Sunday, February 28, 2010

NASCAR, Hockey & Move More Day

NASCAR & Hockey in the same day.  It was my kind of day. We also moved “stuff” from Mom’s trailer to the Mobile getting it ready for sale.  We have someone that is interested in the Honda Element.  I will talk to the lawyer today and hopefully get his blessing.  I don’t see why not.  The Element has been a good little car for us. Never in the repair shop.  Maybe that’s from always using Mobil One synthetic oil.

I got on a ladder and cleaned above the RV windshield and the windshield itself.  I try to avoid getting on ladders.  I get so involved in getting every little bug off that I have a tendency to forget that I’m on a ladder and lean a lot. Yes, that tendency makes for another tendency of falling off them which I do.  I haven’t broke anything but I usually hurt for weeks.  Duhhhh. But I got a clean coach in the front now. I figured get the bugs off today because tomorrow (Monday) it’s suppose to rain real good. Tuesday I plan to wash the coach and leave Wednesday.  It’s barely going to hit 50 degrees tomorrow. Not a good temperature to be on a ladder that’s why I did it today while it was in the 60s.  I might even machine buff the wheels to make them shiny of course. As some of you might know I like shiny wheels. The wheels on this coach are not stock.  I got them after we bought the coach which is a story in itself. Anyhow these wheels are custom show wheels made by Accue Ride and given to me by them.  Another long story. They must be polished ever so often.  None of that plastic covering that hides the real beauty.  Have you ever seen that big truck with real shiny wheels.  That’s me.

When you full time you get these little habits like  real neat storage bins, or your tires are real black, or your coach is always shinning or wheels. Women are the same way. A  lot of the guys have little habits like this. Remember – it’s your home whether it’s just for the summer or full time.  When we travel during the summer I am out every night cleaning the bugs off the front.  Oh, love bugs, wow, is that ever a gooey mess. You will know if you ever run into them. Gooey, Gooey.

Anyhow, enough verbiage…

See Ya…………….

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wagons, Wheels, Moving, & Food

You just might see anything going down the highways here in Texas.. Speed limit was 70 MPH and they were a little under that.DSC_0002-4


We are moving “stuff” out of Mom’s trailer.DSC_0015


A dog peed on my shiny wheel a few weeks ago.  I worked on it for over an hour. Damn, it left embedded stains.  I will try and get some stronger chemicals to get rid of it.  Dog on dog…I thought it was water & road dust after I unknowing drove with it.DSC_0017

Smoking country ribs on the grill.  It aroused the neighbors. They knew I was cooking again.DSC_0018 

I am getting ready to leave for Yuma in the RV so we are unpacking it.  Basically moving the “stuff” Carol wants here in Livingston while I’m gone.  Hey Denny, I got a case of beer. We can set out in the desert naked and drink with no complaints.  Well, maybe just drink with old dirty shorts, holy underwear, worn out shoes and torn stained shirts with no complaints…. smile

See Ya………….

Friday, February 26, 2010

Separate from?????

Each other – Carol & I.

I have to go to Yuma to do seminars at the Gypsy Journal Rally.  We have to get all of Mom’s documents collected for the lawyer (Medicaid).  Well, it looks like I go to Yuma and Carol will tidy up the documents and start unloading Mom’s trailer here in Livingston, TX.  It’s setting at the CARE facility and officially up for sale.  We ran around yesterday like a chicken with it’s head cut off.  I saw that once.  The bank, tax office all were very nice and cooperate.  The Nursing home administrative office revolted.  No cooperation what so ever.  Mother asked them for some simple documents and they refused.  We will give that problem to the lawyer.  It just don’t figure sometimes.  Oh well.

Carol will stay in the mobile home on the lot while I trot off to Yuma.  I will leave sometime next week to be there by Saturday/Sunday.  Not sure if I will take tow a car or not.  I got two to choose from – CRV or element. Denny Orr is running around out west without his honey too.  Maybe we can meet up out in the desert and hold hands – NOT!

I took our Direct TV receiver out of our RV bedroom and found an old LNB in the shed – presto - Carol has TV in the mobile so she’s very happy. No internet though.  Can’t figure a way to make that happen.  Oh well, she has her cell phone for those that want to call her..

Here’s a  web page if you want to know about everything and learn a little about unusual or different RV  stuff.

See Ya……………….

