Sunday, March 31, 2013

Missing Blog – Little Green Man Ran Over

I did today’s blog and it disappeared about a day later.  Several people got to read it before it disappeared for unknown reasons.

It told the story of how Carol backed over the Little Green Man leaving for church.  AND she dragged him under Jeep for about 10 feet.  He’s recovering but it will be a long slow process.  He whispered to me that he didn’t want any pictures taken so I’m honoring that at this point.

See ya….

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cool….. That’s Cool

While here the temps aren’t  suppose to hit 70 at all.  In the low to mid 60s.  OK, that’s better than the 90s… I guess.  Away go the shorts.  Being a full time RVer we see a lot of temp changes and sometimes when traveling they can be pretty drastic.  Over the almost 13 years of full timing we have noticed a term a weather person uses a lot.  “This is unusual weather for this time of year.” We laughed when we hear it used now.

Here we are in our site…..Ravens set in that tree and when the wind blows their poo hits the RV.DSCN1722

This morning I washed the front of the rig to get the bugs all off.  Then I used the dust buster on the rest of the rig.DSCN1723 Bug guts eat paint and Diamond Shield & 3M protective film.  Now that spring has sprung the bugs are coming out in force.  This is normal.  Traveling in the cool months you can go for days with no bugs to clean off.  That’s pretty neat.

Now that we will be sitting for about a week I took our chairs out.  I then took the generator out of the Jeep that we just purchased and put it in the compartment in the chairs place.  No rain, no fuss, no generator in the Jeep.  It works out well.  I'll make space some day for the generator to stay underneath permanently. DSCN1726

Guess who is here in the park with us….DSCN1721

Art & Caroline Fennel.  We met up with them in the afternoon and spent a couple of hours with them.  Real nice people.  They too are on their way to Lodi.  They will be leaving Wednesday to head North.

During our early evening walk we came across this RV.  It has a slide out in the rear.DSCN1729

See ya…..

Friday, March 29, 2013

Oh No.. California Friday Holiday Traffic.

We left Yuma about  8 AM with about 300 miles to go.  Much of it will be around LA and on a holiday Friday.  I forgot what day it is.  That’s not unusual for a full time RVer.  I figure since the Beast & Jeep are so shiny that drivers can’t see and will have to pull over.  No, they drive that way even if they can’t see . 

We are headed for the Thousand Trails (TTN) park called Soledad near Acton.  Acton is just south of Palmdale.  We were there last year and the park had really gone down hill over the years due to management.  We informed TTN headquarters and sent them pictures.  We got a standard business reply back.  I wonder if any changes have resulted.

The Beast (RV) ran like a dream all the way.  It was nice to get in a half day of driving (300 mi).  My cruise control was giving me a fit by not coming on sometimes.  I will have to take a rubber hammer to something.

We arrived about 1:45 to the park.  While going to our site an idiot ran thru the dump station in his big car to get ahead of me.  I will find him eventually (site) and turn his butt into the manager.  We got a 30 AMP FHU site.  Nice voltage and water pressure.  Temp is about 80 degrees.  The wind is blowing enough not to put the awning out.  Maybe we’re still in Yuma….

We went for a walk.  Didn’t see the SOB’s car.

Here’s some pics on the way here….how about a balloon as we are pulling out.. DSC_0011 DSC_0012 DSC_0014

He was close to the water but landed safely…DSC_0020


Within an hour I was honking my big horns.DSC_0021

DSC_0023 DSC_0026  DSC_0042


Smile…your tax dollars working?DSC_0046


Immigration check…DSC_0050

Salton Sea..DSC_0055



and here’s the other guy…DSC_0057 DSC_0058 DSC_0066 DSC_0069

Someone has a project…DSC_0072 DSC_0073

My next fuel stop is Flying J in Bakersfield.  Diesel went up 5 cents overnight.  Seems like someone said the economy is doing real good.  All stock markets are going up with records.  Oil companies are thinking if they are making money now why not raise prices and make more money.  It just don’t make sense.  I know it’s not that simple…too bad….it’s just plain old greed what it really is!

See ya…

Thursday, March 28, 2013

RV Fire Pictures

Here they are some pictures of last night’s RV fire.   I took them early in the morning as not to disturb the people.  First….to the West…the moon DSC_0008

and to the East….sun upDSC_0001

To the fire damageDSC_0003 DSC_0004  DSC_0005 

The RV wasn’t as new as I thought. DSC_0007

Plus it had some other troubles…DSC_0006

You might be able to tell where our sight is… the little green man and the orange Jeep.DSC_0010

Today was finishing get caught up day from the 8 days of boone docking with Chapter 44.  Carol has the laundry caught up.  She bought some cases of soda so we won’t have to buy many in California.  They make you pay a recycle fee on each container, plastic or metal, there.  I think it’s 10 cents a can.

