Monday, February 29, 2016

Escapade/DEF/Sat Dish

Oh yea, my smart (?) phone now lasts two days instead of a half of day.  I would charge it every night because the battery was so low.  Now every other night.  Why?  Lisa and Dortha showed me how to turn off all the apps in the background meaning they looked like they were off and weren’t.  My data usage should go way down also.  How cool…

Escapade 2016 here we come.  Bob & Molly, Escapade Directors, asked if Carol & I would be part of their staff.  We all know that Carol will be the Line Dancing Instructor but what about me.  I will be Dave Neil’s gopher which entails inventory.  Sounds like a Fed Ex delivery guy with no truck.  Details to follow…….

Since this is a blog I have to mention food don’t I.  I stopped at Whataburger this morning for breakfast.  Just like always I got my sausage gravy & biscuit with coffee for two bucks.DSCN1144  That’s a deal.  I think the coffee is free for old farts.

Then on to Brookshire grocery store to pick up a case (4) of DEF for the big RV.DSCN1145DSCN1149Newer diesels have to have it and $8.99 for 2  1/2 gallon container is pretty good.  $11.99 at Walmart.  The black tank is where it will go eventually in the big RV.

Next stop was ORillys Auto store.  I wanted to get some fuel injector cleaner for the little RV.  I had to buy enough to treat 50 gallons.  I got this stuff.DSCN1150

Got back home and picked up the little RV and went to the gas station.  Gas was $1.37 yesterday and today was $1.41 a gallon.  I put in 2  1/2 bottles of the cleaner and filled her up.  Back home I went.

Here’s the portable sat dish and cables I’ve been messing with.  I did get it to work in the mobile.  Next was the little RV.  I could only get it to work if I ran the cable right to the receiver.  I couldn’t use the outside “sat dish in” connectors outside of the RV.  That would have made it a lot easier.  That will have to wait for another day.DSCN1146DSCN1148

Next was to hook the TV & receiver back to the stationary dish next to the mobile.  I had to call Direct TV to get the HD channels back.  All’s well.

During all this my Dr office called.  When I was there about 10 days ago the doc got blood for some special tests.  They got the results back that’s why the call.  Seems like my blood readings are a little off just like me.  Now I have to go to another specialist next week to run some more tests.  Talk about feeling like a guinea pig.

My right foot, like Carol and Sue, is giving me a hard time.  It’s getting to the point I’m having trouble putting any weight on it or even walking.  It started 2 days ago.  Getting old…….

See ya………

Sunday, February 28, 2016

RV Portable Sat Dish/Carol’s Back

Portable sat dish report….it’s working.  I’m really not sure why it works.  I was doing everything under the sun and next thing I know it was working.  Wingard even couldn’t get it going yesterday.  I watched NASCAR using it.  I then had to disconnect everything later so I could close the mobile sliding doors for the night.  Tomorrow I will hook it all up and see what it does.  If it works I will turn everything off and move the sat dish in a different area as it we moved to another area in our RV.  If that works, I will disconnect and then move everything to the little RV and check it out.  We shall see.

Oh yea, I picked up Carol at the Bush Int Airport.  Her plane must have been flapping it’s wings a lot because the plane arrived a half hour early at 7:30 AM from Baltimore.  It was a direct flight and of course that’s good.   We ate breakfast at her favorite restaurant Cracker Barrel.  Then onward home.

The cat immediately reclaimed Carol as her head care taker and had her under her control.  The cat had to train Carol as she (cat) learned going out to her tent was really great when left alone in it.

I picked up some Techron (Chevron) fuel system cleaner at the auto store.  This 2013 Ford V10 (305 hp) in the little RV seems to flutter just a little bit at high RPM’s.  I rarely get into the high RPMs.   It should be getting 9+ MPG too.  Maybe it’s the fuel injectors or maybe just one being just a little dirty at 30K miles.  I will fill it up tomorrow and add this stuff to the 50 gallon gas tank.  Maybe even look at the air filter again now that the sun is coming out more.  You know, hold the air cleaner up to the sun and if the rays come thru it’s fine.

