Monday, March 25, 2013

Got Old Today

Today Uncle Sam (military) determined that I’m old and will go on Medicare.  Officially it’s May.  I had to get a new retired military I.D. card and they removed my previous medical benefits on it and in the system.  They removed my SSN from the new I.D. card and gave me a BENEFITS NUMBER.  We went to the Marine Corps Air Station Yuma to get all this done.  It was one of the reasons we came to Yuma.

But first we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  The money we saved getting fuel in Phoenix will pay for two breakfasts at $12 each.

I made a quick call to the mobile Road Runner RV Washers.  I was told they would be out about 3 PM or so. To wash and hand wax the Jeep and the RV was $100.

We then went looking for shoes.  You know, orange ones for me.  We went to Sports Authority, Famous Footwear, and Footlocker .  They all had orange shoes but not comfortable enough for me or not my size.  Oh well.

The wash guys showed up about 2:15 PM and ready to work.  We had to renegotiate the deal.  It came down to wash and hand wax the RV and just wash the Jeep vice wash/waxing it for $100 vice the new $110.  I’ve done this before and know the routine.  It’s like being down in Mexico.  I just waxed the Jeep last week so I was cool with the $100.  They were OK with just washing the Jeep.  They were done at 3:45.  These boys worked.  I gave them a $15 tip and they were gone just as fast as they came.  I touched up a few spots and of course I did the wheels.  I told them just to rinse them off at the beginning.  Getting the “Beast” done for this kind of money is another reason we came to Yuma.

I got call a call from NORAD and they said they have the “Beast” back up on their reflective radar screen.  They asked for my future route so they wouldn’t have to call verify it’s the “Beast” again.

Carol & I sat outside for the rest of the day.  We don’t do that often enough anymore.  Maybe we can get back in that habit.  The weather is great.  We cooked out on the grill and had tacos for dinner.

We watched the opening TV show the VOICE and liked it again this year.  It was slow for us to get hooked on this show and we really like it.

See ya…..