Monday, February 14, 2011

Base Commissary

I went to the nearby (20 mi) base to get some 4 legged food.  The base has OK prices on most name brand items.  No discount brands.  Just like any store, you can’t go in and just buy blind.  Now this base has great meat prices.  I got two porterhouse steaks at $5.35 a lb.  Oooops I forgot I only needed to buy one since Carol isn’t here.  Oh well… Since I had to go via the big and fast roads the car’s average MPG dropped down to 36 compared to 40 around town.  When I got back to the rig I froze one steak and marinated the other for tonight. The back is still hurting so I really didn’t do much of anything except moan & groan every time I moved. Then it was steak time.  Ahhh man this steak was really good.  Especially cooked on that new grill.  The flame is real hot which means I can seer the outside of the steak real good on the grill while the inside stays red.  It was so good that was all I had.  I saved the small inside cut.  That’s the piece that Carol usually gets.  Now it’s now called steak & eggs for breakfast.

The handy dandy weatherman is calling for four days of rain here starting tomorrow night.  This park has flooded out several times over the last few years.  I’m backed up to a canal and got water on three side of me. Tomorrow I will get all my stuff off the ground except for the grill.  I got a cover for it plus I shouldn’t lift it right now.

See Ya…………..

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