Tuesday, March 5, 2013

HOP Along

We are now Assistants to the hosts, Ed & Sandy Kruty, for the Little Big Horn HOP July 6th, 2013.  This is just after the Escapade.  We will also be the Assistant  Coordinators for that too.  Then there’s the Lodi Tri Chapter Rally.  We are some type of assistants there too.  We sure are being “ass”istants  a lot.  If you aren’t doing anything after the Escapade come and join us for the history of the Indians at Little Big Horn and the rest of the story.  We will try and have some special fun too.

Today is the day the side by side ATV Razor goes into the shed for storage.  Wet weather is on it’s way and the thing is nice and clean.  Put it away dry rather than wet.  Plenty of room.DSCN1669

John & Marge Dillon arrived this afternoon.  Ed & Sandy put on a little cook out for them, us and Walt & Kellie.  We sat around and BSed about our pasts  especially after ED broke out is 18 year old Scotch.

Don’t know if I’m gonna do anymore cleaning on the outside of the Beast.  Showers are expected soon. If I continue the rain will come guaranteed.  If I don’t finish up the rain might or might not come.

Oh, it’s Sandy Kruty’s birthday Wednesday but I didn’t tell you.  I think she’s 39.

See ya….