Friday, November 30, 2012

Pull My Butt

Yepper, now comes some work.  Pulling this pork apart into strands for eating is some work to do it right and I do.  Then I cut up the bark and mix it with the pork meat to even give a better taste.  DSC_0001 

I got about 11 lbs of ready to eat smoked pulled pork from the three butts that I smoked yesterday.  It took about about 3 hours to pull apart and put into vacuum bags for freezing.DSC_0004  Damn it’s good even if I say for myself.

While I was doing that the cat was watching some TV.DSC_0008

Later we went over Wayne & Beth’s for socializing.  Jan & Dave came over too.  We had some good stories to share and poked fun at ourselves.

See ya……

Thursday, November 29, 2012

This Little Piggy Is Smoking

I went back to bed about 5 AM after resetting the timer on the smoker.  I got up about 7 AM ready to do something.  First check on the pig.  It’s fine!

I’m getting “stuff” ready to put into the Beast’s belly.  Just the stuff on the floor.DSC_0002

Most of it are tools and ATV stuff that we will keep on our lot at Escapees North Ranch, Congress, AZ.  We want to put in water, sewer and 50 AMP hook ups for two places on the lot.  I don’t think it will get done in January because we have to go and have fun in Quartzsite most of the month.  We might boone on it since it’s not hot but it will be on the side of nippy.  We aren’t permitted to run the generator inside the home areas.  I think that’s a good rule because some people are ignorant. 

What time is it kids?  It’s La Colona lunch bunch time because it’s Thursday.  It’s just like Howdy Duty time.  A bunch of kids having fun with food.  It’s now an old timer thing.DSC_0006

Oh, oh, I was sent this portable solar kit yesterday to test out.  It’s pretty neat.  It folds all up and goes into this canvas bag.  Pretty neat.  I will play with it here in Livingston and run it thru the ringer out in AZ.  They want my feed back on it.  O.K., why not?  They are sincere or they wouldn’t have sent me their $500 product.  It’s a small business that’s family owned and it’s made here in the U.S.  Their off to a good start with me.  DSC_0004

Back to my butt.  They’ve been in the smoker for 28 hours and I decided to take them out.  They almost fell apart getting them out.  First I wrap them in tin foil then a towel.  They have some good bark on them.  The white is the bone showing because the fat has been cooked out of it.DSC_0007 DSC_0008 DSC_0009

Now they will go into an empty ice chest to soak in their own juices until tomorrow.

Some good friends from the Hill Country, near Fredericksburg, TX stopped by.DSC_0010

Wayne & Beth Roberts, our neighbors, us and our mutual friends went out for dinner at a Mexican restaurant west of Livingston. I can’t spell the name of it much less say it.  We were in that restaurant for over 3 hours.  We sure did swap some stories as old people do.  No medical stuff so we are doing pretty good for old folks.

See ya……………….

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Here Little Piggy

H.E.B. (grocery store) had pork butt for .88 a lb.  I got two and Carol got two.  Yes it was limited two butts per person and a $10 additional purchase was required for each purchase.  Next was Wal-Mart.  They match competitors advertisements.  Got two more pork butts.  Total is 51.7 lbs of Boston Butt.  Then the supplies to get er done.  This includes tin foil, freezer material for my freezer bag machine, Pappy’s Seasoning, smoke briquettes for the Bradley.  Not seen is the vinegar, mustard, brown sugar and apple juice. DSC_0002

Oh yea, where do I put the butts.  I got the portable RV freezer out and plugged it in.  I put the settings on frig vice freeze.  It held all six.  DSC_0003


Next was to start getting the pork butts seasoned.   Here is a picture of one during the process.  The two others are the same.  Since they are for others, no heavy spicy seasonings like I might otherwise.DSC_0006 No you can’t taste the mustard.  It helps holds the seasonings and helps create the bark.  The bark is the outside black part after it’s cooked.  It’s GOOD!

