Saturday, February 20, 2016

Solar Installed

I forgot to do the blog this morning (for Sat) so here it is now.  I’m getting the “look” from the cat.DSC_0001

Mark came over and we got started.DSC_0008

We ran wire from the ceiling down.  It’s the big cable here.DSC_0002

Then we ran it over to the solar panel.DSC_0003

Here’s the inverter that Mark installed by himself.  The both of us couldn’t fit in the doorway.DSC_0004

Our work table…DSC_0005

Our mess the second time round… DSC_0009

Another work area..DSC_0010

We finished up in about three hours.  We still need to put in a solar kill switch and a line over to the RV converter.  Our intent is to be able to use the 110v receptacles in the rig.

Sat night we all went over to Lisa & Jim’s place behind us.  Bud came thru with the t-bone steaks.  Basically the same people from last night but tonight we had steaks….we drank…got sleepy and went home.

See ya………………….