

Then it was born.  A three burner each capable of 30,000 BTU’s.  That’s hot!  I wanted one since seeing Bob’s back at betty’s last November.  Thanks Bob – I think!  Yes, I plan on doing some cooking so you might want to find out where we are parked at the Gypsy Journal Rally next month.  I need some guinea pigs. Sure I will cook them.DSC_0042

Now it’s suppose to go in here somewhere. Oh I will figure something out.  I will put it all on the big King size bed we got – Carol’s side!DSC_0043

So what do you do when you get a new grill? I go out for Chinese.  This place in among the best and it’s basically take out and one of Carol’s favorites places.DSC_0044

Hey, for $5.99 (was $4.99 last year) it’s gonna be hard to be beat around here or elsewhere.  It’s a lot and it tastes so good.  Sorry Carol, I really like their food too.DSC_0045

While here at this park I have nothing really to accomplish except one honey do and that is to get the Norcold frig recall updated.  I called a local mobile repair guy and gave him all the info – my part is done.  My Honey Don’t Do List I won’t do but I’m thinking I will arrange MY area which involves the dinette area. Carol had that area in the last RV but said I would have to take it back since I got the TV in the center of the coach now.  She slipped that one in on me.  I think I can work a euro chair in if it’s done just right.

See Ya……………..

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Shiny Wheels Again - kinda

By 9:30 AM I had dusted the upper portion of the coach and cleaned the front windshield.  Yes, I was on the big ladder and didn’t fall off of it.  I cleaned the windshield three times the last few days and the outside has been almost etched  with water marks.  I guess I will use a rubbing compound to get the marks out unless somebody knows another way.  I cleaned the wheels with a commercial window cleaner so they are kinda shiny - all six of them.

Honey Do’s

You know when Carol left she didn’t give me any Honey Do’s like most women would.  She gave me “Honey Don’ts”.  Like don’t pick out any couches, don’t pick out any computer dinette tables, don’t pick out any woods, don’t pick out any computer end tables, don’t make the king bed pedestal into a queen bed pedestal, don’t get a queen bed, don’t reorganize any cabinets.  And there were a few more.  Bottom line – don’t do anything inside.  I think she doesn’t want me to do any remodeling – I think!  I did brake one Honey Don’t and that was I got on the big ladder to do some cleaning…ooooops!

I sold my Silverleaf engine monitoring system to Don & Sharon.  They got a baby Farton (36’ Phaeton).  I basically had three engine monitoring systems.  One is a Spartan system and one is a Newmar option monitoring system.  So, I really don’t need all three.

Tomorrow I got a real big 70 mile trip.  Maybe I can go via New Mexico. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Time Is On My side – Yes It Is….

Went to bed at 7:30 PM and then woke up at 10:30 wide awake.  Then went to bed again at 3:30 AM and slept until 6:30 AM.  Took a shower, made coffee, took a bunch of back pain pills, did the blog and decided to go for the RV park’s breakfast that started at 8:30 AM.  I walked up and much to my disappointment nobody was there at 8:30.  Wow, popped my bubble.  Then I remembered I was in California and not Arizona.  I looked at my phone. Yes, I was an hour early.  RVers run into this a lot.  I just chuckled and thought Time Was On My Side today.

I like this scene so I took a picture.DSC_0001

I dusted the Dutch Star off real good.  At least the lower and part of the upper as far as I could reach.  Tomorrow I will try and clean the front windshield real good and finish the dust off.  It’s nice not having humidy and condensation in the morning.  RVs don’t get that sticky dirt on them – just dust. You know our last rig I named it the Farton.  I need a name for this one.  How about -  Oh Yea! Any ideas?

