Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Here Little Piggy

H.E.B. (grocery store) had pork butt for .88 a lb.  I got two and Carol got two.  Yes it was limited two butts per person and a $10 additional purchase was required for each purchase.  Next was Wal-Mart.  They match competitors advertisements.  Got two more pork butts.  Total is 51.7 lbs of Boston Butt.  Then the supplies to get er done.  This includes tin foil, freezer material for my freezer bag machine, Pappy’s Seasoning, smoke briquettes for the Bradley.  Not seen is the vinegar, mustard, brown sugar and apple juice. DSC_0002

Oh yea, where do I put the butts.  I got the portable RV freezer out and plugged it in.  I put the settings on frig vice freeze.  It held all six.  DSC_0003


Next was to start getting the pork butts seasoned.   Here is a picture of one during the process.  The two others are the same.  Since they are for others, no heavy spicy seasonings like I might otherwise.DSC_0006 No you can’t taste the mustard.  It helps holds the seasonings and helps create the bark.  The bark is the outside black part after it’s cooked.  It’s GOOD!

Then some Pappy’s Seasoning.DSC_0007

Then some brown sugar and apple juice.DSC_0009 I decided to smoke 3 at a time.  I’ve done two.  Mark said that he has done 4 it just takes longer, plus rotating the racks several times.  Since I got 6 to smoke I might as well do 3 at a time.DSC_0012

Here’s the Bradley before putting them in.  Once the inside temp got up in the smoker I started the smoke.  I will run it for about 6-8 hours depending on the temps.  When the butts reach 160 degrees internally I will stop the smoke for sure.  160 and the meat is pretty well done with accepting the smoke.  I monitor their temps all the time and it has an alarm.DSC_0004


Newmar update.  They will be sending the fourth  awning out but couldn’t say when yet.  Last week they they said to have West RV Repair check out some electrical problems that they (Newmar) caused.  I checked with West RV and they  they found the problem area.  When they contacted Newmar they wouldn’t authorize them to work on it.  Newmar has now told me I will have to go to a Spartan chassis dealer.  The nearest one is 70 miles away.  I called them and they said if it’s not covered by Spartan's warranty, it’s a minimum of $258.  I see a problem gathering in this matter.  I made an appointment for next Monday.  I will call Newmar before I go to get this matter straight before I get there – I hope! Another Update..I talked with Newmar and it appears they are starting to balk.  I will go to Spartan as planned and see what happens.  I have no problem with calling Newmar while there and putting them on the telephone to talk to each other.  Kinda looking towards doing it.  I informed Newmar I would do that.  Get it settled there and then hopefully.

For dinner I steamed 2 lbs of shrimp using Old Bay Seasoning for Carol & I.   We loved steamed shrimp steamed with Old Bay which in our Baltimore way of thinking it’s the only way to do shrimp or Blue Crabs.DSC_0001

Back to the smoked pork.  I took this picture at 4 AM with a flash of course.  Damn it’s looking so good.  The top one is a 9.5 pounder while the two on the bottom are 8 pounders.  Their internal temp is holding at 169 degrees after about 16 hours.  This is normal.  It will stay there for probably another 2-4 hours then start rising again.  People who smoke these things call it the wall.  They have been at 169 degrees for about 3-4 hours.  I will take them out at about 190 to 195 internal degrees.  Then wrap them tight and put them in a ice chest for several hours.  The wrapping and the ice chest (no ice) holds the warmth and they continue to cook the juices into the pork.  My mouth is watering as I type this. 

Temp of the Bradley smoker is 220 degrees.  It’s friggin 33 degrees out and the Bradley is holding pretty close to the set 220 degrees.  No wind so it’s doing a nice job.  These babies are looking GOOD!DSC_0002

I will continue with the reporting of the cooking in tomorrow’s blog.  I’m thinking about doing something to hold the flavor better.  These are for a RV rally come March and I want to hold as much as flavor as possible of course.  I might freeze them whole now and then unfreeze and pull them a part (thus pulled pork) at the rally when I have help to do it.  I think I will check with Mark and see if he has any insight into that.  Maybe a reader does.

See ya…….