Saturday, March 23, 2013

About 200 Miles Today

After saying our “See Ya’s” we left about 8:30 AM I think.  First stop was at a nearby little Chevron gas station.  Diesel was $3.69.  That’s the cheapest around Phoenix.  I think that will be the cheapest we pay in our travels for a few months at least.  The Beast took on 111 gallons.  We took the 202 loop south and then picked up route 347 on the southwest side of Phoenix.  We never went this way before so what the hell.  It was a nice short little trip down to I-8 in Gila Bend.

We saw some things that we don’t know what they were.DSC_0013 DSC_0024

The road was a double lane for awhileDSC_0016 DSC_0021

A little fixer upper.DSC_0022 

Then it was a single lane with some ups and downs in several spots.  No real bigee at 59 MPH. DSC_0028 

Airplane navigation do hickey.DSC_0037

then you have this in Gila Bend.DSC_0040

And fuel is a little higher.DSC_0041

Then on to I-8 towards Yuma.DSC_0050



Cows for miles in these small corrals…sad…DSC_0064


Reflective sun panels and there were a lot of these babies.DSC_0044


Oh yea.  What’s Arizona with out it’s inspection stations.  There looking for lost aliens.DSC_0053


A little too close to the Interstate for us.  The place was full and looked nice otherwise.DSC_0073

Everybody should carry their own out house when traveling.  We got a fancy one.  Ours is inside.  DSC_0081

Coming down into Yuma…DSC_0084


We can’t get into our park until tomorrow.  The largest Mall area in Yuma (West side) and we found two stores on the end closed down.  Outstanding parking area and the night was bright and quiet.  We’ve haven’t had hook ups since a week ago Friday and we haven’t dumped.  Love those large tanks and solar power.  DSC_0085

During the day the wind was blowing real strong.  We parked so the wind would hit us on one side only.  Thus we opened the slides on the other wind problems.DSC_0086

Carol went shopping and I watched cars go around in a circle on TV and in the local parking lots.

We got a big day tomorrow.  A 10 mile drive to the park and then to Yuma’s large flea market.

See ya…..