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another World

What TAKES 30% of someone’s life earnings to get a benefit that you have paid into all your life.  The answer is government (Medicaid) and lawyers.  I won’t bother you with the story, it’s just too disappointing about our government. 

Hey, we are RVers, let’s RV to Another  World. We can do that with memories or actual traveling.

These pictures were taken in the past and in Utah. A lot of fun memories with relatives that trip.






Old Glory – I think she would be crying if she knew about what truly happens within the country she stands for.  It’s still the greatest country though despite the crooked politicians.100_0372-1


Tomorrow we get ready to separate from ??????

See Ya…..

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lawyers, Nursing Homes, Medicaid

Name three groups that want money that has been earned over a lifetime and they want it quick.

Yesterday was “spent” with a lawyer and  nursing home reps talking about Medicaid for Mom Hill.  Bottom line – We will lose what is equal to two years of my retirement. Hey, I needed to lose weight anyhow and peanut butter and jelly is good for you. Hope we can afford the bread to put it on.

We don’t need an ATM anymore, we need a friggin bank and that will be tomorrow.

We feel like we just left the used car sales lot down on the corner that just went into business again.

I should have gotten a picture of me backing into the lawyers office bent over. I think you got the picture now.

Hey, Everyday’s An Adventure

See Ya………………..

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Getting Cold – No, it’s friggin cold!

Whenever I say, “It’s cold” it’s followed by, “It’s time to leave!”  Well, “It’s cold and time to leave.”  Not only is it cold it snowed today.  That’s pretty rare here in Livingston, TX. They almost closed down the city for these flurries.  They should be glad they’re not up north where the real snow is.DSC_0004

The snow didn’t even lay but there where some huge snow flakes.  The biggest we have ever seen!  We had to wear football helmets to go outside. That’s right, we are in Texas!!!!DSC_0006-1

Sorry for the glare but this picture is historic. These two cats always fight over who goes in the hole.  Well, the snow had them baffled and they forgot who’s turn was it for being on top.  Don’t we all do that…smile.. DSC_0003-1

Here’s are cute little Honda.  ahhhhhhhh.DSC_0001-2

Mom Hill’s trailer setting over in CARE until we figure who’s on first base.DSC_0002-3

Last night it got below freezing and again tonight it’s suppose to again.  High around 50 degrees in the daytime.  Hey, this is not RV weather. Not even to drive thru much less to set it.  Our heat pump doesn’t work in this besides we only have one that works.  Another story later.  I don’t like turning on the LP heat because I don’t like heating the outside.  LP heat systems in RVs are for “camping” not RVing in. We got two electric heaters and they are hurting trying to keep it 60 degrees at night.  Poor little things.

Tomorrow we go see a lawyer about Mom Hill’s ass  ets and how to protect them.  Lawyers $#$%$&$*$.

Wii fitness game update – it looks real good setting there in the box. We know exactly where it’s at all times.

See Ya………………..

Monday, February 22, 2010

How Many Miles - Schedule


You can click on the map to make it bigger – I think!

People ask how do we plan the 20,000 miles we have been doing each year the last couple of years.  Well, Microsoft Streets & Trips works great for us.  We plot everything then we connect the dots by date.  We are very flexible (jello) and a few certain things are in wet concrete. Obligated events are wet concrete.  These are Escapades, Boot Camp, Pomona RV Show & Gypsy Journal and now the RVSEF Conference.  These events are neat in themselves.  We meet old/new friends and get to do seminars which I love to do. They are all unique and take on there own character.  If we don’t have fun at them – we won’t do them it’s that simple.  Then we plan other sights/things to do in between these events to include relatives/friends.  This is called full timing our style and there are many styles. We are already plotting 2011.  Just remember everything is in jello and can change overnight.  We are planning to leave next Saturday but this is very jello plans because of some Mom Hill unknowns.  This will make the drive back to Yuma comfortable and not like it was coming here.  We will be towing the Honda Element which is for sale back to Yuma.   It’s a 2005 with 40K+ and we have used only synthetic oil. It has a SMI tow brake system and a full front custom cover. Let me know if you know someone who might be interested.

Late news - Mom Hill goes to a Nursing Home tomorrow (Tuesday) as a 20 day patient and not as a resident as of yet.  Her wishes.