We had Little Caesars pizza for dinner.  I put about 5 different seasonings on it for my taste.  We were hungry and it did it’s job.

See ya………..

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Boxes, Boxes and More Boxes

I was up and about my normal time what ever that was.  I was over at Mark’s by 9 AM.  I was among several people that was helping with going thru Gail’s storage boxes with her daughter and husband.  Gail must have had over 50 storage boxes from her move over 10 years ago from California.  We had three area piles.  One was throw away, one was flea market items and the last was keep.  Some things were very obvious and some weren’t and we let others decide that.

They were gonna throw away 2 small quilts and what I call a horse blanket.  It’s an older military green heavy wool blanket.  They gave me those items.

Three hours later and two pick up trips to the dump we put a big dent in the boxes.  It was lunch time.  Jim & Kim left a big pot of chili the night before because they couldn’t attend today.  The chili was very filling and plenty of it.

Back at the RV I had work to be done.  Carol is coming home tomorrow (Sunday).  I had to make a trip to the dump too, wash clothes and just straighten up the exbachelor pad.  A few hours and I was done

Then a peaceful evening watching TV.

See ya…..

Friday, February 26, 2016

RV Sat Dish

Today is to start clean up from the raccoon that’s been invading my cooking space outside.  It left little greasy foot prints all around my Weber grill.  It was tasting the grease in the catcher underneath the Weber.  I think it liked it a lot.  The raccoon kept coming back and the mess just got bigger.DSC_0004DSC_0005DSC_0008

Oh well, it took about an hour or so, no bigee, BUT it’s all nice and clean.DSC_0016

Speaking of butt…. Next was a trip to H.E.B. for some more pork.  Glad we got the mobile frig.DSC_0009

I worked on getting the portable sat dish working.  We’re gonna use it in the little RV.  Hey, just hook up the cables to the dish and receiver and it would be done.  WRONG.  I spent a lot of time on the phone with Direct TV about hooking the HD receiver to a non HD sat dish.  Nothing gained with those people.  I switched cables and all that.  I then called Wingard about their portable sat dish called a Walkabout that I have.  These people are good.  Bottom line…not working.  The only thing they said was to send it them to test/repair ($) OR borrow another receiver from someone and try it.  I tried our Direct TV receiver to the TV afterwards just to make sure it still worked like before all this and it did.  I was told that our model of Direct TV receiver H24 was kinda of a hit & miss.  I think it’s about 3-4 years old when they really stated coming out with the HD.  Any other model of receiver should work if it’s not the sat dish itself.  O.K. that will go on a back burner for awhile but in the mean time the mobile is a mess.  The dish is on the left there but I did have it outside next to the permanent HD dish.DSC_0011DSC_0013DSC_0015Since we live in the big RV it’s OK to have the mobile a little trashed sometimes.  At least that’s how I think.  Right Carol ?

Next was to put 10 chairs and our fire ring into the car and head for Mark’s.  He’s having a Remembrance gathering for his sister Gail who passed away Monday.DSC_0017

Mark has some pictures of his and Gail’s family up on a lighted display board.  That was neat.  Gail’s daughter and husband flew in from New York.  If I had to guess how many friends showed up it would have to be 50+.  It was nice……….

See ya…..

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Get Together Time Continues

I forgot all what I did yesterday.  Oh, I got some pork butt from H.E.B. grocery store.  I got 4 of them suckers so far.  I will probably get 2 more at least.  It’s on sale for 88 cents a pound.  It’s hard to find at a buck a pound much less 88 cents.

I put a previous smoked pork butt in the oven to warm it up for tonight.

Then I went to the La Colona Mexican restaurant for lunch with the “guys” from Escapees Hq.  It was fun as usual.

Bob Pinner came over to BS.  We then went over to his and Molly’s new Class C.  It’s a Winnebago maybe an Aspect, I forget.  The actual length is 32 foot and has 3 slides.  The layout is really nice.  It’s not a camper like our little 25 footer.  It’s pretty loaded with options.  It’s an RV meaning it’s just as nice as most of the big ones.  Winnebago really did some thinking on this model.