Then some Pappy’s Seasoning.DSC_0007

Then some brown sugar and apple juice.DSC_0009 I decided to smoke 3 at a time.  I’ve done two.  Mark said that he has done 4 it just takes longer, plus rotating the racks several times.  Since I got 6 to smoke I might as well do 3 at a time.DSC_0012

Here’s the Bradley before putting them in.  Once the inside temp got up in the smoker I started the smoke.  I will run it for about 6-8 hours depending on the temps.  When the butts reach 160 degrees internally I will stop the smoke for sure.  160 and the meat is pretty well done with accepting the smoke.  I monitor their temps all the time and it has an alarm.DSC_0004


Newmar update.  They will be sending the fourth  awning out but couldn’t say when yet.  Last week they they said to have West RV Repair check out some electrical problems that they (Newmar) caused.  I checked with West RV and they  they found the problem area.  When they contacted Newmar they wouldn’t authorize them to work on it.  Newmar has now told me I will have to go to a Spartan chassis dealer.  The nearest one is 70 miles away.  I called them and they said if it’s not covered by Spartan's warranty, it’s a minimum of $258.  I see a problem gathering in this matter.  I made an appointment for next Monday.  I will call Newmar before I go to get this matter straight before I get there – I hope! Another Update..I talked with Newmar and it appears they are starting to balk.  I will go to Spartan as planned and see what happens.  I have no problem with calling Newmar while there and putting them on the telephone to talk to each other.  Kinda looking towards doing it.  I informed Newmar I would do that.  Get it settled there and then hopefully.

For dinner I steamed 2 lbs of shrimp using Old Bay Seasoning for Carol & I.   We loved steamed shrimp steamed with Old Bay which in our Baltimore way of thinking it’s the only way to do shrimp or Blue Crabs.DSC_0001

Back to the smoked pork.  I took this picture at 4 AM with a flash of course.  Damn it’s looking so good.  The top one is a 9.5 pounder while the two on the bottom are 8 pounders.  Their internal temp is holding at 169 degrees after about 16 hours.  This is normal.  It will stay there for probably another 2-4 hours then start rising again.  People who smoke these things call it the wall.  They have been at 169 degrees for about 3-4 hours.  I will take them out at about 190 to 195 internal degrees.  Then wrap them tight and put them in a ice chest for several hours.  The wrapping and the ice chest (no ice) holds the warmth and they continue to cook the juices into the pork.  My mouth is watering as I type this. 

Temp of the Bradley smoker is 220 degrees.  It’s friggin 33 degrees out and the Bradley is holding pretty close to the set 220 degrees.  No wind so it’s doing a nice job.  These babies are looking GOOD!DSC_0002

I will continue with the reporting of the cooking in tomorrow’s blog.  I’m thinking about doing something to hold the flavor better.  These are for a RV rally come March and I want to hold as much as flavor as possible of course.  I might freeze them whole now and then unfreeze and pull them a part (thus pulled pork) at the rally when I have help to do it.  I think I will check with Mark and see if he has any insight into that.  Maybe a reader does.

See ya…….

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

RV Repair Shop/Heating System

8 AM there I was setting at the repair shop AGAIN!   They took pictures of the awning and I was gone in 15 minutes at Newmar’s request.  I sent Newmar pictures days ago and I have a little heart burn with them asking the repair shop to take them.  One more time after this and that should be it. Famous last words I know.

Fuel prices around here have froze so far.  I monitor other places in TX, NM, AZ, CA, & NV.  Well folks, they have increased by about 5-10 cents in general.  True that isn't much, but it’s in the wrong friggin direction and in a very short amount of time.  Fast to go up and slow to go down.

I started loading the Beast’s belly back up.  Had everything out except for one compartment and I already changed that around.  I need to make room for stuff we are taking to AZ to leave in our shed out there.  Tools, ATV things, you know, stuff.

If I get a good price on pork butt (.98 lb or less) I will smoke it here and not take the smoker to AZ.  Otherwise I will take the smoker and smoke it out there with Denny & Susie Orr.  The smoked pulled pork is for an Escapee Chapter Rally (44) in March near Phoenix.  You don’t have to be a member of the chapter to go only once.  We went a couple of years a go and it was the most fun we ever had at a chapter rally, hands down.  These people know how to have fun.  Very limited sign ups due to the camping so sign up NOW!  If you can’t figure out how to do it, email me at for details.

