Saturday, February 19, 2011


Now I was told I should not have tater chips for breakfast.  So today I had red taters with green onions, white onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, a little olive oil with some provo cheese and some seasonings.  Hmmmmm good..

People have asked what kind of camera do I have.  It’s a Nikon D90 that I got in Dec 08.  I usually have an 18-200 mm lens on it.  It’s my overall favorite lens.  My favorite is the the whale.  It’s a 500mm and it looks like a whale.  Love it.  The D90 can take videos and all that.  I have never taken a video with it.  I only use about 5 settings on it and that’s enough for me.  With an 8G card I can take about 1300 pictures in it’s finest pixel setting.  I’ve dropped it on cement from about 3 feet twice and it has kept on ticking.  That’s luck! I also carry a little pocket slim camera that I use sometimes. I can’t remember the name.  I also got a slim video camera that I won at Nick’s rally last year. I really have to get into that that so I can use it up in Alaska this year.  Including us, we got 6 rigs that are going with two possible.

Today was a killer.  My back is getting worse and my Quartzsite Crude isn’t getting better but a little worse. I might not be doing a blog for a few days while I try to recover for at least Friday’s move.  Sunday is NASCAR DAY so I will continue to try and relax.

See ya…………………….

See Ya………………………..

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