Monday, February 7, 2011

Dog’s Day ?

Today was a try and get caught up day because tomorrow I will be moving.  I straighten/reorganized underneath again.  This will be an on going project as full timers know.  Seems like I move “stuff” around so it will fit better and easy to get to.  Topside I went into the No No Land – Carol’s rear closet.  I made some adjustments and “vollia” the LCD projector fit fine on her side, like it was made for it. “One” of her containers below fit fine upstairs.

Here is the view looking out the front window. DSC_0002 DSC_0005

Our one cat doesn’t want anything to do with the dog. DSC_0001

But here she is sleeping in the dog’s bed.  This is a first because she doesn’t usually touch anything that has dog smell on it.DSC_0006

So then the dog went to her second spot and another cat was there.  This dog is not having a dog day at all.  Cats rule in this house, baby!DSC_0007

So, I guess, I’m just about ready to move about 250 miles or so down to Desert Hot Springs tomorrow.

See ya.

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