Monday, March 4, 2013

Get Ur Done

I ran into to town to the auto store and self car wash.  I needed some stabilizer additive for the ATV razor and battery corrosion spray.  The Jeep needed washing from 4X4ing the other day.

When I got back I wiped the windows of the Jeep real good.  I hate water spots on windows.  Then I did the windshield of the Beast both inside and out.  Gotta see out the big screen TV.  Then it was time to clean the battery terminals.  I hate this job.  It’s messy but is necessary.  I checked the batteries water level.  Only one cell was down a little and I put that special water in it.  I cleaned the terminals and then sprayed them with preventive stuff.  I did this in Quartzsite in early January I thought. 

Now it was time to add the stabilizer to the fuel tank of the Razor.  My kind of job.  Now I have to drive it around some to mix it up.  It will go into the shed probably tomorrow for 10 months.  I will not ride it again until our return.  I think I pushed the recovery of my ear far enough.  It’s still not 100% but should be soon.

I aired up all the tires on the Beast.  I needed to add about 5 lbs to each.  There’s another task accomplished. 

Carol is continually giving me stuff to put underneath.  It will fit but I will forget where I put the stuff.  I might have to make a road map to find stuff.

Wow, I “got ur done” today.

See ya……