Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring – Where?

Spring – sure bring it on.  We have gone from 60s to 90s in a matter of a week or so.  I thought Spring was a little bit cooler like in the 70s & maybe some 80s.  Oh I know what it is.  It’s the global warming thing – not!  Today it hit 92 degrees here but doable.  Tomorrow it’s suppose to hit 98 degrees at our designation in Ehrenberg. I hope they have 50 AMP so we can run two AC’s.  Pet Peeve..  Why do RV manufactures install two 15,000 BTUs AC units on RVs and really can’t run them on 30 AMPS.  The smart manufactures start off with two 13,500 BTUs units that can run on 30 AMP.  Then as an option offer the two 15,000 AC’s.  Here comes the novice RVer and says, “Yea, gimme those two big AC’s.”  We got three 15,000 BTU AC’s and can’t run them on 50 AMPS.  On 50 AMPS we can run two with our frig.  We will be at about 40 AMPs on a hot day normally without cutting back.   A 15,000 BTU AC uses about 14 AMPs each.  Yes you can run two big AC’s under very limited conditions on 30 AMPs.  First & most important you have to have good voltage.  That would be at about 118 to 125 V. Low voltage means basically low amperage.  Good voltage means truer AMPS like almost 30 AMPS.  If you turn off everything in your RV it will still draw 2 or so AMPs.  Now you do the math.  If you run two big ACs on 30 AMPS you will usually over heat your plugs (burnt color) at the pedestal and in a few hours or less blow the circuit from the heat.  If we ever have one of our three AC’s go bad we will have it replaced with a smaller AC.  You people with older Winnebago's and such only have one AC underneath and I think it’s like a 25,000 BTU.  What ever it is it can be ran on 30 AMPs..great.  BUT, I think they have now gone to roof models and 13,500 is standard…yea again.  BUT they have the option of the big ones….booooo.

Assuming 30 AMP hook up and using an Autoformer (voltage booster), in hot (90+) weather we keep the window shades down,  turn the frig off (about 4-5 hrs) or on to LP, use fans on the tile floor (cool), & use the outside awnings if possible.  We also have an outside windshield cover, aluminum heat shield in the windshield along with a big shade pull down.  You will gain a lot of hot air in the windshield even if it’s not in the sun.


I got off on a tangent there.

FUEL..yes it’s coming back down.  Not as fast as it went up of course but it is SLOWY coming down.

This morning I worked 2 1/2 hours on cleaning the Jeep.  First I washed it.  This park has a nice little place you can wash any vehicle you want.  Outstanding water pressure.  Then I wiped it down.  Rubbed out the scratches on the black top and black fenders.  These were from Hatch, Utah when the Jeep wasn’t even a week old.  No problem removing them.  Then I used McGuire's paste cleaner/wax on the paint.  Next was to use Aerospace 303 Protectant on the black and on the tires.  I waxed all the windows too.  The Jeep is looking GOOOOD along with the Beast of course.

Carol line dance until after 10 PM.  I think she is all danced out for about for a few days.

Tomorrow we leave…

See ya…..