It’s cold again being in the high 50s but 60s later this week.  Now I know winter is starting to strut it’s stuff everywhere just about.  The Beast has good insulation and outstanding warmth going down the road.  The best coach for warmth EVER while going down the road.  Most have been just kinda OK and terrible below 30 degrees.  This Beast has been driven in the teens and we where shocked how warm it kept.  We had shorts and t-shrts on going down the road (80 plus inside) but didn’t dare go outside.

Here’s how we get the heating system working for road traveling.  This is the best way I can explain it without getting all into the fancy workings of it.  We get the heating system going with the diesel burner before we depart.  It heats up the engine also.  Then when going down the road after about 50 miles we turn off the diesel burner and continue the heat the coach with the engine since it stays about 185 degrees.  No cost to run the system going down the road.  Only to start it up at first.  Pretty neat.  Oh, we have hot water too!  These big fancy coaches have neat devices and the hard part is keeping them out of the repair shop.  Keeping it simple does pay.

See ya………..

Monday, November 26, 2012

Now What?

Today is get back on track with weight reducing.  It went up and now it’s time to bring it back down.  Not real fast.  Don’t want to over excite my body.

Night before last it got down to 33 degrees according to my outside temp gauge.  The good news is that it’s suppose to get near 80 degrees this week.

The leaves are falling all over the place.  In and on things to include our new roof on the Beast.  Leaves stain.  I try to keep them off but it’s a battle that I fight every day and lose. 

I washed the Jeep and Carol’s car.  The Jeep will be waxed before we leave as well as the Beast.  I try to have the Beast waxed twice a year.  The front and rear ends about 4 or five times because they get more road grime than the sides.  I pay to have the Beast washed and waxed down in Yuma when we get there.  Usually you can get a good wash & hand  wax down there for about $100 to $125.  You can’t beat that.  We get it done just about every year.

Carol’s Mariner’s windshield got hit by a stone in the middle of it.  It’s pretty big.  That’s on top of my list to try and get repaired before it cracks across the windshield.  We have $500 deductible but chips are repaired free.

Later I got the windshield repaired locally at a windshield/glass place.  10 minutes and it was done.  I don’t feel comfortable with that and it’s ugly.  The last several mobile chip repair glass guys took over 30 minutes to repair.  I will fill the next chip myself if their aren’t any “good repair guys” around.  This outfit was more into big glass replacements and not the tiny little jobs like chips.  Lesson Learned.

Tomorrow the Beast goes into the repair shop again for an awning measurement.  I don’t quite understand buy will before I leave.

Thirty days and a wake up and we are out of here but who’s counting…I AM!

See ya……

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Don’t know

I lost a day some how.  The boogey man must have got it.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Giving Butt To Friends?!

I was at up at 5:30 enjoying my quiet time.  I checked the pork butt and it was fine and 174 internal degrees.

Today we will get things together for tonight’s gathering of 14 guinea pigs.  I think they will put a dent in my butt.  Has anyone tried to put a dent in your butt? smile…

Because of this kinda cold weather I brought my tire pressure up in the Beast’s tires.  I took there temps when it was about 50 degrees outside and added accordingly up to my normal tire pressures.  We will be traveling January/February/March and these temps usually in the A.M when we start our travels if not even colder.  Come warmer weather I will let air out after I take the air pressure temps in the 70 degree range.  I’m pretty watchful of tire pressures.  Incorrect tire pressure is the most common tire failure according to Neil Leander, a leading tire engineer and Boot Camp Instructor.  I knew it before and he just verified my thoughts.  Leading tire manufactures like Michelin now say up to 10 years on their RV tires.  Of course they have to be in good condition of course.  No cracks, bald, uneven wear and all that stuff.  I wear them out or trade the vehicle before then.  When we go to Alaska in 2014 our 8 tires will be 8 years old.  I won’t change them all out but I will be watching them like a hawk before we leave.  I think I might have to replace 4.  The front would get 2 new ones and then do some switching around for the drive and tag axles.

