Thursday, March 28, 2013

RV Fire Pictures

Here they are some pictures of last night’s RV fire.   I took them early in the morning as not to disturb the people.  First….to the West…the moon DSC_0008

and to the East….sun upDSC_0001

To the fire damageDSC_0003 DSC_0004  DSC_0005 

The RV wasn’t as new as I thought. DSC_0007

Plus it had some other troubles…DSC_0006

You might be able to tell where our sight is… the little green man and the orange Jeep.DSC_0010

Today was finishing get caught up day from the 8 days of boone docking with Chapter 44.  Carol has the laundry caught up.  She bought some cases of soda so we won’t have to buy many in California.  They make you pay a recycle fee on each container, plastic or metal, there.  I think it’s 10 cents a can.

I got the outside of the Jeep and the Beast caught up in cleaning them.

I got the underneath compartments straighten up and caught up.  As we move, I move “stuff” around underneath.  Nothing major.  I also get to see “stuff” that I have forgotten about.

We didn’t get to visit with and Dan/Jenny Sheppard or Lynn/Mickey Waite.  No real excuse other than time.  Sorry guys.

See ya….