The TV King Dome couldn’t find the sat yesterday.  We’ve had a few problems with it.  It was at the point when we heard the signal noise start up on the TV we would shut off the King Dome and everything would be fine.  Well, now I can’t even do that.  Maybe it’s the wind too. I even read their instructions. Then I called them.  A tech walked me thru everything that I had already done – no bigee.  Then he wanted me to get on the roof and run a new cable from the King Dome thru the window and into the TV receiver.  I said no – too windy.  He said if it’s the same same then it’s a bad circuit board in the King Dome.  Sound familiar that a circuit board could be bad. Boy – low voltage was a killer in this coach. I will give it another shot tomorrow or so.  Maybe get up on the roof and run a cable. No hurry. It might be a good time to polish those wheels.  I can’t use the good “stuff” on them because they have that Accushield on them – no abrasives, just wax, polish & detail stuff on them.

I ordered another grill. It’s a three burner Camp Chef.  I saw Bob & Molly’s back at Betty’s and then again in Quartzsite.  It’s not the type to break out cook a hamburger and then put it away.  It’s for cooking.  I got a couple of do dads for it too. I think I might have to carry a fork lift to move it.  It’s already arrived over at the TTN Wilderness near Hemet.   I go there Friday for two weeks. 

The wind has let up a little from when I arrive and should just about be gone by the time I move out Friday – good.

See ya………………..

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On the Road Again - - YEA!!


The Indians are still out here.DSC_0006

The little towns are still out there trying to survive.DSC_0008

Oh what a gem it is and For Sale.  I wonder if $15.99 is the price to buy the park.DSC_0011

Oh yea…………..DSC_0013


The sign entering the city…..DSC_0016

The sign departing the city.DSC_0019

The cat don’t care who she rides with and the dog just don’t get any respect or much room.DSC_0021

Quartzsite in the distance and somebody’s taking a picture of me from the left.DSC_0023

This was the west side of Quartzsite – True Grit!DSC_0024

Coming off the hill into Palm Springs going west. Many of you have traveled this road and many of you will.DSC_0025

In my sight at Western Horizons Desert Pools under the AOR system for $9 bucks a night.  I opted for 50 AMP for $3 bucks more a night.  I want to continue my testing of the electrical systems. At night I want to run all three heat pumps and see what that’s like.DSC_0026

The trip from Congress, AZ to Desert Hot Springs was about 250 miles. I got fuel ($3.37) at the ZIP at I-10 Exit 45.  It’s the cheapest around for a 100 miles.  I still can’t get an accurate reading of my fuel mileage yet because of running the Hydro and generator at Quartzsite.  The trip was very, very windy today and it appears I wasn’t even getting 5 MPG after I filled up.  This RV has high rear gears which means it doesn’t do much coasting and RPM’s are about 150 higher than most other engines at the same speed.  It’s under powered with the 400 HP and they put higher gears in the rear it to make up for it.  Not the best of ideas.  It should have a 450 HP in it with lower rear gears and I would probably get better fuel mileage.  I’m gonna guess that this thing will get about 6.5 to 7 MPG because of the gearing and under powered.  That’s the way it is. I also need to crank another 20 lbs of air into each of my front tires according to the handy dandy weight chart. they need to get up around 115 –120 lbs. Love those 305/70/22.5  load range “L” tires.

I’m ready to hook up the 50 AMP at the sight. One problem I can’t get the 50 AMP chord all the way out of the automatic roller thing to plug into my 50 AMP pedestal.  It’s jammed inside of it.  It’s the shiny device on top of the round black tub. So, I took it apart.  I’m not afraid to take thinks apart – it’s getting it back together that becomes a problem.  Well, after one hour of taking it apart and back together it was operational. It appears that a carter key was left out and the pin fell out that aligned the chord.  I say that because the roll up device was another thing that went bad when the dealer plugged it into low voltage.  The dealer replaced it put didn’t put all the parts back into it thus it failed now.DSC_0027

Now the other day when I was moving/reorganizing I pulled some muscles in my back.  OK – getting old.  Now today twisting around to get into the right position to remove nuts/bolts I stretched my back muscles a little more.  So, I now get up slow and walk about 5 feet before I can stand straight up all the way.  Where are those pills!!!!!

See Ya…….