See Ya……………

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Race, Sick, Dog Day

NASCAR Race Day so I stayed in front of the TV. Plus I was pulling pork that had been cooking for 24 hours.DSC_0001-1


Then we received Brandy, Mom’s dog,  from a temporary care taker.  Brandy is old.  You have heard the phrase older than dirt.  Well, this dog peed on that dirt.  I think we have her forever now.  She will probably out live all of us. Nice green eyes.DSC_0002-1

Behind that door is another sick person.  Carol has been very very sick all day.  I was going to take a picture of her but I haven’t made any funeral arrangements yet. Plus it rained today and I didn’t want to spend the day outside when she throws me out with what energy she had left.DSC_0003

Mom Hill was visited by Donna Clifton in the hospital today which was a definite lift.  Donna could lift the spirits of a caveman.  I guess I just saw a GEICO commercial. If you don’t get it, don’t worry about it.

Monday should be an interesting day for unknown reasons today.  What ever that means….

See Ya………………….

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Work & Play at Livingston

We got back to a broken water pipe.  As you can tell I don’t know what I am doing but I am working hard at it.  I repaired it twice so I really know how to fix broken pipes now. Yes Wayne that is your hack saw. I wish you were here to show me how it works.DSC_0028

Cold weather, rocks and cheap plastic mud flaps gives me something to do in the future – again.DSC_0029

We now have a fleet of vehicles.DSC_0030


The cat even has one.DSC_0044



We just got these canvas bags and there pretty cool.DSC_0041

I got this model to display them.  She’s too expensive. The tote bags can be used as a carrying bag or DSC_0040 


as a fanny pack… DSC_0042

They can be used for carrying stuff down the road too!DSC_0043


There’s always one or two that stand out in a crowd. DSC_0048


Pulled pork tomorrow……….oh so good….DSC_0051


NASCAR tomorrow too!

See Ya………………….

Friday, February 19, 2010

Mom Hill and relatives being themselves.

We went and saw Mom Hill in the hospital.  She’s doing fine and is expected to be back in CARE in a few days.  The Doc is  evaluating her meds and will make adjustments.  She might have a cracked rib – tests are being done.  She is pending shoulder surgery.  After the surgery she wants to go into a nursing home.  She is planning on selling her 29 foot 2009 trailer and her 05 Honda Element, our previous car, that is set up to be towed. .  Let me know if you are interested.

Joe and Kay were at the 4 o’clock social here at Rainbow’s End.  They looked real good and  were “performing” up to par.  They were really chirpy if there is anything like that.

In our travels we have found Stout’s Cider Mill to have the largest and best apple pies we have ever had. It’s in Wilcox, AZ.100_0824

In more of our travels with our relatives they have really shown the best side of themselves.   Hey, I was bored and found this picture in my hidden pictures.  He’s lucky I didn’t have my 500mm zoom lends.  Let me rephrase that – we are lucky I didn’t have my 500mm lens.

David drop-1

See Ya…?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

We Are Where?

We are in Livingston, TX.  We left Yuma yesterday (Wednesday) about 3 PM and arrived here in Livingston this evening (Thursday) about 11 PM.  Mileage – not sure – a lot for a day and half!

The rest of the story tomorrow (Friday).

Sleep time now..

See ya……

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Patton, Center Of The World, & Jackass Mail

We can see the city of Felicity thru our window.  It’s not as much fun as watching a newbie unhooking their sewer though.DSC_0032


You ask what is Felicity.  You will have to find out yourself at  Facts - Self proclaimed Center of the World by the Mayor of Felicity based on a children’s book.  Population is zero. Has a Post Office – I think. The mail use to come thru in the 1800’s on Jackasses thus Jackass mail.  Today we call it spam.  It has a stairway from the Eiffel tower – who cares.  Isn’t that where we get French fries from. It has a pyramid made of Granite – OK just keep it off the roads.  It’s the only city in the U.S. named after a Chinese woman – interesting.DSC_0033


And they have a church on a hill with a lot of steps.  Most people need to make a prayer to walk up them.DSC_0042


Well, California made a sign.  I guess that makes it official.  Isn’t California broke from doing these kinds of things?DSC_0039


Nearby is a monument – nothing else – just a monument.  Patton used just about every part of the Arizona desert to train in.  Somebody wants to mark the desert with them.  But they don’t want you to drive a car on the desert.  I guess it’s alright if you are in a tank.DSC_0041 


California tax dollars at work keeping you informed.

We got the rig washed, got the tow brake reinstalled,  filled up with fuel ($2.57) and it’s 3PM. 

