Thursday, November 8, 2012

Butt & Oppps I Did It Again - Volunteered

When I got up at 5 AM this morning my hands were still burning from the jalapeño peppers but not as bad.  I guess Carol will have to help me in the bathroom…smile.

Today a BUNCH of us ended up at the La Colona Mexican Restaurant for lunch.  What a noisy bunch - we all had a good time.DSCN1340

Little Mexico it seemed like.DSCN1342


Now it’s time to get going for dinner.  Pull the pork out and wrap it up for a slow cool down in the cooler for about 4 hours.  DSCN1345It just sucks up the juices doing it this way and even gets more tender.  Then cut up the smoked ham from a previous cooking and onions for the ranch style beans.  They will be heated up in a cast iron pot.  Get the skinless boneless BBQ chicken thighs ready to wrap up in tin foil and cook on the grill.  Hopefully they will just fall apart.  Get the jalapeño poppers out and into the smoker.  Carol is making cole slaw and I think we might have some tater salad in there some where.  The invitees will be bringing desserts.  That will be interesting.

Well, everybody showed up, all 14 and too many to name other than saying the Boot Camp staff.  The biggest hit was the smoked pork.  Second was the beans with the smoked ham.  Way down the list was the pepper poppers.  They were just too friggin hot.  Not the stuffing but the peppers themselves as it turned out.  Me and Mark probably ate more than the entire group put together.  The smoked pork more than made up for the popper failure.

The get together lasted about 2 1/2 hours which was about right.  No pics due to me drinking rum & coke, Margaritas and Mark’s beer. It took me and Carol about 15 minutes to get straighten up after everyone left.  We had plenty of volunteers but some things work quicker without giving direction to volunteers.  We chose to decline all offers but appreciated them.  Getting the food in the frig and freezer was a the big event.  It all went in but I don’t know where it is other than the in the big white frig.

Here’s a variety.  We had a moped, a motorcycle, a Smart car, a van, a 4X4 blazer, Mariner, Jeep, and a couple more so our driveway was filled.  I think we had a party.  Not to many beer cans in the yard but I think I saw a few Depens and pill boxes maybe even a cane out there.

During the day I went and did something that might come back and bite me in the butt.  I (& Carol) VOLUNTEERED to organize the Thanksgiving Dinner here at Rainbow’s End.  What a stupid thing to do.  I was the only one holding my hand up so it was by default.  That includes cooking enough turkeys for 150-200 or so people.  I’ve only ever cooked one turkey in my entire life.  Maybe I can cook TV dinners.  Tomorrow I will check out the campground’s kitchen here and see what kind of equipment I have to learn to work with.  This will be interesting.  I need volunteers, friends and foe to share the failure and mean the success.   I can’t believe we are doing this, oh no!   HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

See ya…..