A few hours later it was time to go over Jim & Lisa’s place for a little get together.  My smoked pulled pork was a big hit.  It was good but I usually like my butts more spicy and hot.  Jim made some real nice Margarita's.   I had one.  My second one disappeared.  Somebody wanted it more than I did apparently.  Bud made a special tater dish and a dessert.  Bud has become a cook of sorts.  He said he can only make a few dishes and most of them are tater related.  It was fun…….

I watched the GOP debate that is being held here in Houston.  I liked it most of the time.  Rubio was trying to make a name for himself by arguing with Trump.  Too me it looked out of character for him.  Trump is the loud mouth and now Rubio has joined him at least for this debate.  Who else was in the debate?  Meaning it was basically them two.  Enough politics……

See ya……….

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Solar Is Installed/Dinner Outstanding

I was up at 5 AM today.  The last two mornings I slept in to 7 AM and that’s rare for me.  Maybe it’s the new meds.  It is friggin 34 degrees!!!! right now.

I looked around and saw “stuff” laying around.  If Carol was here I would/could/should put all this stuff away.  The cat’s away the mouse will play.  Opps, I see un unoccupied area.  I will have to take care of that.

The cat gets up with me no matter what time is is.  This morning after bothering me for an hour she went and laid down.  This is one of her NEW spots.  I think she’s watching me.  She’s hanging over on the side too.  I think I would too.DSC_0005

Mark came over this afternoon and installed a kill switch for the solar.  See the little switch on the right side of the box,  The switch is turned off when the RV is in storage.  Before when I turned the big switch off inside the RV (storage position) I was getting a little power from the solar panels.  Not wanted when it’s in storage,  So anyhow, it’s fixed.DSC_0001

The black box above the inverter was testing the voltage coming thru it.  It has three 110  receptacles on the inverter.  Mark is going to wire the inverter to the converter in the RV so all the RV 11o outlets in the RV will work off the solar.  I know it sounds a little confusing.DSC_0002

Next was this aluminum step.  It was pretty loose.  I ended up having to take it off and realign some brackets that were worn thru the underside of it.  No bigee,  just a pain for something so simple.DSC_0003

It was time to do the dishes again.  Damn that twice in 10 days.DSC_0004

It was time for Mark & I to go over Jim & Kim’s for dinner.  She fixed rack of lamb with asparagus and mashed taters.  Damn it was good.  I have never had rack of lamb.  It was outstanding.  Thanks Kim.  Here’s Kim.  She’s being a little tight with the chips.  She was really explaining the cork turn table.  It was neat.DSCN1131

AND while we were there we might as well taste some beer.  Mark and her are both brew masters.  They make their own beer.  I learned that being a guest that I was required to taste their beer.  I guess I can do that for them.  I sacrificed myself for them.  Here’s Jim.  He’s ready.DSCN1132

Tomorrow I have to warm up a real special smoked pork I have for a small get together.  It’s sister pork was given to Ed & Sandy when we were with them in AZ.  These two porks were seasoned  and smoked/cooked together for over 20 hours around Christmas time.

Oh, Jon and Sue Glick arrived back home yesterday.  I talked to Sue but not Jon.  He wasn’t feeling will.

See ya……………

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

RV Solar & Rain

After the rain stopped I dumped the fresh water out of the little RV around back behind the big RV.  Then I drove it around front and put it under the carport.DSC_0013

It rained this morning something fierce.  The picture don’t show that it is still raining.DSC_0006

I’m trying to get the voltage down in the little RV to test the solar panels and see if they are getting that sun.  It won’t happen today maybe tomorrow.  I hooked up everything I could and left all the lights (LED) on overnight.  Plus I run the fan during the day and leave the GPS on.DSC_0011DSC_0012

I got it down to 12.2 which is where I want it for at least another day when the sun comes out.DSC_0010

I straighten the garage a little.  the bag is full of throw away plastic and junk.  The table is the work bench for installing the solar.  I won’t put that away until the solar is done.DSC_0014

I think the groceries are running low.  The frig hasn’t been this empty in a long time.DSC_0009

I think I will get some pork butt when it goes on sale again.  I need to smoke several and keep handy for those last minute get togethers.

