Friday, March 8, 2013

Wet Wet Wet, Birthday’s Again, Yea!

I woke up around midnight last night and remembered we had our chairs and BBQ outside.  So I went out & put it all away to avoid them getting soaked since it was suppose to rain.  I hate putting wet stuff in the compartments underneath.

Well it didn’t rain last night.  We left about 9:30 AM for my 11:00 PM Dr’s appointment 72 miles away.  We got their about a quarter of.  Then we waited for about 45 minutes.  We spent about 5 minutes with the ENT doc.  I got the OK to do what ever.  He said I will continue to have ear “sensations” for about 2 more months.  Sensations are nerve endings in the ear canal that are repairing themselves and they send unusual sensations/feelings to my brain.  In plain language things are still going on in my ear and not to worry about it at this point.  It’s normal.

When we left there it was hailing then it turned into rain and a lot of it.  We went window shopping at the the cheap stores.  Later that day we met up with Ed & Sandy and Kellie and Walt.  We went to Applebee’s to celebrate the girl’s birthday’s again.  They really wanted their free sundae from Applebee’s.  Plus they got more presents, like in kid’s presents.  Aren’t we all kids and like those silly presents.  They’re fun. DSC_0002 DSC_0001

Kellie wanted the guy……Sandy was saying OK…..DSC_0008


Then the birthday girls got sang to by the staff of Applebee’s.DSC_0011 DSC_0012

Hey, it was like being at a kid’s birthday party but we didn’t get any cake or ice cream…that was last night for us.

It was a 40 mile ride back to the Beast.  It rained some more that night.

Tomorrow (Saturday) we leave North Ranch.  It’s been a blast for sure.  Ed helped me get a lot of things done for sure.  Ed & Sandy are good friends, thanks guys. Very safe travels…….see ya in Lodi.

We got about a 300 mile drive to Menifee, Ca for Carol’s line dancing rally.  It’s gonna be hard driving around all these rain drops as not to get the Beast dirty.

During Carol’s line dancing rally I will have to see what I can get into.  I will get a haircut at my usual place in town.  I have a job application to fill out and send back to Amazon.  Order two Pressure Pro tire sensors for the Beast.  Wow, I’m basically caught up.

Oh, today the Jeep’s tire sensor light came on in the dash.  I stopped and looked at the tires.  They looked fine.  When we got back to the Beast I parked in front of the Beast so my Pressure Pro tire sensor monitoring system could check them out.  It said they were all about 30 lbs of air in them.  Oh well, maybe if the light stays on I will get it checked out next week at a Jeep dealer.  My Pressure Pro tire pressure monitoring system will check them continually going down the road.  I also have air pressure sensors on 6 of my 8 RV tires.  Two are bad due to old age of about 7 years or more.  I don’t have any on the front tires.  I can feel in the steering wheel if they are low on air plus if they blow I think I will know pretty quick.  If a rear tires is low or blows I can’t tell it without the Pressure Pro.  Very important piece of safety equipment.  I highly recommend some type of air monitoring system for fifth wheelers and travel trailer RV’s.

See ya………