Travel trailers and fifth wheels the cut off is 5 years of age.  Due to their twisting, usually when backing, there life is shorter.  They are more apt to have unseen internal damage of the belts.  I suggest to people when replacing them go to a higher load range and make sure that your wheel rim will take a heavier load range and not beyond.  It’s usually stamped on the wheel.  Play it safe by all means.  Don’t guess with tires.  O.K., enough preaching to the choir.

The pork butt came out of the smoker about 1 PM.  That’s about 22 hours of cooking.  Then it got wrapped up real good and put in an empty ice chest.

4:30 and we are ready for a heard.DSC_0001

They arrive and the pork butt came out of hiding.  I pulled it apart and this one turned out to be one of my better ones.  It was a big hit.  I thing the guinea pigs were very hungry because they just about finished the whole thing.  Mark brought beer and mead.  I think there was a wine tasting event going on.  I’m not even going to try to name everybody.DSC_0002  DSC_0004 DSC_0003

A good time was had by all I believe.  We all learned something from each other.  I learned that they liked my butt and sharing it with friends was O.K.

Now, what can I get into tomorrow?

See ya………

Friday, November 23, 2012

Time To Go

It was time to move on for Dan & Jenny.  I’m pretty sure they enjoyed themselves.  We will meet them again in January in Quartzsite like we have for years.DSC_0001 DSC_0002 DSC_0003 DSC_0004

I tried to get them stay and they were tempted when I said here comes another smoked pork butt.  That was really tempting but they fought their taste buds and left to see relatives.  I thought my butt could beat out visiting relatives but not this time.  Guess I will just keep trying to make these things a little bit better. 

Here is a 10 lb pork butt all rubbed down.  Now it will set until it gets to room temperature.  Then it went into the Bradley Smoker about 2:30 PM at 220 degrees.  I will smoke it with Mesquite for about 4 hours.   I like Mesquite because it’s a heavy smoke flavor.  I will take it out at an internal temp of 190 degrees which will take out 20 hours or so.  Stay tuned.DSC_0005

We were the host of the Rainbow’s End Pot Luck after Thanksgiving.   We prepared the turkey and gravy again and everybody brought side dishes.  People brought their left overs and we tried to polish them off again.  We just about did it.  For the main event yesterday we had about 125 people and today about 55.  It was another enjoyable dinner.  It just seems like everybody was in a joyful mood.  When it was all over we still had turkey left over.  We gave it to people that we know were in need of a little extra kindness.

Carol & I stayed up past 11 PM which is rare for us.  Saturday night we have planned a little get together and invited some new friends we met at the dinners.  I need some fresh guinea pigs. 

I checked the butt before going to bed and all is well.

See ya.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Escapees Thanksgiving

I got up at 5 AM, not unusual for me.  I updated our blog, read a few.  It’s nice and quiet that time of the morning.

Denny Orr called me yesterday.  He & George hinged a door for our 12X12 shed at North Ranch in Congress, AZ.  I didn’t have time to do that before we left there last time.  I cut down a wall of the shed and put our side by side ATV Razor in it.  Then I put the wall back up and didn’t have time to make a big door.  Denny did that.  Thanks Denny & George.  That means when we arrive just before New Year’s we can ride immediately.  Riding that thing around the desert is so cool.

Thanksgiving Dinner at Escapees Rainbow’s End here at Livingston, Tx was a lot of fun.  Being that Carol & I were the organizers of it we tried to make it an easy thing to prepare for.  We think it was easy for the volunteers and us.  It’s not the fact that someone knows how to do something, it’s the willingness to to try that counts.  We had both which made a good mixture of work and fun.  Here’s some pics of …..


We had 14 of these cookers goingDSC_0003


people starting to arriveDSC_0006


here we are…11 big tables and about 125 people.DSC_0015


the clean up crew was last minute volunteers….Thanks guysDSC_0017


Then later Dan and Jenny came over.  Here’s Jenny playing with a cat toy.  Jenny likes wine!!!!DSC_0023

It was another good day…….