The wind really started to howl in the afternoon and all of last night,  It shook the big RV like I thought someone was pushing on it.  Hopefully the wind will die down tomorrow.

See  ya……….

Monday, February 22, 2016

RV Repair Shop

I left Livingston before 5 AM in the little RV to go to the repair shop.  It’s legacy Ford which is 105 miles from me and it’s straight thru Houston.  I figured 5 AM I would beat the traffic.  WRONG.  I hit it big time about 6 AM.  Anyhow I got to the dealer about 7:30 AM and in the rain.  I’m the little RV.DSCN1130  I’m still having a right rear leaf spring problem with a major sag.  The Ford dealer is the closet dealer that can lift our little RV in the air to work on it according to Ford plus it could be still under warranty.  They checked it out and said that the entire suspension on the right side needed to be replaced.  I kind of thought that at least the leaf spring.  Here’s where it gets good.  ALL under Ford warranty.  They ordered the parts and it will be a few days before I have to return with the little RV.

I stopped at McDonalds about 9 M for breakfast to give the traffic time to let up and stop raining.  Back on the road…smack right into stop and go traffic in the rain for about 10 miles.  Then I said the hell with that and went thru downtown on the streets.  It wasn’t crowded at all.  The Rand McNally Road GPS was great.  I ended up only going 5 miles more and went around that other garbage on the interstates.  Done until they call me.

I got back and ate lunch while I was doing the wash, taking the garbage out and cleaning the kitty litter.  The dishes can wait.  Ain’t this laundry pretty?DSC_0002

By special request I can send you a picture of the kitty litter and garbage.

Here’s Thursday’s smoked pork….DSC_0003

I moved the little RV around in back of the big RV.  Plus I left three lights on to test the solar panels.  No sun Tuesday and a matter of fact it’s Tuesday as I write this and it’s raining pretty good.  If he sun comes out Wednesday, Mark is gonna do a quick test to see f the panels are charging correctly.  I will check first then Mark  to double check.

See ya…………..

Sunday, February 21, 2016

500 What?

Daytona 500 is what.  NASCAR is back so my Sundays are planned or at least the recorder is.  It was a real good clean race and it was won by inches.  Nice race…

Off and on during the day I was cleaning up our mess from yesterday and putting things in the barn but not away.

Since rain is being called for tonight I went ahead and got the car hooked up for my little run tomorrow.  I got an appointment with a Ford dealer on the other side of Houston about 100 miles one way.  I’m gonna have them check out my right leaf spring on the little RV.  It’s a no time appointment other than bring it in before noon and them take a look at it.  It’s still under Ford chassis warranty so we shall see.  I might (probably) have to leave the thing there for repairs but only for a very short time I say. DSC_0011

Did you see yesterday’s blog….?

See ya…………….

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Solar Installed

I forgot to do the blog this morning (for Sat) so here it is now.  I’m getting the “look” from the cat.DSC_0001

Mark came over and we got started.DSC_0008

We ran wire from the ceiling down.  It’s the big cable here.DSC_0002

Then we ran it over to the solar panel.DSC_0003

Here’s the inverter that Mark installed by himself.  The both of us couldn’t fit in the doorway.DSC_0004

Our work table…DSC_0005

Our mess the second time round… DSC_0009

Another work area..DSC_0010

We finished up in about three hours.  We still need to put in a solar kill switch and a line over to the RV converter.  Our intent is to be able to use the 110v receptacles in the rig.

Sat night we all went over to Lisa & Jim’s place behind us.  Bud came thru with the t-bone steaks.  Basically the same people from last night but tonight we had steaks….we drank…got sleepy and went home.

See ya………………….