I got the outside of the Jeep and the Beast caught up in cleaning them.

I got the underneath compartments straighten up and caught up.  As we move, I move “stuff” around underneath.  Nothing major.  I also get to see “stuff” that I have forgotten about.

We didn’t get to visit with and Dan/Jenny Sheppard or Lynn/Mickey Waite.  No real excuse other than time.  Sorry guys.

See ya….

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

RV Fire!

We started to go for a night walk but as soon as we went outside we saw two fire trucks with lights flashing and loud noises. A 5th wheel had caught fire and it was serious and out. Don’t know all the details. The owners were gone and passersby's saw it. They went and got fire extinguishers. The RV was burning where the electrical chord goes into the RV at the rear lower driver side. The compartment itself was gone and black smoke stain on the side of the RV was all the way to the roof. It was not a frig fire. The fire department was cleaning up and they had a powerful fan sucking the smoke out of the RV. The owners had arrived when all of this was going on. Nobody was hurt. I left the owner our site number and told them if they needed any help what so ever we would help them…just ask! They were thankful. They were vacationers from Idaho and the 36’ or so RV was pretty new. I will try to get pictures for tomorrow’s blog.

EARLIER that day.  Here’s a little dumping tip.  I use a clear connector to determine if my tanks are clean while dumping.  I also use a piece of cardboard under the clamp at the tightening screw so it doesn’t tear the hose.  DSC_0096

In hot sunny weather I put tennis balls under the wipers so they don’t touch the hot glass.  This slows down the process of them drying out.  And if you forget to take them off there go to about 60 MPH.  I usually replace the wipers about once a year.  I get them Wal-mart.  I just get the largest size they have which is usually 28 or 32 inches I think.  I’ve always done this.  I just can’t see paying a lot more for bigger ones at a RV dealer.  The smaller ones are just fine. DSC_0097

I had to use my darkest colored camera lens to take this picture because of the bright shine….smile DSC_0095


We got gas for the Jeep at Sam’s today.  $3.44 a gallon.  That’s the best in Yuma and can’t be beat anywhere here. 

Amazon called me last night at 8 PM.  They informed me of all their requirements/obligations to work for them.  The guy was a good reader.  I guess you have to with all of the information he had.  He stuttered when I said NO that I do not agree to work any shift they require me to.  Hey, I’m too experienced & truthful to agree to that.  It must have caught him off guard.  I told him what shift I was willing to work and he said he would make a note of that.  I will get an email within two weeks with more details.  He said that I would also get a call about my question as to when I would be notified about my shift agreement approval/question.  I don’t want to drive from Wyoming (July) to Nevada (Sept) to find out that I (& Carol) won’t be hired because of our refusal to work any shift.  That would get a personal appearance of me in their front office for sure.  I don’t think they would want me doing that.  Once I parked our RV in front of a CEO’s parking space to get the manufacture’s attention.  I got it and results were immediate and in my favor because I was 100% right.  That’s a campfire story.

See ay…..

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

RVing In Mexico

Nope…. not us.  We walk over the border.  This morning is let’s go and stand in line in Mexico to return to the U.S. which has become normal.  Years ago no bigee and very small lines if any.  Now, since the U.S. security is so tight, it can be a long line.  We waited one time about 2 hours.  I need some new glasses, a little dental work and some meds so let’s see what happens.

Here’s the border going into Algodones, Mexico.DSCN1692

Here’s where I got two pair of bifocal glasses one being sunglasses for $82.  Yepper…like that.DSCN1693


Then we had our teeth cleaned for $30 each.  We were told by a local that there are over 400 dentists here. DSCN1696


Here’s our favorite little resturant.DSCN1697 DSCN1698

It’s within 100 feet of here.DSCN1700

It’s located where it says TacosDSCN1701

This place is around the corner and it’s good too.DSCN1703 DSCN1704

Here’s two 60+ people who have ridden all over the world on their BMW’s.  We talked to them for awhile.  They also have a RV that they sometimes tow their motorcycles.  They are just coming back from Cabo San Lucus(?).  DSCN1707

Local police…DSCN1709

Federal police.  DSCN1712 DSCN1715

The final few feet of a one hour wait to get thru.DSCN1716

Big parking lot on U.S. side that costs $5.  Then walk over.DSCN1717

“You looking at me!”DSC_0094

See ya……