See ya….

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Turkey Day – Get Ready It’s Coming

I was setting in the barber chair at 7 AM this morning.  They open at 6:30 AM.  Hey, sun’s up it’s time to work in Texas.  I got to get all pretty up to eat one of them there turkeys that Obama didn’t pardon.   I even shaved my beard so the turkey juice could run right on to my shirt.

From there I went to the bank ATM.  Seems like they had to much money in their vault.  I keep trying to help the economy.  This year it’s a friggin wonder the economy hasn’t recovered at all with the money we spent.  Sorry, we’re out now.

Next I went to West RV Repair to talk to the boss man about this awning fiasco.  We’re on the same track and especially since Newmar is paying the bill for their (Newmar) continued screw ups.

I then called Newmar with guns loaded.   Stained awning and it’s not working well.  Plus another electrical problem that they had previously worked on while in Indiana. They had no excuse and just apologized again.  They asked for pictures and I pushed the button and off went 9 pictures of the stained new awning they sent.  Here’s one pic… DSC_0003 They acknowledge receipt and will be back in touch.  Three steps forward and two back so we are making a little progress.  Same ole, same ole though!

West RV Repair called.  They said Newmar would replace the awning again (4th time) and the awning motor.  So that takes care of that for now.

We have about 110 signed up for Turkey Dinner tomorrow.  Now we got 12 turkeys to take care of.  They were delivered on time and cooked.  We had about 5 carvers plus helpers.  It was sliced juiced foiled and it the big frig at the activity center in about 1 1/2 hours.  A job well done by all.  Tomorrow it’s warming them there turkeys in the cookers, ice tea, coffee, making gravy, getting ice, no problem.  We got some great volunteers.

For dinner Jenny (& Dan) fixed us some gumbo and it was good.  Gary and Leeann Boone joined us all DSC_0002 for dinner too.  That’s Dan in the background.  Gary & Leeann are new fulltimers.  I think going on two years.  We sat around and shared cat stories and wine/beer making.  I drank beer and just did the tiny sips of the wine (mead). 

Here’s Jenny before trying Slap Ya Mama seasoning  DSC_0005 

and here’s afterwards.  DSC_0003We traded Jenny & Dan some smoked pulled pork for some Dungeness crab meat.  We both liked that trade.

Here comes tomorrow…..

See ya…

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What’s Up Doc

The Doctor said, good job on me losing 25 lbs (originally 35).  Then when the results of my blood test come back he will reduce my meds.  My blood pressure is at its lowest in over 10 years.  It’s called normal. Carol did good but her blood pressure was a little up probably due to thanksgiving day coming up.  She’s a worrier.

We got back to Livingston from the Dr’s 62 miles away and got the Beast ready to go to the shop for the awning. 

Late in the day I went I picked up the Beast.  Newmar – sad & disappointing continues to be an understatement.  That’s all I’m saying for now.

Escapees changed a link to the Boot Camp page so here is the new link.  Click on Boot Camp above.

See ya…….

Monday, November 19, 2012

Old RVer

Today was haircut day but the barber shop was closed on Mondays.  It’s been several months and I don’t even remember when or where.  Not unusual for an RVer not to remember things like that.  I noticed the last few days that my hair is turning grey, all over.  People have accused me of actually coloring my hair in the past.  I’m too cheap for that.  I guess this last year of not working made it grey.  Maybe it was the Tiffin or the Newmar.  OR maybe it’s just old age.  Nah, it was the manufactures, it couldn’t be old age.  I’m only 6…….ish.  Damn, I am old!  Reality, it’s a bitch.

Look out here comes Vicki.  Got herself a RV and gonna be a new full timer in a couple of weeks.  Go girl!!!!!  See ya in Quartzsite and Boot Camp.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) will be Dr appointments 75 miles away.