Friday, February 19, 2016

Here Kitty Kitty…

Now I will get my dishes from here…clean ones if I can dig them out.  I don’t think I know exactly where every thing goes anyhow.DSC_0001

I was doing some new research on Alaska (Prince Of Wales Is.) and the cat decided to lay on the small table I was working at.  I lifted her off and put her behind me on my insulated shirt.  That she loved.DSC_0002

She’s in heaven…..DSC_0004DSC_0005

Then she moved.  Maybe a little too warm.  Looks comfortable to me. DSC_0006

I picked up the mail and got this letter from our Navy Federal Visa.  They said they are making changes.  The one that drew my attention was that they no longer charge for Canada transactions (fuel/food/camping).  That will be good for going thru Canada in route to Alaska in 2017, yes 2017 not 2016.  Yes, the Loosey Goosey Group for 2017 is starting to form up again.  We got 5 rigs going so far.  Four of them have been with us before.  It will be driving trip up there number 6 for us.  I think we got about two dozen plus members that have made the trip as Loosey Goosey members in the past.   As always, we are NOT a caravan.  As time goes on I will explain more.  Here’s the letter.DSC_0003

I got a quick picture of this Cardinal outside my window.DSC_0007

I walked over to Lisa & Jim Kocca’s place which is just across street from the back of our lot.  It was a small gathering of people from the Escapees Hq office.  I was the outsider meaning I didn’t have a job with the Escapees.

It was great telling stories on each other.  Each time they get a little more exaggerated.  It was a blast.

One person jokingly said he would bring the NY strip steaks next time.  Everyone else decided for him that time would be tomorrow night (Sat).  It was Bud Carr.  We shall see.

Mark is coming over tomorrow so we can finish up the install of my solar system on the little RV.  It’s above my pay grade when it comes to electrical stuff.  Maybe it has something to do with sticking a knife in an electrical socket when I was younger.  Yes, I was one of those kids.  That all metal knife really stung too!  I’ve been a little shy around electrical stuff ever since which is probably good.

See ya…….

Thursday, February 18, 2016

“Stuff” To Do

Today I had to get “stuff” done.  I ate then did the dishes.  Just 4 days worth.  I filled up both sinks so there’s the flag to do it.  Next was the kitty litter.  All sorts of little flags in there.  Then the garbage with kitty litter went to the little shed.  We store our garbage in cans inside the shed so the animals don’t get all excited.

Next I went and got a newspaper with the grocery ads.  What’s a blog without mentioning food.  I try not to get to carried away.  The ads have a few things I will get later today.  The frig is looking pretty bare.  It was almost like that when Carol flew out Sunday.  It’s really bare now.  I think it might be the time to visit Popeye's or Church’s chicken this evening. 

For lunch I went to La Colona Mexican Restaurant and met the “guys” for our normal Thursday lunch.  Gail almost always went when she was feeling better.  She will be missed.

After  lunch with the guys, I washed the bugs off the front of the RV.  It wasn’t real bad but those little suckers were squished had to come off now.  If not, their fluids will eat the plastic shield on the front.

I’m at a standstill with the install of the solar panels in/on the little RV.  Mark said we would finish it Saturday.  That’s good because I have loose cables on top and it’s suppose to rain Monday.  Plus the little RV goes to a Ford dealer (100 miles away) to check out the sagging right rear leaf spring.  It’s still under warranty but I don’t think I’m that lucky. 

Next I cleaned up the barn.  It was a mess before we left last year.  You know, nothing moved since we left.  It was all right were I left it.

I decided to go with a TV dinner vice chicken for dinner.   I didn’t feel like driving into town, too many idiots at dinner time.

Se ya…….

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Real & Not Real Cats

Oh, I forgot.  I went to the Dr yesterday (Tuesday) as scheduled.  Yes, I have high blood pressure and have had if for over 20 years.  The Dr changed my meds again.  The meds I got in AZ weren’t working.  Let’s see how these new meds (2) and will return in 3 weeks.

Wednesday I just sat around with the cat.  She was happy and so was I.  I wanted to stick around to see if I would have any reaction to the new meds.  Nope….DSC_0026DSC_0027

Oh, Carol & I got these two do hickeys down in Mx.  Same same but one we paid $20 and the other from a different dealer was $14.DSC_0020DSC_0021DSC_0022

The cat in the middle we got at a flea market several years ago.DSC_0024

See ya……………