Tuesday, March 26, 2013

RVing In Mexico

Nope…. not us.  We walk over the border.  This morning is let’s go and stand in line in Mexico to return to the U.S. which has become normal.  Years ago no bigee and very small lines if any.  Now, since the U.S. security is so tight, it can be a long line.  We waited one time about 2 hours.  I need some new glasses, a little dental work and some meds so let’s see what happens.

Here’s the border going into Algodones, Mexico.DSCN1692

Here’s where I got two pair of bifocal glasses one being sunglasses for $82.  Yepper…like that.DSCN1693


Then we had our teeth cleaned for $30 each.  We were told by a local that there are over 400 dentists here. DSCN1696


Here’s our favorite little resturant.DSCN1697 DSCN1698

It’s within 100 feet of here.DSCN1700

It’s located where it says TacosDSCN1701

This place is around the corner and it’s good too.DSCN1703 DSCN1704

Here’s two 60+ people who have ridden all over the world on their BMW’s.  We talked to them for awhile.  They also have a RV that they sometimes tow their motorcycles.  They are just coming back from Cabo San Lucus(?).  DSCN1707

Local police…DSCN1709

Federal police.  DSCN1712 DSCN1715

The final few feet of a one hour wait to get thru.DSCN1716

Big parking lot on U.S. side that costs $5.  Then walk over.DSCN1717

“You looking at me!”DSC_0094

See ya……