See ya.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fulltime RV Visitors

Dan & Jenny Sheppard arrived in the afternoon.  We will put them up here on our lot.  DSCN1349

They're here to visit and for the Escapees Thanksgiving Dinner.  Since Carol & I are in charge of the dinner I think we just found two more volunteers.  They are coming from Betty’s RV Park down in Abbeville, LA and were tempted to stay for her Cajun Thanksgiving Dinner.  I know we would have been tempted too knowing Betty.

Pork Butt update….. At 7:30 AM the pork butt reached 190 degrees internal temp.  I took it out of the smoker, wrapped in foil and then in two heavy towels.  Then it went into a cooler to soak in the juices of everything.

Today I washed the the lower part of the RV.  It had dirt splash up from the rains last week.  Then I damped wiped and then wiped with a micro cloth.  Of course the wheels are shiny.

I kept the butt in the cooler until about 4 PM.  It came out at about 120 internal temp and ready to serve.  It was nice and juicy and pulled apart very easy.  Real good bark (black outer edges).DSCN1348 We attacked it..along with some buns, cole slaw and beans.  Life is good.

Then we went to the Activity Center for Ice Cream Social at 6:30 PM.  We didn’t get out of there until about 8 PM.

See ya…….

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Rib or Butt

Today is Butt.  I’m trying something new with this 10 lb pork butt.  Mustard, salt, pepper, and brown sugar all as a rub.  Then into the smoker with smoking the butt for 6 hours.  I spray it ever so often with apple juice.  It will be in the smoker over night at 220 degrees.  If I get up in the night I will spray it down again.  I will start spraying it in the morning in either case.  I will stick a thermo in it and wait tell the internal temps reaches about 160.  Then wrap it up in foil and back in the smoker until it reaches 190 degrees internal temp.  I have several options from that point.  I think I will wrap it up in two towels and put in a cooler and wait for dinner with Dan & Jenny Sheppard.

During the day I went into the mouth of the Beast and turned on the Hydro Hot heat system.  Just making sure it works.  I went thru my area and got rid of “my stuff” that I haven't used this “stuff” since being here in Livingston last.  I put it the mobile.  It took me about three hours.  Then I rubbed out some areas on the Beast’s skin that got junk on it from the different repair shops like putty and silicone smears.  That took about an hour.

NASCAR – the little guys races were today for the last time until next year.  It was an anxious type race.  Tomorrow the big boys race.

See ya……..

Friday, November 16, 2012

Smoking Pork Ribs

Today I smoked some pork ribs.  This was my second attempt for them.  I got a rack of 5 lbs that cost about $11 bucks.  These babies were meaty and would feed two people with ease.  I changed a few ways that I smoked them this time.  The first time they were a little on the dry side and not falling off the bone.  The flavor was off also but overall they were OK.  About a 5 on the 10 scale.  This time they turned out juicy like running down the corner of your mouth juicy.  They pulled off the bone just perfect.  The flavor was still off.  Too much of a salty taste for me.  That was from to much Pappy’s rub.  Overall, they were pretty dog on good.  Now for the flavor.  I think I will change the rub to just a little brown sugar base next time. This will sweeten them up for the kill.  On a scale of 1 to 10 I think I’m about a 7-8 right now.  I will wait until after the holiday before I try again.  I still got two pork butts to cook.

No pictures due to too busy eating them.

We are still working on putting on the Thanksgiving Dinner for the park.  We got about 70 people signed up right now and expect it to go up to about 80 or so.  Everything is going smooth.  I tried talking them into letting me cook pork butt but I was voted out.  All them to me of one.  Oh well, here comes the turkey…

See ya….

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Today I volunteered to help someone obtain their RV in another state due to their medical problems.  It was in a repair shop and was completed so I went and got it.  A friend asked for help and that was that.  No need to say who other than say it was a friend.  I needed to do that.  I’m behind in helping others.

See ya…..

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Awning Installed-Nope/Catfish & Ribs

The Beast was at Joel West RV Repair for installation of the new awning fabric at 8 AM again.  Newmar sent the wrong one again.  Now the Beast will return again Tuesday when the 3rd one is due in by then.  Newmar got an ear full from our repair facility.  Then I called their emergency number (after hours).  They will express overnight the third awning tomorrow.  They thought I was disappointed in them before.  Now they are positive.  I sent them a special email.  I expect a special phone call tomorrow.  Getting about that time to write another letter to the CEO, Mr Miller.

