Friday, March 22, 2013

RV Breakfast – Man Style

We men fixed our ladies breakfast this morning.  We not only fixed breakfast we served each lady.  We were at their beckoning. DSC_0001 DSC_0002It’s a tradition for Chapter 44 to do this the last day of the rally.  The ladies get served and pampered during this gala AM event.  Here they are waiting in the wings.DSC_0005

Oh no we left one!DSC_0006

Fun was had by all especially the ladies. DSC_0009 DSC_0010 DSC_0011

The rally is over this morning but members have the options of staying tonight and Saturday nights.  We are staying just tonight (Friday).  We will get ready to move Saturday morning since we are only headed for Yuma.  Our reservations don’t start until Sunday.  We don’t know where we will be staying Saturday night and really have no preference.

After breakfast Carol & I went to the Superstation Swap Meet.  It was big…DSCN1690 DSCN1691

When we got back Denny & I went browsing around.  Went to the Polaris dealer.  Went to Harbor Freight and got Carol a PA speaker to play with.  We all liked it.  Then it was Lowe’s next.  I got their heaviest chain to lock up the Honda generator when I need to in the future.  The generator will ride in the Jeep for the time being.  Then we had to go to Denny’s favorite place – McDonald’s. 

We got back to the rigs and not much happened for a couple of hours.

Then we went to the  Mining Camp Dinner Show with Denny & Susie and Larry & Marilyn and a couple of others.  The entertainment was very nice.  A while back I gave Denny some parts for his side by side ATV and he inisted on paying me.  I said no, but you can buy me a hamburger some time.  He said tonight was that hamburger.  Thank you friend!

On the way back we stopped and saw Frank & Gloria King.  They were parked at the nearby Elks.  It might have been over powering for our visit since it was 6 of us.  All was good.

We returned home and rested for our adventure tomorrow headed towards Yuma.

See ya….