Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lazy Days & Warm Days – oh what a life!

Toady is going to be the start of many lazy days of the next two weeks.  Get up when I want, go to bed when I want, do what I want when I want, watch what I want on TV, and eat what & when I want. Oh, I already do all that so I guess it will be the same ole same ole!

Got up and 6 AM and went to Lowe’s and wandered the aisles of man hood. One clerk I had to chase for help and another I had to run from.  I managed to buy what turned out to be the wrong air fittings for my air hose to hook up to this Dutch Star.  It doesn’t have the normal hose inlet like others for some reason.  It looks the same put the air hose can’t be pushed in all the way. Anybody know what's going on?  I got some grilling accessories and a grill cover that ended up fitting perfect and it was only $10 bucks. Then on to WalMart.  Oooh rah…..just bought food stuff and some stuff to grill……..

Back at the rig I managed to clean out all my waiting emails which are usually 10-20.  Pending this and that and I took care of them all but one. It hasn’t been this clean since about November.

I mentally worked on my area for the dinette/desk configuration.  It was on my Honey Don’t Touch List but I just did it mentally.  By George, I think I got it.  Keep it simple…….and functional and appearance becoming of a woozy I mean lady (Carol).

I reset the MPG do dad on the Mariner car before I went running around today.  When I was done going to Lowes and Walmart it was reading 40.6 MPG and it’s been very accurate in the past.  The car was running on electric a lot.  It does if it’s a flat road and under 45 MPH like in cities, etc.  Gas is running about $3.40 & way up around here.

I was moving “stuff” around and out of the basement of the Dutch Star when I dropped a root beer soda can.  It was not a diet and it hit a rock and it cut loose.  It looked like something you would see on Funniest Home Videos. It was like a mini volcano and sprayed all over me and the side of the coach. It was a mess.  I knew I should have gotten diet.  Why diet?  No sugar thus it doesn’t get sticky. Oh well… I like root beer with about a couple of tablespoons of milk in it.  It takes on the flavor of a root beer float.  Pepsi and milk does the same think.  Try it!

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