Saturday, March 16, 2013

Yea..Seeing SKP Friends – I Think!

Last night it stayed in the low 70’s both inside and outside the Beast.  It was pretty nice and quiet.  Of course I’m up at 3 AM doing my thing on the blog.  I also answer any late email arrivals.  I look at our schedule and fine tune it constantly.   I program the GPS for the next day.  I basically get organized so I don’t have to put much thought into anything during the day.  I can just set back and enjoy what’s happening at the time.

We filled up with water in Menifee Friday morning before we left.  When we arrived in Ehrenberg I hooked up the water and everything else.  Thus saving the good water for Usery Park.  I know it’s a little work to hook up everything for one night but it’s not like we’re in a hurry.  We can go into the rally with full water and empty grey/black tanks.  We will be there 8 nights probably.  I say probably because we are not sure if we are staying next Saturday night or not.

From there we are going to Yuma.  We are thinking about not staying as long (12 nights) as planned in our jello schedule.  Maybe only 5 nights then move to the TTN Soledad for a week.  It’s free and the temps are staying in the 70-80 range.

Back to today…..we left about 7:30 AM.  It wasn’t planned, it just worked out that way.  It was a nice driveDSC_0001 DSC_0002


Quartzsite was a little on the empty side.DSC_0005


Here’s the place that Escapee’s have their get together every year in Quartzsite.  Nobody here.DSC_0011


Yes, go for a little bike ride next to the interstate where vehicles are doing 75 MPH.  I’m not that crazy!DSC_0015

A little fixer upperDSC_0024

Before loading this 07 top of the line mint Porsche the guy was parked next to a yellow pole.  He was backing up and was about to hit it when I hollered at him in my loudest Marine Corps command voice to stop.  He was thankful.DSC_0026

Oh no! We are in a repair shop at Love’s on the West side of Phoenix.   DSC_0027I decided to go ahead and get automatic wheel balancers for the front tires.  I’ve been pondering, yes pondering, for about a year.  I’ve had them in years past and thought they did a great job.  When these tires cost between $600 and $800 a piece you want to keep them balanced for sure.  The cost for these Centramatic wheel balancers where $211 installed out the door.  This Spartan front end chassis took a special size due to the over size brakes.  I had done my research and had talked to the manufacture previously.  Out the door and down the road there wasn’t a real noticeable difference mainly because the tires weren’t really out of balance yet.  They did take out just a little unbalance that was happening.  No tire wear at this point though.  I’m sure this investment well save me some aggravation and tire wear down the road.

Someone got a discount on buying poles for this road.DSC_0028 DSC_0031 DSC_0032 DSC_0034


And we were welcomed in fashion by a real ass.  What can I say other than we are not responsible for others actions in this case.  The next picture taken has been withheld due to it’s ugliness. DSC_0037

There’s six of us here.  The sixth RV is away from us due to our late night partying – 8 PM.DSC_0041


Carol is telling a story and has everyone’s attention.  And it begins another rally.  Officially it kicks off tomorrow but we started early.DSC_0042

Most people went out to a Chinese Buffet for dinner. After everyone’s return we all sat out and watched the stars. It was a nice cool night. Good sleeping weather………..and no friggin dogs barking like at the last campground.

See ya….