I filled the LP tank on the Beast at the local lumber yard called the Barn.  It took 25 gallons at $2.92 a gallon.  It was below “E” and the frig was still running.  I think it’s a 30 gallon tank which means an 80% fill is about 24/25 gallons.  Last time I got LP was in January near Quartzsite.  Not sure of the price but probably about $3 a gallon.  Now the Beast only uses LP for the stove and then the frig when not hooked up to electric.  Heat & hot water is a diesel burner.  If going down the road it’s the engine heating system like a heater in a car that runs the RV systems such as the heating and hot water.  Neat system….Driving in cold weather is real nice and warm.  The warmest rig we’ve ever had while driving down the road and no extra cost.

We park the Beast and Carol smells LP.  I say let it burn.  Carol wasn’t excited by that statement but agreed.  I found that the LP guy hadn’t turned the excess LP air valve all the way off.  I gave it about a half of turn and the smell went away. That might have gotten real nasty.

For dinner, George & Valerie took us out to Florida's for ribs and catfish.  I love their catfish.  The catfish was great and the fries are the best I ever had. The ribs have flunked the last two times I tried them.  I think with a little work I can be as good or possibly better.  But this time their ribs were back to being great.  Man were they fall off the bone juicy.  Their warm BBQ sauce is real good make the ribs even better if that’s possible.  Oh no, I’m a food critic.  We sat there until almost 8.  We got their before 5.  We all shared and had a fun time.

Tomorrow will be an interesting day.  I’m suppose to go and pick up a Tiffin RV 125 miles away. Details to follow.  Plus, expecting another apologetic call from Newmar.  They will probably call when I’m in the Tiffin driving and smiling.

See ya……

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

One Little Pork Butt.

At 7 AM I pulled the pork out of the ice chest.  It’s been wrapped and in the box for 5 hours.  The temp was 140 degrees when removed.  During that five hours the juice cooked the pork more.  It was the most juiciest pork I’ve cooked so far.  The removable fat was about the same.  The bark was black but tender and could be easily pulled and put with the meat itself. No hard bark.  This added to the flavor. DSC_0001-001 

After one hour of “pulling” this is what I had.  Nice clean pork with the bark in it.  I also had the juice that I poured over it.  It is so goooooooooooooood!!!!!DSC_0004-001

Then I put it in freezer bags.  You can see the soft black bark in it.  DSC_0005-001

I got a clean 4 lbs from a 9 lb pork butt. That’s about normal, a little less than 50%. I usually figure about 40%.  I use about 1 lb of rub seasonings (Pappy’s) plus I injected some vaulted vinegar both for flavor and tenderness prior to smoking in this one. I smoked for 6 hours at 230 degrees and used Bradley’s Special Blend briskets.  Then let it continue cooking in the smoker for an additional 6 hours (230 degrees) for a total of 12 hours and it went to an internal temp of 160 degrees.  At that temp out of the smoker and spray with apple juice.  Then roll it up in a tight foil fit and in the oven at 200 degrees for 5 hours.  Not over yet…then took it out of the oven and roll it in two towels and put in a tight container like an ice chest for another 5 hours.  Remove it for the final move.  Now you pull it apart.  I take all the fatty pieces out and pour the juice over it when done.  Oh so goooooooooooooooooooood!!!!

So is your mouth watering yet?

See ya………..

Monday, November 12, 2012

1,000 Posts/RV Repairs

For you bean counters and curious people today is my 1,000th post on this blog.  I have had 219,498 views since day one.  I have viewers from 10 different countries.  That’s something.  I guess they want to see what us foreigners are doing.  I will just go on doing my little typing..