It’s very late at night and we are at GPS Lat 31.5053N and Long 106.1204W.  It will be very interesting to those people that look it up – “I guarantee it” as Cal Worthington the famous southern Californian car salesman says.  Can you say what the hell?

See Ya…….

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wow, People Are Really Reading This Thing

I am surprised, humble and very honored that so many people read about our (mis)adventures.  I did hear people asking for more wedding pictures. I have to conserve because they haven’t been “fixed” yet nor gone to print.  Yes, my use of the Queen’s English is less than she warrants.  My fingers don’t type what I think.  Sometimes it’s on purpose but most of the time not.  So grin and bare it.  I do the blog between 2-5 AM and Carol does not proof it at those hours.  I just don’t understand her lack of enthusiasm at those hours.

Bank America (ATM Dept) just called and wanted to thank me for using their ATMs.  They said they can now pay back the money they borrowed from Uncle Sam for all the fees they charged me!

Today was go and get the tow brake system finished installing on the RV/car.  We showed up at the repair shop here in Yuma (Southwest Driveline) at 8 o’clock sharp, nice and ready.  One minor detail – it wasn’t for today, it‘s for tomorrow.  Well, better a day early that a day late in this RV World of repairs for sure.

Next is finding someone to wash the RV. We haven’t been in a park that allows washing of RVs since leaving Livingston in early January.  It’s dirty.  Some parks will let you wash your RV for $5 but none of the ones we have been in recently.  In California they wanted $100 for a mobile wash.  No way!  Here in Yuma it runs about $35 – $50.  So, we will go into Yuma with the rig since we will be there anyhow and go to the closed down Kmart.  We will get it washed for $35 by appointment.  Also, a dog peed on one of my wheels.  I really hate that a lot.  I wonder if I can wire my wheels with 12 volts.  Then it would be worth it to watch.  I would even set food next to all the wheels.

Carol got her line dancing fix here at the park today. I think that’s her in the red.DSC_0034

We found this place out in the desert.  They were closed for the day.  DSC_0043

Tomorrow – what does The Center Of The Earth, General Patton and Jackass Mail have in common?  Brakes – do they or don’t they work.  Are the wheels shiny again.  Less talk and more pictures….

See Ya….

Monday, February 15, 2010

Wii Physical Fitness Game?

Today we got our Wal-Mart fix here at Yuma’s newest.  It’s big and it’s busy mainly due to all of the snowbirds for sure.

I finally synchronized the Wii balance board to the control module.  What ever that means.  Now Carol can do a physical fitness routine using it.  Of course I tried it first. That’s me in the middle with the midddle.DSC_0031

The technology sure has advanced since Atari! This game (?) is it all.  You put in your birth and height and it weighs you and then insults you by telling you how old you are physically.  Mine was OK. It said I was 59 and Carol was 70.  Then it has games that you have to move to play like riding a bike in a pretend world.  It’s pretty cool.  It’s at my max for user friendly.

I need to know how many people actually read this blog to see if I should keep it going.  It does take time.  If you do read this send me a short email message to even it’s a couple days later.  If there are enough followers then I will continue.

See Ya     ?????

Sunday, February 14, 2010

San Diego to Yuma & Pilot Knob RV Park

This is patches.  She sleeps where ever and when ever she wants, no matter what you are doing.



She lays on the dash going down the road.  She perturbed because the curves in the road.  We left about 8AM for our 170 mile trip.  I wanted to get to Yuma to watch NASCAR on TV.  It’s the Daytona 500 – first real race of the season.DSC_0002




Carol took this picture of the sand rail getting it on and raising their wheels.DSC_0040

They are all over the place.  About 20 miles west of Yuma.  It’s called the “Dunes.”DSC_0041


Here we are arriving at Pilot Knob ParkDSC_0057

No sooner than we set up I captured this guy sky diving across the interstate from our park.DSC_0058

Here Carol is telling me how many times I have been good today.DSC_0065

Here’s our site FHU with 50AMP.  Cost using AOR is $9 a night plus $3 a night for the 50AMP.  We will set here for two weeks.  I got to see the NASCAR races – YEA!DSC_0066

Tomorrow we go into Yuma and get some “stuff” done.

Special request picture. 

Kristy, Mom, and Maid Of Honor



I have about 500 pictures to sort through, fix and organize into a album and then into a hard bind book.

See Ya………………….