Friday, February 4, 2011

I’ Back – kinda…..

I don’t remember if I mentioned Carol flew back to Baltimore the other night in between snow storms.

The long walk at the airport.DSC_0022


Then she had some fun building things in the snow in Baltimore.  I wonder what this is.IMG_0118

Carol said this was a snow woman.IMG_0117

Well, it’s Saturday 2 AM and I just finished taking the dog outside.  Yes, 2 AM.  Hey last night she was barking and I didn’t take her out.  Yep, she told me she didn’t care how sick I was and crapped and threw up inside.  Here I’m just barely alive and had to get up and clean that mess up.  Hey, &^*# happens literally.

The worst of my Quartzsite crude disease is over. I’m a little sore in the chest still and it hurts when I cough but doing a lot better.  I think I will be able to socialize come Sunday and not be contagious.  I was originally was planning on leaving today (Friday) and heas for the Desert Hot Springs.  Well, I canked that and will not leave now until Tuesday for the same area.

Boot Camp went off real good and their were about 75 students.DSC_0001 DSC_0004

  Then the Escapees had their Smart Weigh (click on for more info) program for weighing RV’s.  DSC_0009

They weighed about 40 RVs to include ours. DSC_0038

Our gross actual weight was 36,630 lbs and within all of our axle max weights.  Our gross weight rating is 44,600 lbs (without tow) which means we can carry an additional 7,970 lbs.  In another words, Lucy get your rocks we can carry them all.  I’ m real happy with that.  Love that tag axle.  Escapees will have their Smart Weigh at all of their Boot Camps and large events like the Escapade.  I think they have gone down the right road on this.

Setting here in Congress in sub freezing weather at night gave me a chance to check out the entire heating systems.  This aqua hot system has no trouble in keeping this baby at what ever temperature I wanted.  I even ran it up to 80 degrees and in no time it was there with it being in the 20s outside.  It heats up the 15 gallon hot water in less than 5 minutes in cold weather too.  The negative side is the slight smell of diesel outside that sometimes can come in and the noise is a little more than an LP furnace on the outside. The electric side it takes 1-2 hours to heat the water which means it has a low wattage heating element.  At least that is what I was told. The 3 heat pumps work fine too and down to a little below 30 degrees but that is probably due to the dry air, I don’t know. Yes, they can suck up the electricity if not used properly. I can use one heat pump in the area I’m in being it has one for the front, middle and rear for the economy mode.

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