RVers have to learn to work on their RVs.  If not, it can get expensive.  I’m no mechanic but I figure if something is broke then I can’t hurt it too much more.  Today I worked on one of the compartment doors.  I have three doors that were getting more and more difficult to close.  The lock keeper on the RV frame had screws that were stripping out.  I figured I would work on one today.DSC_0006I got bigger screws and a drill bit and went for it.  The doors work better and will hold for a long time.  To get them done at a repair shop probably $100 to $200 bucks.  My cost was $5.

Next it was time to clean the battery terminals.  They seem to corrode more with age.DSC_0003

I got some red spray cleaner and some preventative spray stuff and just went to work on cleaning.  Not hard work, just work.  I noticed my battery monitor said it was go through an equalizing charge of the batteries.  This is good.  The system charges the batteries in a special way so as to make them “equal”.  I don’t know much more than that other than it’s good to do that to your house batteries ever so often.  My system decides when that is some how.  Way above my level.  I will complete the cleaning another day.DSC_0002

Next was to work on my Pressure Pro tire system.DSC_0004I got one bad one out of 12 sensors with no spares.   The bad one happens to be the driver side front of the RV.  I will take the left rear of the Jeep and use it.  I want to know when my front tires are a little low more than the Jeep.  I might order a another sensor if I get around to it.  They use to cost $50.   Well, I couldn’t reset the sensor in the new location for some unknown reason.  I will try again another time.

Now if you're counting I started 3 jobs but did not complete none.  That’s OK.  Tomorrow is another day or maybe a few days or more I will do more.  for now that was enough.

In the mean time I’ve started another pork butt.DSC_0007It’s a little harder now that the weather has changed.  Smokers don’t like the temps when they get below 50 degrees or so.  Tonight it will get into the 30s. That means it really slows the cooking process down because the smoker can’t hold the temps.  I will bring the pork butt in after it smokes for about 9 hours and finish it up in the oven.  Never done that.  Plus I used another special rub mixture that I’m experimenting with.  I need some guinea pigs again.

For dinner a bunch of us (14) went over Marks.  He had his famous smoked meat loaf.  He added a twist to one of three he prepared.  He added jalapeƱo peppers.  It was well liked by those who eat that kind of stuff who includes me.  Fun was had by all. 

We got back about 9 PM and it was time to move the pork butt from the smoker to the oven.  I wrapped it up and in it went.  Five hours later that night my temperature alarm went off.  It reached my temp setting.  Yes, that was 2 AM.  I wrapped it up in towels and put it in a ice chest.  I will open it and pull the pork when I get up.  Sometimes the cook has to sacrifice a little for supberg results.  At least I hope so.

See ya………..

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Twenty Four Notes

That’s how many music notes are in TAPS.  It has been played across the United States many times today, Veteran’s Day.  That really hits home for a lot us. 

One short story.  I returned from Marine Corps boot camp Parris Island in 1968.  I was proud and thus went to church wearing my Dress Blues.  The preacher asked me not to wear my uniform next time to church.  I did not return.  Today….that would not happen and that is my point.  Military do not necessary support the political reasons for fighting/conflict/war but understand that they do what they are told.  Thus, we are a free country and it is due to our military soldier..  Fighting/conflict/war might appear to be for the wrong reason at times but that is not the soldier’s fault so don’t hold them accountable.  Back in the 60s and 70s the soldier was held accountable.  Not anymore and that is what is so great.  I’ve heard more “thank you” in the past few years than I‘ve heard in the past four decades.  NOW, I thank you!

Another kind of Boot Camp ended today.  Not as rough as the USMC Boot Camp but it seemed tiring at times.  Escapees Boot Camp has ended.  A lot was learned and new friendships were gained.  Here are the instructors..DSC_0002-001

and their 75 students.DSC_0005

Later George & Valerie grilled some nice steaks for Carol & I for dinner. 

Then we all went to the Veteran’s Appreciation Ceremony here at Rainbow’s End.  Did you know that this was the first Veteran’s Day with no living World War I veteran survivors? The tribute to the local veterans was very appropriate and then ended with ice cream.   It would have been even better if it was free for the veteran’s.  I don’t think it was a thought but more of an over look.

NASCAR racing earlier in the day…WOW!

See ya….