Sunday, November 11, 2012

Twenty Four Notes

That’s how many music notes are in TAPS.  It has been played across the United States many times today, Veteran’s Day.  That really hits home for a lot us. 

One short story.  I returned from Marine Corps boot camp Parris Island in 1968.  I was proud and thus went to church wearing my Dress Blues.  The preacher asked me not to wear my uniform next time to church.  I did not return.  Today….that would not happen and that is my point.  Military do not necessary support the political reasons for fighting/conflict/war but understand that they do what they are told.  Thus, we are a free country and it is due to our military soldier..  Fighting/conflict/war might appear to be for the wrong reason at times but that is not the soldier’s fault so don’t hold them accountable.  Back in the 60s and 70s the soldier was held accountable.  Not anymore and that is what is so great.  I’ve heard more “thank you” in the past few years than I‘ve heard in the past four decades.  NOW, I thank you!

Another kind of Boot Camp ended today.  Not as rough as the USMC Boot Camp but it seemed tiring at times.  Escapees Boot Camp has ended.  A lot was learned and new friendships were gained.  Here are the instructors..DSC_0002-001

and their 75 students.DSC_0005

Later George & Valerie grilled some nice steaks for Carol & I for dinner. 

Then we all went to the Veteran’s Appreciation Ceremony here at Rainbow’s End.  Did you know that this was the first Veteran’s Day with no living World War I veteran survivors? The tribute to the local veterans was very appropriate and then ended with ice cream.   It would have been even better if it was free for the veteran’s.  I don’t think it was a thought but more of an over look.

NASCAR racing earlier in the day…WOW!

See ya….