Saturday, February 26, 2011

Doing Little Stuff

Went looking for some LP hose to run from the RV tank to what ever on the other side.  No problem. I found one 15 foot hose and will go back next Monday to get the other 15 feet.  Still need one more connection to the actual stove.  I got one for the big LP tank.

From there I went to the big flea market.   I got some loom to protect some frig wires like the repair guy said.  I also go some Novus scratch remover.  Hard to fine and it’s real good for plastic like for the Diamond Shield around the bottom of the door jam, etc.  Now I just got to put this stuff to work.

You know, we’ve had this Dutch Star for just shy of two months and I’m not finding any bad bugs.  Tiffin had bugs from the get go and not all were resolved after 2 1/2 years.  Now with this, this is the way it should be……….Yes there will be problems but it so nice just to have little ones so you can squish them and forget them.

Speaking of Dutch Star – it’s legal so I put the personal tags on. DSC_0006

I got the paperwork back from Texas DMV.  Now they want the AZ title. Oh No I sent it with all the other paperwork for registration.  I WILL call them Monday and ask them to find it because I sent it in to them to title/register it.

I went over to see Nick & Terry at the fairgrounds.  When I was leaving Yuma Lakes it started to drizzle. I got over to the fairgrounds and it drizzled some more. Nothing serious.  Nick & Terry’s Explorer looks nice.  I really like the color of it. I checked out their new cabinets that RV Renovators did.  Very professional! Nick & I fixed the U.S. problems but didn’t have time to get into the world problems.  I wondered who talked the most because we both were doing pretty good.  Later they were getting ready to go out to dinner and I didn’t want to go along and cough all over the place so I went on back to my place.  On the way back I met these good gals & fellas.

Don’t they just look like somebody you know?DSC_0002

I guess they grow a lot of things around Yuma besides lettuce. DSC_0003

Well, there’s always one in the crowd.  Well, now there’s always two I guess.  Maybe it’s a clone.DSC_0004

It did some hard drizzle late that evening and I lost most of my TV channels.  I did get to see movement on the TV that wasn’t very important because I don’t remember what it was.  The King Dome guy is coming out Tuesday to check it out.  It won’t stop at any of the satellites.  So as it goes by one I turn the device off and all is fine.  It’s under warranty.  I think the dealer blew another board when he plugged the coach into low voltage along with another 4-5 electrical boards thru out the coach.

Speaking of electrical.  This RV has been drawing about 10-12 amps setting idle with nothing on.  I got a electrical monitoring device in the RV and one outside.  Well, I finally figured out what was drawing some much amps.  I forgot about the freezer underneath….duh…… all is well now……..

I got a bunch of “things” to do this week to include unbacheloring the RV because my “Honey” is returning. I have to focus on getting some brownie points. I wonder if I can get some left over discounted Valentine stuff from the Dollar Store.

See Ya………….

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