Friday, February 11, 2011

Daddy Got’s A New Grill

When I pulled out of Desert Pools Park on to Dillon Road heading west this was my view. About 70 miles on today’s agenda.  Not much for sure.  It took me about 1 1/2 hours to get me and the RV ready to move including hooking up the car.  I just take my time and keep moving – it gets done.DSC_0001

Did you know they use electricity to get these things moving. These things weren’t really moving today thank goodness.DSC_0008DSC_0002

That’s about as close as I want to get to snow with an RV.DSC_0004

This is a neat little place at least it was when we ate their with Don & Sharon (?) a couple of years ago.  They even had fancy cloth on the tables.  I would go back.  I forgot about it until I saw it as I was leaving.  Yes, it is a biker bar, an old biker bar and I’m talking about the people being old, no youngins.DSC_0005 DSC_0006 

The Spartan Chassis handled this very well. I was impressed.  Going over the mountain between Banning and Hemet was real nice.  I never had to touch the brake but instead just used the high setting on the Jake brake.  How sweet it is!!!!! Roads in Alaska are better than this.DSC_0013

In the middle of this is the Thousand Trails Wilderness Park.  This was not here 8 years ago – none of it, not even the road.DSC_0014

I got real lucky.  Out of the 10 sights or so left I got this one and it’s one of the better ones in the park.  It’s large and backed up to the water.


I was given the evil I while I backed into this quacker’s area.DSC_0020

Well, my new stove was here waiting for me at the park.  Damn it’s heavy and that’s just the base.DSC_0038

It was like a bird coming out of a egg shell piece by piece.DSC_0041

Then it was born.  A three burner each capable of 30,000 BTU’s.  That’s hot!  I wanted one since seeing Bob’s back at betty’s last November.  Thanks Bob – I think!  Yes, I plan on doing some cooking so you might want to find out where we are parked at the Gypsy Journal Rally next month.  I need some guinea pigs. Sure I will cook them.DSC_0042

Now it’s suppose to go in here somewhere. Oh I will figure something out.  I will put it all on the big King size bed we got – Carol’s side!DSC_0043

So what do you do when you get a new grill? I go out for Chinese.  This place in among the best and it’s basically take out and one of Carol’s favorites places.DSC_0044

Hey, for $5.99 (was $4.99 last year) it’s gonna be hard to be beat around here or elsewhere.  It’s a lot and it tastes so good.  Sorry Carol, I really like their food too.DSC_0045

While here at this park I have nothing really to accomplish except one honey do and that is to get the Norcold frig recall updated.  I called a local mobile repair guy and gave him all the info – my part is done.  My Honey Don’t Do List I won’t do but I’m thinking I will arrange MY area which involves the dinette area. Carol had that area in the last RV but said I would have to take it back since I got the TV in the center of the coach now.  She slipped that one in on me.  I think I can work a euro chair in if it’s done just right.

See Ya……………..

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