Monday, November 26, 2012

Now What?

Today is get back on track with weight reducing.  It went up and now it’s time to bring it back down.  Not real fast.  Don’t want to over excite my body.

Night before last it got down to 33 degrees according to my outside temp gauge.  The good news is that it’s suppose to get near 80 degrees this week.

The leaves are falling all over the place.  In and on things to include our new roof on the Beast.  Leaves stain.  I try to keep them off but it’s a battle that I fight every day and lose. 

I washed the Jeep and Carol’s car.  The Jeep will be waxed before we leave as well as the Beast.  I try to have the Beast waxed twice a year.  The front and rear ends about 4 or five times because they get more road grime than the sides.  I pay to have the Beast washed and waxed down in Yuma when we get there.  Usually you can get a good wash & hand  wax down there for about $100 to $125.  You can’t beat that.  We get it done just about every year.

Carol’s Mariner’s windshield got hit by a stone in the middle of it.  It’s pretty big.  That’s on top of my list to try and get repaired before it cracks across the windshield.  We have $500 deductible but chips are repaired free.

Later I got the windshield repaired locally at a windshield/glass place.  10 minutes and it was done.  I don’t feel comfortable with that and it’s ugly.  The last several mobile chip repair glass guys took over 30 minutes to repair.  I will fill the next chip myself if their aren’t any “good repair guys” around.  This outfit was more into big glass replacements and not the tiny little jobs like chips.  Lesson Learned.

Tomorrow the Beast goes into the repair shop again for an awning measurement.  I don’t quite understand buy will before I leave.

Thirty days and a wake up and we are out of here but who’s counting…I AM!

See ya……