Monday, November 5, 2012

Newmar Again

Our big automatic awning has stopped working as of yesterday.  It’s retracted but that’s it.  Some clicking noises when I try to move it.  This is the awning that Newmar reinstalled and the fabric worn noticeably from there to here.  It looks uneven compared to before.  I told them that something wasn’t right.  they agreed to replace the fabric.  I called them and said now the awning won’t move and it might be the motor burnt up from the binding.  We just about got into a pissing contest when he said that they were only replacing the awning fabric as goodwill.  I told them they call it goodwill I call it poor workmanship.  I offered to take it to a Newmar dealer about 60 miles away and he said no because they authorized the local dealer to do the work.  I guess we are at a stand still until the local repair facility looks at it AGAIN.  This is why people go the legal route.

I got a cast iron pot.  I love cast iron cooking stuff.  The only problem is that you need a crane to lift it. I’m gonna cook hu some special beans with ham and onions…gooood.DSC_0009

I got tables and chairs out of the barn and ready for set up.  I will set them up Thursday morning.DSC_0011

I really don’t think the job done on the seams is that good.  Those are round headed screws sticking up with air pockets around them.  What do you think?DSC_0001-001

Wayne & Beth, our neighbors, are back.  They went to a Chapter 10 rally.  They didn’t bring their Tiffin back because it broke down about 125 miles away.  Some type of transmission problem.  Tiffin – I aren't saying nothing.

OH, Oh…At the Escapees social hour the park manager spoke.  He announced that there would be no Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinners at the activity center this year.  He said they don’t have anyone to prepare the meals.  There goes many many  years of traditions.  Sounds more like a cut back of hired help to me.  The activity center was always filled with participants at these very special occasions and especially for those that were traveling.  Maybe an email from you to Escapees Hq would change their minds.  I don’t have an email for Escapees HQ.  Try since this has to do with tradition where the Escapees Club started here in Livingston, TX.  Go ahead..just a quick note of how disappointed you are if you are. 


See ya…..