Thursday, February 10, 2011

Shiny Wheels Again - kinda

By 9:30 AM I had dusted the upper portion of the coach and cleaned the front windshield.  Yes, I was on the big ladder and didn’t fall off of it.  I cleaned the windshield three times the last few days and the outside has been almost etched  with water marks.  I guess I will use a rubbing compound to get the marks out unless somebody knows another way.  I cleaned the wheels with a commercial window cleaner so they are kinda shiny - all six of them.

Honey Do’s

You know when Carol left she didn’t give me any Honey Do’s like most women would.  She gave me “Honey Don’ts”.  Like don’t pick out any couches, don’t pick out any computer dinette tables, don’t pick out any woods, don’t pick out any computer end tables, don’t make the king bed pedestal into a queen bed pedestal, don’t get a queen bed, don’t reorganize any cabinets.  And there were a few more.  Bottom line – don’t do anything inside.  I think she doesn’t want me to do any remodeling – I think!  I did brake one Honey Don’t and that was I got on the big ladder to do some cleaning…ooooops!

I sold my Silverleaf engine monitoring system to Don & Sharon.  They got a baby Farton (36’ Phaeton).  I basically had three engine monitoring systems.  One is a Spartan system and one is a Newmar option monitoring system.  So, I really don’t need all three.

Tomorrow I got a real big 70 mile trip.  Maybe I can go via New Mexico. 

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